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Indecent Humility and the Muslim Mind

By ProudChristian

Humility is like underwear, essential, but indecent if it shows- Helen Nielsen

Has anyone here ever come across a comment by a Muslim urging unbelievers to become Muslims or otherwise they are going to face the wrath of Allah on the Judgment Day? And have you ever imagined what entails the wrath of Allah?

Take for instance the comment of londonspirit, a Muslim member of FFI, when responding to some critics of Islam in one of the posts here, and I quote him verbatim:

But any way even if i did assume ali sina is right and muhammed is wrong. Than let me analyze. By following muhammed i am promised pradise but by following ali sinas way when i die i will just turn in to dust and nothing will happen. By not following muhammed i am promised hell fire. So therefore i have nothing to loose by following islam but assuming ali sina is wrong i am promised hell fire so i have all to loose. Let me see what my brain tells me to follow?” [Emphasis mine]

And with all honesty I must first begin by stating that, in my opinion, londonspirit is one of those nice Muslims out there. He has by every means depicted all the characters of moderate Islam. And by deducing from the direct clarity of what he posts here, unlike many Muslim trolls here, londonspirit is a learned man.

But this has always remained to be a philosophical question to many of us. Why can someone really educated, even up to the level of PhD, yet profess to be a Muslim? Well, while it is true, the sort of Islam they profess is far from what Allah, Muhammad or any of the seventh century Muslims would approve to be the authentic Islam as depicted in the Quran and authentic Hadiths. Yet you cannot easily ignore that in every way they love and revere Muhammad. They cannot emulate him to the letter, because many of these knowledgeable Muslims are living in progressive nations. And thus they cannot take 9 years old kids to be wives or otherwise they will be called child molesters and will be placed behind bars. They cannot marry more than one wife because polygamy is outlawed in non Muslim nations. The least they can do to show their reverence is to grow long beards and follow what Mohammad prescribed in the Quran and Hadiths, as long as it does not conflict with the norms and laws of the progressive nations in which they live. Or occasionally they can raise considerable sums of money to send back to Dar-Il Islam (the House of Islam), which can be used accordingly by true Muslims, the Taliban and Al Qaeda or any other organization that shares the ideals of true Islam.

So what is really going on in the minds of the likes of londonspirit and other moderate but knowledgeable Muslims? Why could someone knowledgeable, unwittingly call an evil thing good? Despite all the evidence indicating Muhammad to be a morally reprehensible person, why would anyone persist in revering Muhammad? Is he being dishonest?

While many of you will respond unequivocally to the latter as to be the case, and rightly so, one cannot ignore the aspects of humility in the lives of many Muslims. It really takes huge humility to submit your intelligence to a man like Muhammad. It also takes an equal amount of humility to dedicate your time to read such a difficult book to comprehend, the Quran, as a matter of creed. The highest point of humility is really shown when adult Muslims pack themselves with explosives and blow themselves up just for the sake of Allah and Muhammad. They are human beings just like any other non-Muslim and the right questions to ask at this point is; how could Muslims actually get to this point of humility unprecedented in any of the non-Muslim cultures?

While this may seem to be a complex question to answer, as probably some of you are aware, it may be important to appeal to one of the little known Muslim doctrines and traditions of Adaab al-Qabr translated in English, Grave Punishments. Travel to any of the majority Muslim communities and you will not miss this apparently important doctrine that could help to understand how humility is instilled in young Muslim minds, how apparently intelligent people could submit their intelligence to a bandit or how a first class Medical Doctor can pack himself with explosives to blow up subways.

The doctrine tells step by step after death experiences of Muslims and non Muslims when the corpse is being buried.

First, just before the corpse is interred, the soul is forced to return to the corpse moaning with fear “I am about to be lonely; I am about to be dust; I am about to be food for worms, I am now a stranger, where are they taking me?”

After the corpse has been laid to rest, it is now a time to be judged (keep in mind, not the Final Judgment of the Hell Fire) by the two angels, one on the head position and the other on the legs start interviewing the soul within the corpse. Key questions are “Who is your lord, what is your religion, who is your prophet?” If Allah, Islam and Muhammad are the answers to the interview, you have passed and paradise is yours and if not, oh my God, you will know who Allah is.

