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Islam is Fire

The Islamic fire, fueled by immense oil income, is raging in certain regions of the world, smoldering in others, and is ready to ignite in yet other parts of the world. It is imperative for the free people of the world to abandon all illusions about Islam and put out its fire, once and for all. Multiculturalism, live and-let live, is a delusion of kind-hearted naïve people. Islam, as fractured as it is, is a non-compromising mono-culture; a cruel culture of a primitive people handed down by Muhammad some 1400 years ago.

It is true that most religions are intended to attenuate human fears.  They are based on natural fears, many of which are irrational…but natural nonetheless.  For example, many pagan religious practices were focused on the seasonal cycles related to the harvest.  Why?  Because if the harvest was poor, their entire civilization could perish, or be weakened to the point where a neighboring tribe would kill them off.  While they misunderstood the scientific basis for weather, they created natural (yet irrational) religious beliefs about weather and harvest.  In this sense, religions were psychologically useful and inevitable in addressing natural conditions.

But some religions establish for themselves fears of things which do not exist…which the religion itself invented in order to create and perpetuate fear, and then artificially addressed it in order to establish a political regime.  The political nature of Islam transcends personal spiritualism and becomes a cult of oppression. This is fraud. This is evil. This is Islam.

Islam essentially invents the idea that Christians, Jews, and pagans are abominations and offensive to Allah, and that their very existence represents an attack upon the self-defined Islamic right to reign over the world.  Allah thus enlists Muslim believers to eradicate by force those who offend him and by disbelieving, prevent his rule.  True Muslim believers therefore become the enforcers, hit men and mercenaries for their god, in order to establish a global Caliphate for their parasitic clergy.  Their targets are artificially constructed adversaries.  Believers are instructed to fear the “great Satan.” and are told that if they do not live up to Allah’s calls to Jihad, they are themselves offensive to Allah and to their families.  It’s a “you’re either for me or against me” strategy.

Contrast this with say, Christian fears.  Christians too fear offending God, because they believe that God will judge their lives when their bodies die.  So their fears are reduced by atoning in personal alignment with the teachings of the Bible.

So, as a political religion, Islam creates artificial fear of alien groups, and then eliminates the fear through war and coercion.  Islam pleases Allah with brutality and Jihad.  Islam seeks to instill a political regime to enforce its provisions.  When such a political doctrine declares that “resistance is futile”, it is referring to corporeal enforcement by people.

Personal religions acknowledge natural fears, and then use light, wisdom, and the capacity for human nobility to eliminate them through a positive, spiritual exercise.  Other religions encourage voluntary, personal spiritual alignment.  The only “coercion” in a religion based on personal spiritualism is the conveyance of the natural idea of a soul and judgment.  If you believe in these things, you change and atone, perhaps out of fear.  If you do not, you accuse the evangelizer of being fraudulent…but a fraud is a demonstrable deception not an opinion, and the one who disbelieves in a personal religion cannot prove his point of view, so fraud is not in play as a driver of personal spiritualism.  When a personal religion declares that “resistance is futile”, it is referring to spiritual enforcement by God.

This is the difference between day and night, between good and evil. Islam believes in the rule of Islam, Caliphate to the Sunnis and Imamate to the Shi’as. Hence, to Muslims, all other forms of government represent the handiwork of the Satan and the infidels. Therefore, one and all non-Islamic systems of government must be purified by the Islamic fire.

Islam is and has always been political, in the form of Imamate, Caliphate or by proxy where Islam, through religious divines, controlled the state. Saudi Arabia, for instance, does not even have a constitution. The Quran is the constitution. The country has a king. Yet, the king is the supreme enforcer of the laws dictated by Islam.

Islam is so radical that even the term “radical” does not adequately depict its true character. The founder of Islam, Muhammad, behaved in extreme ways whenever he could. Early on, in Mecca, among his tribe of Quraish, he was ridiculed as a crazed Poet. Ordinary residents of Mecca scorned him in their habitual way of treating the mentally deranged. What did Muhammad do? He personified meekness itself. He put up with extreme indignities, did not fight back and suffered abuses.

Time was on Muhammad’s side. Before long, he attracted followers, some of whom were men of power and influence, such as Umar, Uthman and Abu Bakr. Then the pendulum swung. The long-suffering meek became the tyrannical avenger. He ordered all the idols in the idolatry of Mecca destroyed, except the one called Allah. Yet, he selected the same name for a non-corporeal deity who commissioned him as his messenger.  Then Allah’s messenger, Muhammad, set out to systematically exterminate people he perceived as his tormentors and enemies—Jews of Medina, among others.

The Quran is full of black and white, right and wrong, acceptable and unacceptable verses. Men who didn’t convert to Islam were labeled infidels and slaughtered; their women and children were taken along with all their belongings as booty. It was either Islam’s way or the highway. This radicalism is very much in action today.

In another Islamic country, Iran, where the mullahs rule, the constitution is squarely based on the Quran. Many laws are strictly drawn from the Sharia. The mosque is the state and no other competing political ideology is permitted. But marrying religion with government is stoking fire with explosives. In free democracies, governments are accountable to the people and serve at the people’s pleasure. In Islamic theocracy, governments are accountable only to Allah and the people must serve at the pleasure of the government. And one can see the result of Islamic total or partial rule in fifty-four or so countries which rank among the highest nations of the world on every index of misery.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Iran threw off its oppressive theocratic rule and established a government “of the people”, with room for all beliefs?  Iran could be a powerful nation and a peaceful one, an example for the rest of the developing world of how to thrive without Islamic politics.  However, the road to freedom is perilous.  Nothing as worthwhile as freedom can be purchased easily. But the cause is worth it.