Some of you will say “Ah, that is an easy interview to pass, but you’ll only be fools. Don’t you know Allah is the best knower and the best deceiver? “Allah will keep firm those who believe, with the word that stands firm in this world (i.e. they will keep on worshiping Allah alone and none else), and in the Hereafter. And Allah will cause to go astray those who are Zâlimûn (polytheists and wrong-doers, etc.), and Allah does what He wills” (Koran 14:27).

Non Muslims have no chance whatsoever of passing the interview and by Allah’s power they’ll forget everything and begin stuttering and from that moment the grave punishments begin.

First the angels using a huge stone continuously pound the body to such an extent that the body is shredded into minute pieces but by Allah’s power the body is reconstructed again and the process is repeated over and over again, apparently up till the Day of the Judgment.

As if that punishment is not enough, Allah narrows to infinity the tomb space to such an extent that the body and the soul entrapped in it is squeezed by pressure until all the bones crack. All this time the soul and body remains at a deep darkness never ever experienced in this world, only to be exposed to a quanta of light, for a fraction of a second, and while you are at it, that there is something hopeful to take place, a huge snake comes to eat your flesh from head to toe while unleashing its stinking venom into your body. And these punishments repeat as a vicious cycle until the Day of Judgment.

I know, I know, many of you here are so filled with shock and cannot understand as to how someone intelligent could sit in the mosque and listen to a preacher giving such emotionally terrorizing sermons.

But that is what I exactly intended to instil in your mind that although these terror sermons are unbelievable to many people raised in non Muslim cultures, but at any rate they are part of the tools that are being used by Islamic clerics in Muslim cultures to instil terror and humility in the young Muslim minds to always be afraid and stay submissive to the will of Allah and what he is capable of doing to him/her when he/she is dead. It’s one of the reasons it is easy to de-convert a Christian, a Jew, a Hindu but not a Muslim.

Now add this to the eternal excruciating punishment of the Hell Fire where the only food for unbelievers in Hell will be pus. Also add to the eternal orgy promised by Allah to Muslim males (Muslimahs are out of luck). The key is to pack this into the young Muslims brain, and too often the kids must learn these while their butts are being scourged by their Ulemas in their madrassahs and by their parents at home. And therefore it should not surprise anyone here to find a Doctor or an Engineer professing to be a Muslim. It’s called indecent humility earned the hard way.

Source: http://www.faithfreedom.org/2009/09/15/indecent-humility-and-the-muslim-mind/


Germany Avoids Criticizing Radical Islam and Radical Muslims

Dr. Sami Alrabaa
The German media and some German public figures are soft, too soft, on radical Islam and avoid critics and critique of this violent “religion.” The audio-visual media invite only uncritical talking heads. The print media publish only articles by apologists of Islam. Here are some examples:

The recent confession of the four Muslim terrorists, also called the “Sauerland Group,” who were planning to kill as many Americans in Germany as they could, was hailed by the judge, state prosecutor, and the media. The devastating terrorist attack prepared by these men was foiled from a tip by the CIA, which the German media depict as not abiding by the law and acting against human rights.

The German media and some German politicians hailed the confession and deliberately ignored the ideological/religious sources of their attack, namely the Qur’an and Hadith, which incite Muslims to kill non-Muslims.

In an interview with Al Arabiya TV (August 16th), Daniel Cohn-Bendit, a leading politician of the Green Party in the European Parliament, presented radical Muslims as “part of a socio-political religious movement across the world, like the RAF, the German terrorist group we had in the 1970s.”

Cohn-Bendit argued that a dialogue with radical Muslims must be established, also with the Taliban. He reminded his interviewer that he (Cohn-Bendit) and the former German foreign minister Joschka Fischer used to sympathize with the RAF. They took to the street and threw stones on the police. “As the Green Party was established as a radical social ecological movement, I joined the party. Little by little, the Green party was accepted by the German political establishment, and now it is a full-fledged political party.” Cohn-Bendit added.

Also, Cohn-Bendit praised Turkey for reconciling Islam with democracy.

The truth of the matter, the AKP, the Islamic party that is ruling Turkey is slowly but steadily Islamizing Turkey. It is also true that Islam is against democracy and formation of parties. Both the Qur’an and Hadith reject democracy and the formation of political parties. According to a recent poll, the ultimate aim of Islamic Turkey is Sharia, and this what the majority of Turks inside and outside turkey want to see established.

To add insult to injury, Cohn-Bendit said the maiming and killing of innocent people “has nothing to do with Islam.” And radical Muslims are fighting a justice war against their oppressors. He also argued that foreign troops must leave Afghanistan and Iraq and “leave the people of these nations in peace.

In other words, fanatic Muslim regimes in Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia must be left alone, rule against human rights and export terrorisms. Hence Cohn-Bendit and his ilk have joined the Muslim chaplains on Muslim media.

Further, Cohn-Bendit suggested that Islam “be modernized and can be modernized, like all other religions.

Cohn-Bendit’s “arguments” about Islam is merely wishful thinking. Radical Muslims strongly believe that the Qur’an – which includes numerous passages that are diametrically opposed to modern human rights – is the “word of Allah.” They are also convinced that Sharia, which primarily includes the Qur’an, must be introduced everywhere. Appeasing radical Muslims implies ultimately accepting their Sharia. And “modernizing Islam will eventually lead to scraping the Qur’an or reducing it to a few pages, something which radical Muslims vehemently refuse.

Contributions of critics of radical Islam are rejected by German media. For example, The German daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung published on July 10, 2009, an article by Alaa Al-Aswani in which he twists facts and argues that the West is ill-informed and biased toward Islam. “Westerners are misinformed about Islam, therefore they hate Islam and hate Muslims,” Al-Aswani says.

I sent a critique on this Islamist writer’s piece, but the Sueddeutsche Zeitung refused to publish it. You can check out an English version of this critique here.

Many programs about Islam have been broadcast on WDR5 radio and posted on the Internet. None of them, however, mention issues of violence and discrimination against women and non-Muslims, which fill the Qur’an and Hadith and are practiced by many Muslim families. The WDR5 depicts Islam as a tolerant and peaceful religion, like all the others.

On the other hand, other radio programs are excoriated for criticizing Islam. On June 18, 2009, WDR5 broadcast a whole hour feature attacking the Polish Radio Maria.

Almost every month, I tour all of those mosques run by Arab imams, all over Germany whose language I understand. In every one of these mosques, the imam preaches hatred and violence against non-Muslims. Germany and the Germans are depicted as “decadent and steered by the devil.” At the end, the imam demands loudly the introduction of Sharia, “It is the law of Allah, and the best on earth.” Muslim women are urged to wear the hijab (headscarf). They are also urged to follow the advice/orders of their men as the Qur’an and Hadith prescribe.

However, the most atrocious parts of imams’ preaches is their incitement to hatred and violence against the Jews and Christians. All of this is ignored and tolerated by German authorities as part of free speech and religious freedom. Israel is depicted as the “aggressor” and the Palestinians as the victims. Critique of Islam is presented as “Islamophobia.”

All this being said, when someone criticizes Islam and radical Muslims, they are taken to task and branded as racists and labelled as “fascist right-wingers.”

The release of the Libyan Lockerbie bomber, Abdelbasset Ali Mohammed Al Megrahi, who murdered 270 innocent people, on allegedly “humanitarian/compassionate” grounds, was welcomed by the German media. They also favor closing down Guantanamo.

Back in Libya, Al Megrahi was interviewed by a state-run radio. He said, “Thank Allah I’m free. I’m innocent, and the British know this. Therefore, they released me.”

Omar Al Saidi, a sociology professor at Tripoli University, commented, “Libya has nothing to do with Lockerbie. The West fabricated the whole story to blackmail us and suck our money. The whole thing is a Western conspiracy.

The German media and German politician do not take notice of all this. They are happy that Al Megrahi was released for “compassionate” grounds.