While I desire freedom in Iran, I am a committed anti-Islamist and anti-communist in general. I believe communism as an expression of materialist naturalist philosophy is atheistic, representing a desire by man to dominate both nature and man.  To me, it is Satan’s “denial” play…that there is no God.  But Satan and his minions work in multiple theaters simultaneously. Islam is Satan’s chief “deception” play. Rather than deny God exists, it asserts that God does in fact exist, but that God does not desire men worship out of love or free will, but through rote, fear, and guilt, and through the sins of pride, envy, and chauvinism.

It is a mentality of enslavement that drives Islam…“submission” in which man subdues other men in order to establish a kingdom of oppression and hatred on earth. Atheism, materialism and Islam appear as contradictions with respect to each other, but when you peel away the veneer of their pretense, you see that their aims are the same.  Fascism is fascism.

We live in a society which worships “experts” and specialists.  However, our distorted society of “experts” has continually failed us.  Almost nothing they have told us has turned out to be true.  Thus, I am a revisionist in that I believe much of what we believe is true is utterly false.  I also believe in good and evil, a notion sadly obsolete in our nihilistic time.  I don’t think Satan is any more a metaphor than is God.

Islam is theocracy, the rule of the clerics. The authoritarianism runs from the top to the bottom in a strict hierarchy with Allah at the top, to his Prophet, to the Caliphs or the Imams, to the lesser men of cloth along the chain of command. No one is allowed to contest or dispute the word and actions of the authorities. Islam and democracy, therefore, are inherently irreconcilable. In some Islamic circles Muslims speak of Islamic Democracy—an oxymoron.

Jihadists are the army of Allah. The use of violence as an instrument of policy has been and continues to be central to Islam. Muslims war under the firmly-believed and widely-cherished set of ideas that are rabidly militaristic. No matter which side is killed, Islam is the victor, “You kill them, you go to paradise; you get killed, you go to paradise,” are two examples of exhortation to jihadism and war.

To cut to the chase, we need to eliminate some disinformation and myths about the “war on terror”:

1.         We are not fighting terrorism.  We are engaging in an ideological battle between freedom, conservatism, democracy, individual rights, capitalism, “Christian” ethics and Islamofascism, communism-socialism, theocracy, and tyranny.  There are also internationalist, dictatorial, globalist forces that seek to use the conflict to create an international government and a unification of all religions by the destruction of nationalism, patriotism, individual rights and sectarianism.
2.         It is not “fanatical”, “radical”, or “extreme” Islam that we are fighting, but normal, orthodox, canonical, typical, accepted, traditional Islam, straight from the mouth of the Muhammad.  Islam is violent in direct proportion to its mission and scripture.  The so-called fanatics are only upholding the truth of their principles.  There are those who do not openly engage in terrorism or warfare, but are in support of it, or are working in other ways to spread Islam by force or fraud.
3.         Islam is evil, by any accepted definition of that word, and must be seen as such by a ll rational non-Islamists.  There is no such thing as “peace” in Islam except the peace that comes after a successful war against infidels.
4.         Islam can work by brute force and by the lengths to which the believers will go to perpetuate it.  Its theology and practices make it inherently evil and dangerous to all of mankind.  It has already spread and infected the world like a cancer.  How do you nuke it out of existence?  You can’t…in fact, they will nuke us first, and I guarantee it.  When this happens, all hell will break loose, and most freedoms will be up in smoke.  Ask yourself how the Palestinian problem can ever get resolved.  There are only two ways: either they are gone from the land of Israel or converted from Islam. Otherwise, the war will never end. The Israeli-Palestinian war is not about the land, it never has been. It is about the eradication of the Jews; right to the last one of them because Muhammad had prescribed it and is eternal.

We must begin to declare Islam evil, not from a sectarian perspective, but from a universal, humanist one.  Every encroachment of Islam as a religion must be rejected, harassed and discouraged by all people everywhere.  Any leftist attempts to give aid and comfort to this religion of hate must be denounced and frustrated at every turn.  Otherwise, get used to your radioactive suit and your fallout shelter, a standard of living—and a level of freedom of 1/10th what of you have today.

Warning to free men and women: remain a spectator at your own peril. It is imperative that you take a stand and do your part at denouncing the fraud of Islam and do all you can to prevent the Islamic fire from devouring our civilized democratic system.



Niqabs and Burqas – The Veiled Threat Continues

Daniel Pipes
What’s new on the niqab and burqa front?

To remind, both garments are designed for the modesty of Muslim females; the niqab covers all but the eyes and the burqa covers the entire face. In “Ban the Burqa – and the Niqab Too,” two years ago, I documented how these two items pose criminal and terrorist dangers.

Is that still the case?
Criminality: Jordan offers a glimpse into the potential for niqabs and burqas as illegal accessories: one news report indicates that 50 people committed 170 crimes using Islamic garments during the past two years, or roughly one incident every four days, a crime wave that has prompted some Jordanians to call for restricting or even banning these Islamic head coverings.

No other country reports nearly so many head-garment-related crimes, but Philadelphia, Pennsylvania boasts multiple robberies (3 banks and 1 real estate leasing office) in a sixteen-month period in 2007-08, including the murder of a police officer.

The United Kingdom has the West’s second-worst record. Jewelry stores – some owned by Muslims – have been targeted in the West Midlands, Glasgow, and Oxfordshire. Two travel agencies were attacked in the adjoining towns of Dunstable and Luton while an armored truck driver was assaulted in Birmingham. Robbery is not the only motive; teenagers in London, used niqab-style face coverings when stabbing a younger boy.

Other criminal incidents in the West include east European pickpockets wearing Islamic headgear in Rotterdam and a burgundy burqa’ed armed robbery at the People’s Bank in Hiddenite, North Carolina (population: 6,000). The man who abducted Elizabeth Smart, 14, of Salt Lake City, forced her to wear a niqab-like garment that hid her in plain sight for nine months.

In response, banks, credit unions, jewelry stores, and schools are limiting access to persons of cover. For example, the Carolina Federal Credit Union of Cherryville, North Carolina, not far from Hiddenite, steers anyone wearing hats, sunglasses, or hoods to an isolated teller where special security measures obtain.

Terrorism: Taliban reliance on burqa’ed terrorism, often of the suicide variety, makes Afghanistan the current world epicenter of this tactic. On two occasions, authorities foiled would-be suicide bombers before they could act – one a Russian male convert to Islam with 500 kilograms of explosives in an automobile in Paktia Province, the other an Afghan woman hiding a bomb in Jalalabad.

Usually, though, violent intentions are hidden by the burqa, becoming apparent only after an attack begins:

A Taliban commander, Haji Yakub, was killed in burqa as he tried to escape a house in Ghazni Province while attacking U.S. forces.

A Taliban operative, Mullah Khalid, attacked a police patrol in a crowded market in Farah Province. killing at least 12 people (7 police, 5 civilians).

A suicide bomber in Helmand Province killed a Pashtu-speaking British soldier before being shot in the forehead.

About fifteen suicide bombers in burqas armed with suicide vests, Kalashnikovs, and grenade-launchers drove to government buildings in Paktia Province and killed 12 persons.

Iraq suffered three such incidents (a male insurgent disguised as a pregnant woman, an attempted assassination of a governor, and two suicide bombers killing 22 Shi’i pilgrims) while Pakistan suffered two (one, operating from a rickshaw, killed 15 people). The attack on Mumbai that left nearly 200 dead included a mysterious burqa’ed woman. Elsewhere, incidents involved an attack on French tourists picnicking in Mauritania and a Molotov cocktail attack in Bahrain.

Oh, and on the bright side, Herve Jaubert, a Frenchman falsely accused of embezzling $3.8 million managed to escape Dubai by donning a niqab.

As an ancillary problem, new studies in both England and Ireland have found that covered women (and their breast-fed children) tend to get rickets disease due to an insufficiency of vitamin D, which the skin absorbs from sunlight.

I have previously called for a ban on “these hideous, unhealthy, socially divisive, terrorist-enabling, and criminal-friendly garments” from public places. Now joining with fed-up Jordanians, I reiterate that call. Islam requires that women wear neither niqab nor burqa, while public welfare emphatically requires their public prohibition. How many more cases of robbery and terrorism must occur for this common-sense stricture to be applied from Afghanistan and Jordan to the United Kingdom and Philadelphia? Contributor Daniel Pipes is director of the Middle East Forum, Taube distinguished visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution of Stanford University, and a contributor to



Germany Avoids Criticizing Radical Islam and Radical Muslims

Dr. Sami Alrabaa        

The German media and some German public figures are soft, too soft, on radical Islam and avoid critics and critique of this violent “religion.” The audio-visual media invite only uncritical talking heads. The print media publish only articles by apologists of Islam. Here are some examples:

The recent confession of the four Muslim terrorists, also called the “Suaerland Group,” who were planning to kill as many Americans in Germany as they could, was hailed by the judge, state prosecutor, and the media. The devastating terrorist attack prepared by these men was foiled from a tip by the CIA, which the German media depict as not abiding by the law and acting against human rights.

The German media and some German politicians hailed the confession and deliberately ignored the ideological/religious sources of their attack, namely the Koran and Hadith, which incite Muslims to kill non-Muslims.

In an interview with Al Arabiya TV (August 16th), Daniel Cohn-Bendit, a leading politician of the Green Party in the European Parliament, presented radical Muslims as “part of a socio-political religious movement across the world, like the RAF, the German terrorist group we had in the 1970s.”

Cohn-Bendit argued that a dialogue with radical Muslims must be established, also with the Taliban. He reminded his interviewer that he (Cohn-Bendit) and the former German foreign minister Joschka Fischer used to sympathize with the RAF. They took to the street and threw stones on the police. “As the Green Party was established as a radical social ecological movement, I joined the party. Little by little, the Green party was accepted by the German political establishment, and now it is a full-fledged political party.” Cohn-Bendit added.

Also, Cohn-Bendit praised Turkey for reconciling Islam with democracy.

The truth of the matter, the AKP, the Islamic party that is ruling Turkey is slowly but steadily Islamizing Turkey. It is also true that Islam is against democracy and formation of parties. Both the Koran and Hadith reject democracy and the formation of political parties. According to a recent poll, the ultimate aim of Islamic Turkey is Sharia, and this what the majority of Turks inside and outside turkey want to see established.

To add insult to injury, Cohn-Bendit said the maiming and killing of innocent people “has nothing to do with Islam.” And radical Muslims are fighting a justice war against their oppressors. He also argued that foreign troops must leave Afghanistan and Iraq and “leave the people of these nations in peace.”

In other words, fanatic Muslim regimes in Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia must be left alone, rule against human rights and export terrorisms. Hence Cohn-Bendit and his ilk have joined the Muslim chaplains on Muslim media.

Further, Cohn-Bendit suggested that Islam “be modernized and can be modernized, like all other religions.”

Cohn-Bendit’s “arguments” about Islam is merely wishful thinking. Radical Muslims strongly believe that the Koran – which includes numerous passages that are diametrically opposed to modern human rights – is the “word of Allah.” They are also convinced that Sharia, which primarily includes the Koran, must be introduced everywhere. Appeasing radical Muslims implies ultimately accepting their Sharia. And “modernizing Islam will eventually lead to scraping the Koran or reducing it to a few pages, something which radical Muslims vehemently refuse.