The former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic was indicted by the International Tribunal and sentenced to life imprisonment for crimes against humanity. How about Mu’ammar Al Gaddafi, the Libyan dictator? He was behind Lockerbie. But nobody in the West dares to point at him as a criminal. He also belongs behind bars.

On the contrary, Berlusconi of Italy, Sarkozy of France, and previously Tony Blair have often visited Libya to forge trade relations with Gaddafi. Democracy and human rights were never discussed.

Serbia, Zimbabwe, and Burma have no oil and no money. Therefore the West is so active in these countries about democracy and human rights. Dictators like King Abdulla of Saudi Arabia and Hosni Mubarak of Egypt are welcomed in the While House. They are even bowed to by President Obama.

With regard to democracy and human rights, the West goes selectively, and the mainstream media, especially in Germany, assert that day in and day out.

While Angela Merkel demands publicly imposing economic sanctions on Iran for its nuclear program, she supports German companies that entertain trade of highly technical equipment with the Iranian regime.

The Secretary General of the German “Welthungerhilfe” (world famine help), Wolfgang Jamann, told the daily Bildzeitung that foreign troops must leave Afghanistan. They are hampering his organization and other humanitarian aid organizations from helping the Afghans rebuild their country.

This is hilarious, bizarre, and irresponsible. Jamann’s organization is delivering development aid under the protection of such troops. Both these troops and aid organizations are under attack by the Taliban. If foreign troops left Afghanistan, Jamann’s co-workers would be massacred by the Taliban. Besides, terrorism would “flourish” across the world.

By the way, according to several studies by colleagues at the American University in Beirut/Lebanon and Cairo University, German aid organizations, including the “Welthungerhilfe” are self-benefit organizations. They have very little to do with development aid. They collect huge sums of money, through donations, to fund the lavish salaries of their employees. Jamann himself earns more that $10 thousand a month. According to the aforementioned studies, more than 80 percent of the money which these “aid organizations” collect via donations is spent on salaries and travels. Only 20 percent is spent on aid projects.

It seems that the German government and other European governments are prepared to deal with the devil if he serves their economic interests. They pay lip-service to democracy and human rights in countries like Saudi Arabia, Libya, and Egypt, if they ever do so. Germany, Britain, France, and Italy are competing to pamper states Libya, Iran, and Saudi Arabia which support terror across the globe.

According to recent opinion polls, two thirds of the population in major European countries has voraciously digested the propaganda machinery in these countries and demand withdrawing foreign troops from Afghanistan.

Apologists throughout history have never achieved anything. They have at most strengthened the forces of evil and delayed their demise. Biased economic success is temporary. It is built on sand. Only human rationale is solid and eternal.

FamilySecurityMatters.org Contributing Editor Dr. Sami Alrabaa, an ex-Muslim, is a professor of Sociology and an Arab-Muslim culture specialist. He has taught at Kuwait University, King Saud University, and Michigan State University. He also writes for the
Jerusalem Post.

Source: http://www.faithfreedom.org/2009/09/10/germany-avoids-criticizing-radical-islam-and-radical-muslims/


Qur’an only Islam !!

One of FFI editors had the following email exchange with a reader. We received the email from her as a response to our FFI newsletter #29. Here is her first email:

The reason Satan was damned is because he thought he was better than Adam because he was created of fire and Adam was created from clay. Obviously you think you are better than Muslims because — why? Hitler was a devote Christian. Timothy Mc. was a devoted American yet he killed Americans in Oklahoma.

Islam is the fastest growing religion in the WORLD especially in the United States. Slander is a sin punishable in hell by the eating of dead flesh as nourishment.

You obviously are striving for the benefits of this world and are neglected your immortal soul. Do you really think God is not taking into account the sins of Muslims and Christians? Are you one of those who think heaven is on earth? There will be more people in hell than in heaven. Your deeds on this earth determine your state on judgment day. If you do horrific things, well the handwriting is on the wall in regards to your fate.

I am an American Christian convert to Islam. Islam guides you to truth. At night now 3 billion people are fasting for the pleasure of God. When is the last time you fasted for the pleasure of God?

Muslims pray EVERYDAY for the pleasure of God. What day was it you said a prayer for the pleasure of God? I don’t mean begging for something for yourself, I mean at the very least saying the Lord’s Prayer, for the pleasure of God.