Contributions of critics of radical Islam are rejected by German media. For example, The German dailySueddeutsche Zeitung published on July 10, 2009, an article by Alaa Al-Aswani in which he twists facts and argues that the West is ill-informed and biased toward Islam. “Westerners are misinformed about Islam, therefore they hate Islam and hate Muslims,” Al-Aswani says.

I sent a critique on this Islamist writer’s piece, but the Sueddeutsche Zeitung refused to publish it. You can check out an English version of this critique here.

Many programs about Islam have been broadcast on WDR5 radio and posted on the Internet. None of them, however, mention issues of violence and discrimination against women and non-Muslims, which fill the Koran and Hadith and are practiced by many Muslim families. The WDR5 depicts Islam as a tolerant and peaceful religion, like all the others.

On the other hand, other radio programs are excoriated for criticizing Islam. On June 18, 2009, WDR5 broadcast a whole hour feature attacking the Polish Radio Maria.

Almost every month, I tour all of those mosques run by Arab imams, all over Germany whose language I understand. In every one of these mosques, the imam preaches hatred and violence against non-Muslims. Germany and the Germans are depicted as “decadent and steered by the devil.” At the end, the imam demands loudly the introduction of Sharia, “It is the law of Allah, and the best on earth.” Muslim women are urged to wear the hijab (headscarf). They are also urged to follow the advice/orders of their men as the Koran and Hadith prescribe.

However, the most atrocious parts of imams’ preaches is their incitement to hatred and violence against the Jews and Christians. All of this is ignored and tolerated by German authorities as part of free speech and religious freedom. Israel is depicted as the “aggressor” and the Palestinians as the victims. Critique of Islam is presented as “Islamophobia.”

All this being said, when someone criticizes Islam and radical Muslims, they are taken to task and branded as racists and labeled as “fascist right-wingers.”

The release of the Libyan Lockerbie bomber, Abdelbasset Ali Mohammed Al Megrahi, who murdered 270 innocent people, on allegedly “humanitarian/compassionate” grounds, was welcomed by the German media. They also favor closing down Guantanamo.

Back in Libya, Al Megrahi was interviewed by a state-run radio. He said, “Thank Allah I’m free. I’m innocent, and the British know this. Therefore, they released me.”

Omar Al Saidi, a sociology professor at Tripoli University, commented, “Libya has nothing to do with Lockerbie. The West fabricated the whole story to blackmail us and suck our money. The whole thing is a Western conspiracy.”

The German media and German politician do not take notice of all this. They are happy that Al Megrahi was released for “compassionate” grounds.

The former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic was indicted by the International Tribunal and sentenced to life imprisonment for crimes against humanity. How about Mu’ammar Al Gaddafi, the Libyan dictator? He was behind Lockerbie. But nobody in the West dares to point at him as a criminal. He also belongs behind bars.

On the contrary, Berlusconi of Italy, Sarkozy of France, and previously Tony Blair have often visited Libya to forge trade relations with Gaddafi. Democracy and human rights were never discussed.

Serbia, Zimbabwe, and Burma have no oil and no money. Therefore the West is so active in these countries about democracy and human rights. Dictators like King Abdulla of Saudi Arabia and Hosni Mubarak of Egypt are welcomed in the While House. They are even bowed to by President Obama.

With regard to democracy and human rights, the West goes selectively, and the mainstream media, especially in Germany, assert that day in and day out.

While Angela Merkel demands publicly imposing economic sanctions on Iran for its nuclear program, she supports German companies that entertain trade of highly technical equipment with the Iranian regime.

The Secretary General of the German “Welthungerhilfe” (world famine help), Wolfgang Jamann, told the dailyBildzeitung that foreign troops must leave Afghanistan. They are hampering his organization and other humanitarian aid organizations from helping the Afghans rebuild their country.

This is hilarious, bizarre, and irresponsible. Jamann’s organization is delivering development aid under the protection of such troops. Both these troops and aid organizations are under attack by the Taliban. If foreign troops left Afghanistan, Jamann’s co-workers would be massacred by the Taliban. Besides, terrorism would “flourish” across the world.

By the way, according to several studies by colleagues at the American University in Beirut/Lebanon and Cairo University, German aid organizations, including the “Welthungerhilfe” are self-benefit organizations. They have very little to do with development aid. They collect huge sums of money, through donations, to fund the lavish salaries of their employees. Jamann himself earns more that $10 thousand a month. According to the aforementioned studies, more than 80 percent of the money which these “aid organizations” collect via donations is spent on salaries and travels. Only 20 percent is spent on aid projects.

It seems that the German government and other European governments are prepared to deal with the devil if he serves their economic interests. They pay lip-service to democracy and human rights in countries like Saudi Arabia, Libya, and Egypt, if they ever do so. Germany, Britain, France, and Italy are competing to pamper states Libya, Iran, and Saudi Arabia which support terror across the globe.

According to recent opinion polls, two thirds of the population in major European countries have voraciously digested the propaganda machinery in these countries and demand withdrawing foreign troops from Afghanistan.

Apologists throughout history have never achieved anything. They have at most strengthened the forces of evil and delayed their demise. Biased economic success is temporary. It is built on sand. Only human rationale is solid and eternal. Contributing Editor Dr. Sami Alrabaa, an ex-Muslim, is a professor of Sociology and anArab-Muslim culture specialist. He has taught at Kuwait University, King Saud University, and Michigan State University. He also writes for the Jerusalem Post. 