Before you condemn all Muslims you need to take a look at the man in the mirror. The ONLY thing that matters is judgment day. You will NOT be asked of the sins of others.

Do you really want to go to hell for bearing false witness against thy neighbour. I do not consider myself a terrorist, though I am Muslim, and native American. I am not changing my religion because you spread words of hatred rather than love.

I leave you with my favourite chapter from Qur’an:

84: The Sundering

84:1 When the heaven is split asunder
84:2 And attentive to her Lord in fear,
84:3 And when the earth is spread out
84:4 And hath cast out all that was in her, and is empty
84:5 And attentive to her Lord in fear!
84:6 Thou, verily, O man, art working toward thy Lord a work which hou w ilt meet (in His presence).
84:7 Then whoso is given his account in his right hand
84:8 He truly will receive an easy reckoning
84:9 And will return unto his folk in joy.
84:10 But whoso is given his account behind his back,
84:11 He surely will invoke destruction< br> 84:12 And be thrown to scorching fire.
84:13 He verily lived joyous with his folk,
84:14 He verily deemed that he would never return (unto Allah).
84:15 Nay, but lo! his Lord is ever looking on him!
84:16 Oh, I swear by the afterglow of sunset,
84:17 And by the night and all that it enshroudeth,
84:18 And by the moon when she is at the f ull,
84:19 That ye shall journey on from plane to plane.
84:20 What aileth them, then, that they believe not
84:21 And, when the Qur’an is recited unto them, worship not (Allah)?
84:22 Nay, but those who disbelieve will deny;
84:23 And Allah knoweth best what they are hiding.
84:24 So give them tidings of a painful doom,
84:25 Save those who believe and do good works, for theirs is a reward nfailing.

Are these articles of works of yours good? We will all find out on judgment day.


Here is the response email from our FFI editor:
Dear brother/sister, thank you for contacting us. Your email to us gives us some feedback about how our FFI newsletter is doing. From your email, I gather its doing great. I do, however, want to discuss with you, if you are up to it, some misinformation that came to my mind while reading your email:

1. FFI is a grassroots movement of ex-Muslims. We do not think that we are any better than anyone. We believe in humanity. We believe all humans are equal under the law. You think we believe we are better than Muslims. This is a twisted logic. The fact of the matter is Muslims believe they are better than anyone else; true Muslims that is. Can you please tell me if Islam treats people equally under the law? If you say yes, please do explain to me how the Jizya, and infidel-only tax (just because they don’t believe in Islam), is fair and treats everyone equally under the law? I await you answer on this one.

2. Please note that Hitler was not a devout Christian as you claim. Christ was a pacifist to the core. Hitler was an extreme opposite of that. The same applies to Timothy Mc Veigh. He was not a good American as you claim. He was just another criminal. Please check your facts before making grand claims.

3. The number of people following a certain belief system does not render truth to that belief system. There was a time where almost all humans on earth believed the earth was flat. But the earth is not flat. Is it? The same applies to religion. In fact, I can tell you with great assurance, that if a religion holds the truth, it will definitely NOT be Islam. Bertrand Russell had an insight into how humans have strange beliefs that amount to no more than lies. He said something like “the greater the lie, the more people will believe it”. I am not quoting verbatim here.

4. You say “Islam guides you to truth.” Can you please tell me how this great discovery of yours has any supportive evidence?

Let me reword this question in a different way: we know many great stories about Muhammad and his bandits. Let me quote some stories, all supported from authentic Islamic sources. I would like you, if you don’t mind, to read them, and explain to me, and believe me I’am a simple man, how such stories show that “Islam guides to truth”:

Quote 1: about Muhammad sending an assassin to kill a man. I wonder if your moral compas believes that assassinating people who have different views than you is okay