Beslan: Jihad Against Children Must Trigger Global Response

Posted by Dr. Walid Phares on 9/09/09 • Categorized as Jihad & Terrorism
Dr. Walid Phares
Wars have always had inhuman results, no matter what is the scale. Since the early 20th century, terrorism has perpetrated mass killing of innocents, condemned by all moral values. Salafi jihadism in particular has produced extreme scales of bloodshed against civilians, comparing with the monstrosity of totalitarian regimes under Hitler or Pol Pot, among others.
Since the collapse of the Soviet Union and throughout the 1990s, Salafi terror groups operating from the Philippines to Algeria have butchered families, students, journalists, elderly, and the weakest elements of civil society.
Children, too, have been murdered during these ghazwas (jihadi raids). In the post 9/11 era, al Qaeda, the Taliban, Indonesia’ Jemaa, the Janjaweed in Darfur and the Shabab of Somalia, among others, have bombed and slaughtered kids. The al-Muhayya bombing in Saudi Arabia, the Amman bloody wedding, and the Baghdad’s surreal infanticides are only examples as to how Salafi jihadists and Khomeinist operatives have gone in their devastation of children’s lives.
Obviously, the young souls lost in New York, Madrid, and London testifies to the universality of jihadi terror. The latter’s ideologues do not exclude children from their operations, regardless of any consideration: The “caliphate” can be built on the skulls of all enemies, Muslims and non-Muslim alike. But five years ago in Beslan, the zombies of jihadism took the Caucuses’ population to an unreached low. Not only did the so-called “separatists” target specifically a school in the Russian town of Beslan, but they built their tactical goals on causing pain to the kids and their parents. We now know the details of the operation and have seen the atrocious pictures of boys and girls laying dead or being whisked out from the premises covered in blood.
However, even if massacres can’t be compared when collective punishments are exerted on the little ones, Beslan’s killings have something peculiar in its horror: a calculated will to display the scenery of captured children via media all over the world: The Jihadi Kamikazes were proud of doing it. For whatever the “Chechen cause” is, and regardless of the political debate surrounding it, Beslan’s savage “intention” shattered any demands the armed terrorists were allegedly advancing.
Fighting face to face or even as a guerilla is one thing; targeting children specifically is a very different matter. The real message from that tragic episode, at least the one that has registered in Russia and around the world, is that jihadi terrorism has no moral boundaries. Or at least the Takfiri Salafi strain, which nevertheless is an emanation from Wahhabism. Neither the international community, nor the Muslim societies subscribing to universal human rights can accept the premise of such inhuman violence when it openly, unashamedly, and ideologically, legitimizes infanticide. There are simply no merciful spaces in any set of legal traditions, from Scotland to Jordan that can incorporate a legitimization of Beslan’s motives.
But regardless of legal and doctrinal debates, Beslan sent irreversible chills throughout the globe. Notwithstanding academic discussion of Chechen and Russian politics, the raw scenes affected moms and dads around the world. Mumbai’s urban jihad alerted citizens across the planet that it can happen in any city. But Beslan’s butchery awoke basic instincts of parents: it can happen in any neighborhood, any school. Even if top government advisers in Brussels and Washington are claiming jihadism is just a “spiritual experience,” this ideology has committed unforgivable sins. Its doctrinaires have often repeated (and were heard on satellite TV and in chat rooms) that punishment of the enemy can require millions of children dead.
Beslan’s long-term effect is going to harden democratic societies and crumble the argument that engagement with totalitarians can mitigate their actions. Only political development within civil societies where the jihadists are produced can isolate the radicals and reverse their advances. Ironically, women and children are the real hope against the terror ideology; and it is precisely these two weak segments of society that the terrorists have been targeting. The questions after Beslan and all similar horrors are simple: who is providing the “fatwas,” who is sending the petrodollars and what is the doctrine behind the violence? Everything else can be figured out when these answers will be provided.
Beslan is perhaps a unifying platform which must be seized promptly by the main players in international security.
The United States, Britain, France, Russia, and even China have all been targeted by Salafi Takfiris. The jihadists are aiming at the five permanent members of the UN Security Council as well as India and major Muslim countries. There cannot be a wider consensus at this stage of global politics than waging a U.N. campaign against global jihadism.
Way beyond al Qaeda as an organization, the Security Council must render its ideology illegal. Let there be discussion of the issue and let clarity win the day: There should not be room to any violence promising the rise of empires and totalitarianism, and grounded with ideological legitimacy. The fascist genocides of the 20th century were enough reasons not to allow this to happen again. Contributing Editor Dr Walid Phares is the author of The Confrontation: Winning the War against Future Jihad. He is the Director of the Future Terrorism Project at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and a visiting scholar at the European Foundation for Democracy.



Thursday, 4 July 2019

Koran only Islam

One of FFI editors had the following email exchange with a reader. We received the email from her as a response to our FFI newsletter #29. Here is her first email:

The reason Satan was damned is because he thought he was better than Adam because he was created of fire and Adam was created from clay. Obviously you think you are better than Muslims because — why? Hitler was a devote Christian.  Timothy Mc.. was a devoted American yet he killed Americans in Oklahoma.

Islam is the fastest growing religion in the WORLD especially in the United States. Slander is a sin punishable in hell by the eating of dead flesh as nourishment.

You obviously are striving for the benefits of this world and are eglected your immortal soul.  Do you really think God is not taking into account the sins of Muslims and Christians? Are you one of those who think heaven is on earth?  There will be more people in hell than in heaven.  Your deeds on this earth dete rmine your state on judgment day. If you do horrific things, well the handwriting is on the wall in regards to your fate.

I am an American Christian convert to Islam.  Islam guides you to truth. ight now 3 billion people are fasting for the pleas ure of God.  When is the last time you fasted for the pleasure of God?

Muslims pray EVERYDAY for the pleasure of =2 0God.  What day was it you said a prayer for the pleasure of God?  I don’t mean begging for something for yourself, I mean at the very least saying the Lord’s Prayer, for the pleasure of God.

Before you condemn all Mu slims you need to take a look at the man in the mirror. The ONLY thing that matters is judgment day.  You will NOT be asked of the sins of others.

Do you really want to go to hell for bearing false witness against thy neighbor. I do not consider myself a terrorist, though I am Muslim, and native American.  I am not changing my religion because you spread words of hatred rather than love.

I leave you with my favorite chapter from Quran:

84: The Sundering

84:1 When the heaven is split asunder
84:2 And attentive to her Lord in fear,
84:3 And when the earth is spread out
84:4 And hath cast out all that was in her, and is empty
84:5 And attentive to her Lord in fear!
84:6 Thou, verily, O man, art working toward thy Lord a work which hou w ilt meet (in His presence).
84:7 Then whoso is given his account in his right hand
84:8 He truly will receive an easy reckoning
84:9 And will return unto his folk in joy.
84:10 But whoso is given his account behind his back,
84:11 He surely will invoke destruction< br> 84:12 And be thrown to scorching fire.
84:13 He verily lived joyous with his folk,
84:14 He verily deemed that he would never return (unto Allah).
84:15 Nay, but lo! his Lord is ever looking on him!
84:16 Oh, I swear by the afterglow of sunset,
84:17 And by the night and all that it enshroudeth,
84:18 And by the moon when she is at the f ull,
84:19 That ye shall journey on from plane to plane.
84:20 What aileth them, then, that they believe not
84:21 And, when the Qur’an is recited unto them, worship not (Allah)?
84:22 Nay, but those who disbelieve will deny;
84:23 And Allah knoweth best what they are hiding.
84:24 So give them tidings of a painful doom,
84:25 Save those who believe and do good works, for theirs is a reward nfailing.

Are these articles of works of yours good? We will all find out on judgment day.


Here is the response email from our FFI editor:
Dear brother/sister , thank you for contacting us. Your email to us gives us some feedback about how our FFI newsletter is doing. From your email, I gather its doling great. I do, however, want to discuss with you, if you are up to it, some misinformation that came to my mind while reading your email:

1. FFI is a grassroots movement of ex-Muslims. We do not think that we are any better than anyone. We believe in humanity. We believe all humans are equal under the law. You think we believe we are better than Muslims. This is a twisted logic. The fact of the matter is Muslims believe they are better than anyone else; true Muslims that is. Can you please tell me if Islam treats people equally under the law? If you say yes, please do explain to me how the Jizya, and infidel-only tax (just because they don’t believe in Islam), is fair and treats everyone equally under the law? I await you answer on this one.

2. Please note that Hitler was not a devout Christian as you claim. Christ was a pacifist to the core. Hitler was an extreme opposite of that. The same applies to Timothy Mcveigh. he was not a good American as you claim. he was just another criminal. Please check your facts before making grand claims.

3. The number of people following a certain belief system does not render truth to that belief system. There was a time where almost all humans on earth believed the earth was flat. But the earth is not flat. Is it? The same applies to religion. In=2 0fact, I can tell you with great assurance, that if a religion holds the truth, it will definitely NOT be Islam. Bertrand Russell had an insight into how humans have strange beliefs that amount to no more than lies. He said something like “the greater the lie, the more people will believe it”. I am not quoting verbatim here.

4. You say “Islam guides you to truth.” Can you please tell me how this great discovery of yours has any supportive evidence?

Let me reword this question in a different way: we know many great stories about Muhammad and his bandits. Let me quote some stories, all supported from authentic Islamic sources. I would like you, if you don’t mind, to read them, and explain to me, and believe me I=2 0am a simple man, how such stories show that “Islam guides to truth”:

Quote 1 about Muhammad sending an assassin to kill a man. I wonder if your moral compas believes that assassinating people who have different views than you is okay

Bukhari Volume 3, Book 45, Number 687:  Narrated Jabir bin ‘Abdullah: Allah’s Apostle said, “Who would kill Ka’b bin Al-Ashraf as he has harmed Allah and His Apostle ?” Muhammad bin Maslama (got up and) said, “I will kill him.” So, Muhammad bin Maslama went to Ka’b and said, “I want a loan of one or two Wasqs of food grains.” Ka’b said, “Mortgage your20women to me.” Muhammad bin Maslama said, “How can we mortgage our women, and you are the most handsome among the Arabs?” He said, “Then mortgage your sons to me.” Muhammad said, “How can we mortgage our sons, as the people will abuse them for being mortgaged for one or two Wasqs of food grains? It is shameful for us. But we will mortgage our arms to you.” So, Muhammad bin Maslama promised him that he would come to him next time. They (Muhammad bin Maslama and his companions came to him as promised and murdered him. Then they went to the Prophet and told him about it.

Quote 2: Muhammad’s genocide of Bani Qurayza. This is a juicy story that should make Muslims like you really proud of Muhammad and what he did in one day

During the night, trenches sufficient to contain the dead bodies of the men were dug across the market place of the city. In the morning, Mahomet, himself a spectator of the tragedy, commanded that male captives to be brought20forth in companies of five or six at a time. Each company as it came up was made to sit down in a row on the brink of the trench destined for its grave, there beheaded, and the bodies cast therein. … The butchery, begun in the morning, lasted all day, and continued by torchlight till the evening. Having thus drenched the market place with the blood of seven or eight hundred victims, and having given command for the earth to be smoothed over their remains, Mahomet re turned from the horrid spectacle to solace himself with the charms of Rihana, whose husband and all her male relatives had just perished in the massacre. [Source: W. Muir, The Life of Muhammad, (Edinburg 1923, Pages 307-8)].

Aren’t you proud of what Muhammad did?