Bukhari Volume 3, Book 45, Number 687: Narrated Jabir bin ‘Abdullah: Allah’s Apostle said, “Who would kill Ka’b bin Al-Ashraf as he has harmed Allah and His Apostle ?” Muhammad bin Maslama (got up and) said, “I will kill him.” So, Muhammad bin Maslama went to Ka’b and said, “I want a loan of one or two Wasqs of food grains.” Ka’b said, “Mortgage your20women to me.” Muhammad bin Maslama said, “How can we mortgage our women, and you are the most handsome among the Arabs?” He said, “Then mortgage your sons to me.” Muhammad said, “How can we mortgage our sons, as the people will abuse them for being mortgaged for one or two Wasqs of food grains? It is shameful for us. But we will mortgage our arms to you.” So, Muhammad bin Maslama promised him that he would come to him next time. They (Muhammad bin Maslama and his companions came to him as promised and murdered him. Then they went to the Prophet and told him about it.

Quote 2: Muhammad’s genocide of Bani Qurayza. This is a juicy story that should make Muslims like you really proud of Muhammad and what he did in one day

During the night, trenches sufficient to contain the dead bodies of the men were dug across the market place of the city. In the morning, Mahomet, himself a spectator of the tragedy, commanded that male captives to be brought20forth in companies of five or six at a time. Each company as it came up was made to sit down in a row on the brink of the trench destined for its grave, there beheaded, and the bodies cast therein. … The butchery, begun in the morning, lasted all day, and continued by torchlight till the evening. Having thus drenched the market place with the blood of seven or eight hundred victims, and having given command for the earth to be smoothed over their remains, Mahomet re turned from the horrid spectacle to solace himself with the charms of Rihana, whose husband and all her male relatives had just perished in the massacre. [Source: W. Muir, The Life of Muhammad, (Edinburg 1923, Pg. 307-8)].

Aren’t you proud of what Muhammad did?

Quote 3: Muhammad attacks people for no reason at all (except his own greed)

Bukhari; Volume 3, Book 46, Number 717: Narrated Ibn Aun: I wrote a letter to Nafi and Nafi wrote in reply to my letter that the Prophet had suddenly attacked Bani Mustaliq without warning while they were heedless and their cattle were being watered at the places of water. Their fighting men were killed and their women and children were taken as captives; the Prophet got Juwairiya on that day. Nafi said that Ibn ‘Umar had told him the above narration and that Ibn ‘Umar was in that army.

Quote 4: this quote tops them all – Muhammad streamlines Pedophilia

This one is from the mouth of Ayesha herself

Narrated ‘Aisha:that the Prophet married her when she was six years old and he consummated his marriage when she was nine years old. Hisham said: I have been informed that ‘Aisha remained with the Prophet for nine years (i.e. till his death).” what you know of the Qur’an (by heart)’ Bukhari 7. 62. 65

Narrated ‘Ursa:The Prophet wro te the (marriage contract) with ‘Aisha while she was six years old and consummated his marriage with her while she was nine years old and she remained with him for nine years (i.e. till his death). Bukhari 7. 62. 88

Please do let us know how the above quotes, all from reliable Islamic sources, show that Islam is true and that Islam guides one to truth.

Thanks again for contacting us.

Here is the response email we received from her:

(1). I live in the USA any other tax bill other than the IRS is of no interest to me.
(2). Again you are wrong Hitler claimed to be a Gentile, which is a non Jew. Timothy McVeigh thought he was purifying America
(3). The beauty of being an American is that I have a constitutional right to practice my religion of choice. You also have the right to be an atheist. I do not condemn Jews, Christian, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, etc. You have taken upon yourself to criticize one religion. There are so many why Islam? Perhaps the truth hurts.
(4) Unlike many other Muslims who follow hadiths, I do NOT. Allah says the only form of guidance is Qur’an. Having been raised a Christian and studying the Bible in the Christian schools I attended, like it says in Qur’an, I recognize the truth when I read it.

There is a web site called www.submission.org that discussed the misuse of hadiths by Muslims. Further I do not worship Muhammad. Muhammad came ONLY to convey a message the Qur’an. You can keep your stories, they are of no significance to me.

By the way Moses killed a man. Do you think the Jewish people are going to abandon their religion because of that or are they going to accept his message the Torah.

Brother you need guidance, find a religion someone’s religion, please.