Quote 3: Muhammad attacks people for no reason at all (except his own greed)

Bukhari – Volume 3, Book 46, Number 717: Narrated Ibn Aun: I wrote a letter to Nafi and Nafi wrote in reply to my letter that the Prophet had suddenly attacked Bani Mustaliq without warning while they were heedless and their cattle were being watered at the places of water. Their fighting men were killed and their women and children were taken as captives; the Prophet got Juwairiya on that day. Nafi said that Ibn ‘Umar had told him the above narration and that Ibn ‘Umar was in that army.

Quote 4: this quote tops them all – Muhammad streamlines Pedophilia

This one is from the mouth of Ayesha herself

Narrated ‘Aisha:that the Prophet married her when she was six years old and he consummated his marriage when she was nine years old. Hisham said: I have been informed that ‘Aisha remained with the Prophet for nine years (i.e. till his death).” what you know of the Quran (by heart)’ Bukhari 7. 62. 65

Narrated ‘Ursa:The Prophet wro te the (marriage contract) with ‘Aisha while she was six years old and consummated his marriage with her while she was nine years old and she remained with him for nine years (i.e. till his death). Bukhari 7. 62. 88

Please do let us know how the above quotes, all from reliable Islamic sources, show that Islam is true and that Islam guides one to truth.

Thanks again for contacting us.

Here is the response email we received from her:

(1). I live in the USA any other tax bill other than the IRS is of no interest to me.
 (2).  Again you are wrong Hitler claimed to be a Gentile, which is a non Jew.  Timothy McVeigh  thought he was purifying America
(3). The beauty of being an American is that I have a constitutional right to practice my religion of choice.  You also have the right to be an atheist.  I do not condemn Jews, Christian, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, etc.  You have taken upon yourself to criticize one religion.  There are so many why Islam?  Perhaps the truth hurts.
 (4)  Unlike many other Muslims who follow hadiths, I do NOT.  Allah says the only form of guidance is=2 0Quran.  Having been raised a Christian and  studying the Bible in the Christian schools I attended, like it says in Quran, I recognize the truth when I read it.

There is a web site called that discussed the misuse of hadiths by Muslims.  Further I do not worship Muhammad.  Muhammad came ONLY to convey a message the Quran.  You can keep your stories, they are of no significance to me.

By the=2 0way Moses killed a man. Do you think the Jewish people are going to abandon their religion because of that or are they going to accept his message the Torah.

Brother you need guidance, find a religion someone’s religion, please.

Here is the respose email from our editor:Brother/SisterYou say truth hurts. Wow..Is this why you reject hadith and just believe in the Qur’an? For you information, there are tons of verses in the Qur’an that you won’t understand without hadiths. I think what it is is that Hadith is so damaging to that thug of arabia and his bandits that people like pou put their head in the sand and hang onto the Qur’an. All that thugery that Muhammad and his thugs did, and you just want to ignore it and stick to Qur’an. Good luck

Don’t worry about Moses and what he did. That does not give a clean slate to Muhammad and his band of thieves and criminals.

FFI does not worry about=2 0other religions because we have a holy cause: showing Islam naked to the world. It is an ugly mummy that is waiting to be cremated for good. There is none more dangerous to humanity than this evil religion called Islam. It is w orse than Nazism. Muhammad needs to be discredited. He was an evil man, worse than hitler many times over. He needs to be shown for waht he is: a narcissistic sick pedophile who thrived on blood. And all you are worried about is to reject hadith and just accept the Qur’an.Now, Qur’an 4:34 says that a man can beat his wife. Other verses clearly indicate that a man is higher and have more authority than a woman. Is this good? Would the great creator of the universe instruct a man to beat his wife? Is God such a sick deity to give such instruction?For your information, FFI staff belong to many religions. Some also are agnostice or atheists. That does not matter. What matters is that we all found out how evil Islam is, how evil Muhammad is, and our humble job is to lay such information bare to the world to see. Keep putting your head in the sand. Feeling blessed. Good. That is how cult memebers feel when their leader is shown for what he is.

Have a good day

Here is her response email:

Obviously my rejction of hadiths does not support your claims.  It is clear you did not visit which would help you understand why I reject hadiths.

Muhammad is a man.  He will account fior what he did on judgment day.  You will account for what you do on judgment day.

I will not be asked about anyones sins other than my own.  Neither will you.

Islam is the religon of Abraham.  Allah promised Abraham that through his seed a message would come to teach them their ways of worship.

Historical fact, Muhammad is a direct descendant of Abraham through his eldest son Ishmael.  The Jews and the Muslims are first cousins.  We pray alike, the men wear the same hat on their heads, we both shun pork, and we believe in the ‘oneness of God”  According to the Bible Ishmael and Isaac buried their father,

Genesis 25:9 (King James Version)

 9And his sons Isaac and Ishmael buried him in the cave of Machpelah, in the field of Ephron the son of Zohar the Hittite, which is before Mamre;

I can fell the hatred in your writings.  Being Ramadan it does not effect me.  I feel compelled to help y ou understand but it appears all you want to do is ARGUE.

As Allah says in Quran “there are those who refuse to know the truth”

Sometimes we have to look at what’s being said instead of who’s saying it.  Ever heard the phras’ from out of the mouth of babes”

I am a Muslim woman I have NOT been beaten.  Yet every 14 seconds in this country a woman is abused.  I guess you blame Islam  for that as well

Thieves, well lets not even begin there.  Greed has been made manifest in man (Quran)

You hate someone youn never met, Muhammad.

Allah says when dealing with people like you to refer to the Quran.  So all this negativity that you spread here are my answers to you.

2.6] Surely those who disbelieve, it being alike to them whether you warn them, or do not warn them, will not believe.
 [2.7] Allah has set a seal upon their hearts and upon their hearing and there is a covering over their eyes, and there is a great punishment for them.