Here is the respose email from our editor:

Brother/Sister: You say truth hurts. Wow.. Is this why you reject hadith and just believe in the Qur’an? For you information, there are tons of verses in the Qur’an that you won’t understand without hadiths. I think what it is that Hadith is so damaging to that thug of Arabia and his bandits that people like you put their head in the sand and hang onto the Qur’an. All that thugery that Muhammad and his thugs did, and you just want to ignore it and stick to Qur’an. Good luck

Don’t worry about Moses and what he did. That does not give a clean slate to Muhammad and his band of thieves and criminals.

FFI does not worry about other religions because we have a holy cause: showing Islam naked to the world. It is an ugly mummy that is waiting to be cremated for good. There is none more dangerous to humanity than this evil religion called Islam. It is worse than Nazism. Muhammad needs to be discredited. He was an evil man, worse than Hitler many times over. He needs to be shown for what he is: a narcissistic sick pedophile who thrived on blood. And all you are worried about is to reject hadith and just accept the Qur’an. Now, Qur’an 4:34 says that a man can beat his wife. Other verses clearly indicate that a man is higher and have more authority than a woman. Is this good? Would the great creator of the universe instruct a man to beat his wife? Is God such a sick deity to give such instruction? For your information, FFI staff belong to many religions. Some also are agnostic or atheists. That does not matter. What matters is that we all found out how evil Islam is, how evil Muhammad is, and our humble job is to lay such information bare to the world to see. Keep putting your head in the sand. Feeling blessed. Good. That is how cult members feel when their leader is shown for what he is.

Have a good day

Here is her response email:

Obviously my rejection of hadiths does not support your claims. It is clear you did not visit submission.org which would help you understand why I reject hadiths.

Muhammad is a man. He will account for what he did on judgment day. You will account for what you do on judgment day.

I will not be asked about anyone’s sins other than my own. Neither will you.

Islam is the religion of Abraham. Allah promised Abraham that through his seed a message would come to teach them their ways of worship.

Historical fact, Muhammad is a direct descendant of Abraham through his eldest son Ishmael
. The Jews and the Muslims are first cousins. We pray alike, the men wear the same hat on their heads, we both shun pork, and we believe in the ‘oneness of God” According to the Bible Ishmael and Isaac buried their father,

Genesis 25:9 (King James Version): And his sons Isaac and Ishmael buried him in the cave of Machpelah, in the field of Ephron the son of Zohar the Hittite, which is before Mamre;

I can fell the hatred in your writings. Being Ramadan it does not affect me. I feel compelled to help you understand but it appears all you want to do is ARGUE.

As Allah says in Qur’an “there are those who refuse to know the truth”

Sometimes we have to look at what’s being said instead of who’s saying it. Ever heard the phrase’ from out of the mouth of babes”

I am a Muslim woman I have NOT been beaten. Yet every 14 seconds in this country a woman is abused. I guess you blame Islam for that as well

Thieves, well let’s not even begin there. Greed has been made manifest in man (Qur’an)

You hate someone you never met, Muhammad.

Allah says when dealing with people like you to refer to the Qur’an. So all this negativity that you spread here are my answers to you.

[2.6] Surely those who disbelieve, it being alike to them whether you warn them, or do not warn them, will not believe. [2.7] Allah has set a seal upon their hearts and upon their hearing and there is a covering over their eyes, and there is a great punishment for them.

The Disbelievers

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.
[109.1] Say: O unbelievers!
[109.2] I do not serve that which you serve,
[109.3] Nor do you serve Him Whom I serve:
[109.4] Nor am I going to serve that which you serve,
[109.5] Nor are you going to serve Him Whom I serve:
[109.6] You shall have your religion and I shall have my religion

And here is our editor’s response:

Sure I hate Muhammad. He was an evil man. I am not going to kill evil people. But, I’ll tell about them. If they are alive, you can bit I’ll have the law after them.