The Disbelievers

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

 [109.1] Say: O unbelievers!
 [109.2] I do not serve that which you serve,
 [109.3] Nor do you serve Him Whom I serve:
 [109.4] Nor am I going to serve that which you serve,
 [109.5] Nor are you going to serve Him Whom I serve:
 [109.6] You shall have your religion and I shall have my religion


And here is our editor’s response:

Sure I hate Muhammad. He was an evil man. I am not going to kill evil people. But, I’ll tell about them. If they are alive, you can bit I’ll have the law after them.

Now, tell me How do you know that Muhammad is a prophet? and that the Qur’an is Allah’s words? I want to have a rational discussion with you if you are up to it. You have 2 questions here. Can you please answer them. Thanks

And her email response:
In the name of Allah the Beneficient the Merciful

1.  Their reckoning draweth nigh for mankind, while they turn away in heedlessnss.
2.  Never cometh there unto them a new reminder from their Lord but they listen to it while they play.
3.  With hearts preoccupied.  And they confer in secret.  The wrongdoers say: is this other than a mortal like you?  Will ye then succumb to magic while ye see it.
4.  He Saith My Lord knoweth what is spoken in the heaven and the earth. He is the Hearer the Knower.
5.  Nay, say they muddled dreams, nay, he hath but invented it, nay he is but a poet.  Let him bring us a portent even as those of old were sent.
6.  Not a township believed of those whifch We destroyed before them, wiould they then believe?
7.  And we sent not before thee other than men whom we inspired.  Ask the followers of the Reminder if ye know not.
8.  We gave them not bodies that would not eat food, nor were they immortals.
9. Then we fulfilled the promise unto them. So we delivered them  and whom  we would, and we desytroyed the prodigals
10. Now we have revealed unto you a Scripture wherein is your Reminder Have ye then no sense?

Those who follow the messenger, the Prophet who can neither read nor write, whom they will find described in the Torah and the Gospel with them  He will enjoin on them that which is right and forbid them that which is wrong.  He will make lawful for them all good things, and prohibit for them only the foul, and he will relieve them of their burden and the fetters that they used to wear.  Then those who believe in him and honour him and help him, and follow the light which is sent down with him they are the successful.

O ye who believe! Believe in Allah and His mesenger and the Scripture which he hath revealed unto his messenger, and the Scripture which he revealed aforetime.  Whoso disbelieveth in Allah and His angels and His Scriptures and His messengers and the Last Day, he verily hath wandered far astray.

Lo! Those who believe, then disbelieve, and then believe, then disbelieve, and then increase in disbelief, Allah will never pardon them, nor will He guide them unto a way.

Bear unto the hypocrites the tidings that for them there is a painful doom.

Again the brother found a mathematical code imbedded in the Quran based on the number 19 and the very first phrase you read when you open the Quran: In the name of Allah the Beneficient the Merciful.

No uneducated man could have possibly composed this book.

This and all future answers will be answered via Quran not Hadith.  You say you are former Muslims, it is clear you need to be reminded.

And here is the editor’s response:

Dear lady, Greeting.

I have no doubt you are a nice lady. Thank you for using nice language always.

I asked you two questions:

1. How do you know that Muhammad was a true prophet?
2. How do you know the the Qur’an is Allah’s words?

Your answer pretty much says: “Because the Qur’an says so”. First, I do need to tell you your submission site is boring. I knew about it a year ago. I even know how your late Egyptian leader/scientist got assasinated by real good Muslims in a Mosque in the US. All those claimed miracles are hogwash. He was nuts about the number 19 and worked out all that to fit. Please do read the articles by Mumin Salih on FFI to see how ridiculous Qur’anic miracles are. Also read Ibn Kammuna’s work on statistical miracles. But all of this is side-tracking. Your main argument is “I know that Muhammad is a prophret because the Qur’an says so”. and how do you know that the Qur’an is true? because Muhammad says so. This is circular nonsense. Because the Qur’an is Miraculous,  is also a ridicuolus answer. The Qur’an is full of contradictions, scientific errors, linguistic errors (my native tongue is arabic). Please do read the work of Mumin Salih on the subject. Mumin’s work is priceless as he is a native arab too. Here are some worthy links for you:

There is a whole series of articles by none but the great Abul Kasem about the contradictions of the Qur’an. Check him out too.

I also would like to give you one more link. You claimed rejection of Hadith. Hadith, believe it or not, is more authentic than Qur’an. You are probably surprised to see me say this. Here is the proof:

One more claim of yours is that previous holy books (Bible) spoke about the coming of Muhammad. This is an ourageous lie. No one with common sense believes it. Check out this article:

and this:

This is nothing. If you go to the Aswering Islam site, their researchers just dismantled any claim to Muhammad being prophecised in the Bible.

In short dear lady, I am sorry to say that your claims about Islam being divine, and that Muhammad being a prophet have no rational basis whatsoever.

Finally I invite you, as I do other readers, to visit Ali Sina’s challenge: here is the link:

What have you got to lose? Prove us wrong. Sina is offering $ 50,000 to anyone proving him wrong. I am not as generous, but I’ll throw in another $20,000 from my own money if someone proves him wrong.

So, my questions remain unanswered. Can you please answer them. Thank you

We hope the email exchanges continue. We will provide our readers with updates if any.

Editor’s addendum

We invite FFI readers to read Mumin Salih’s article: The Quran and Hadith, which is more authentic?. This article shows that indeed hadith is more credible than Koran. Comments and feedback from readers regarding this matter are welcomed. Only through critical analysis and through subjecting the basic tenets of Islam to rigourous scrutiny does our knowledge advance on this front. 

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