Now, tell me how do you know that Muhammad is a prophet? And that the Qur’an is Allah’s words? I want to have a rational discussion with you if you are up to it. You have 2 questions here. Can you please answer them? Thanks

And her email response:
In the name of Allah the Beneficient the Merciful

1. Their reckoning draweth nigh for mankind, while they turn away in heedlessness.
2. Never cometh there unto them a new reminder from their Lord but they listen to it while they play.
3. With hearts preoccupied. And they confer in secret. The wrongdoers say: is this other than a mortal like you? Will ye then succumb to magic while ye see it.
4. He Saith My Lord knoweth what is spoken in the heaven and the earth. He is the Hearer the Knower.
5. Nay, say they muddled dreams, nay, he hath but invented it, nay he is but a poet. Let him bring us a portent even as those of old were sent.
6. Not a township believed of those which We destroyed before them, would they then believe?
7. And we sent not before thee other than men whom we inspired. Ask the followers of the Reminder if ye know not.
8. We gave them not bodies that would not eat food, nor were they immortals.
9. Then we fulfilled the promise unto them. So we delivered them and whom we would, and we destroyed the prodigals
10. Now we have revealed unto you a Scripture wherein is your Reminder Have ye then no sense?

Those who follow the messenger, the Prophet who can neither read nor write, whom they will find described in the Torah and the Gospel with them He will enjoin on them that which is right and forbid them that which is wrong. He will make lawful for them all good things, and prohibit for them only the foul, and he will relieve them of their burden and the fetters that they used to wear. Then those who believe in him and honour him and help him, and follow the light which is sent down with him they are the successful.

O ye who believe! Believe in Allah and His messenger and the Scripture which he hath revealed unto his messenger, and the Scripture which he revealed a foretime. Whoso disbelieveth in Allah and His angels and His Scriptures and His messengers and the Last Day, he verily hath wandered far astray.

Lo! Those who believe, then disbelieve, and then believe, then disbelieve, and then increase in disbelief, Allah will never pardon them, nor will He guide them unto a way.

Bear unto the hypocrites the tidings that for them there is a painful doom.

Again www.submission.org the brother found a mathematical code imbedded in the Qur’an based on the number 19 and the very first phrase you read when you open the Qur’an: In the name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful.

No uneducated man could have possibly composed this book.

This and all future answers will be answered via Qur’an not Hadith. You say you are former Muslims, it is clear you need to be reminded.

And here is the editor’s response:

Dear lady, Greeting.

I have no doubt you are a nice lady. Thank you for using nice language always.

I asked you two questions:

1. How do you know that Muhammad was a true prophet?
2. How do you know the Qur’an is Allah’s words?

Your answer pretty much says: “Because the Qur’an says so”. First, I do need to tell you your submission site is boring. I knew about it a year ago. I even know how your late Egyptian leader/scientist got assassinated by real good Muslims in a Mosque in the US. All those claimed miracles are hogwash. He was nuts about the number 19 and worked out all that to fit. Please do read the articles by Mumin Salih on FFI to see how ridiculous Qur’anic miracles are. Also read Ibn Kammuna’s work on statistical miracles. But all of this is side-tracking. Your main argument is “I know that Muhammad is a prophet because the Qur’an says so”. And how do you know that the Qur’an is true? Because Muhammad says so. This is circular nonsense. Because the Qur’an is Miraculous, is also a ridicuolus answer. The Qur’an is full of contradictions, scientific errors, linguistic errors (my native tongue is Arabic). Please do read the work of Mumin Salih on the subject. Mumin’s work is priceless as he is a native Arab too. Here are some worthy links for you:


There is a whole series of articles by none but the great Abul Kasem about the contradictions of the Qur’an. Check him out too.

I also would like to give you one more link. You claimed rejection of Hadith. Hadith, believe it or not, is more authentic than Qur’an. You are probably surprised to see me say this. Here is the proof:

http://www.faithfreedom.org/2009/06/30/the-Qur’an-and-hadith-which-is-more-authentic /

One more claim of yours is that previous holy books (Bible) spoke about the coming of Muhammad. This is an outrageous lie. No one with common sense believes it. Check out this article:


and this:


This is nothing. If you go to the http://answering-islam.org/ site, their researchers just dismantled any claim to Muhammad being prophesized in the Bible.

In short dear lady, I am sorry to say that your claims about Islam being divine and that Muhammad being a prophet have no rational basis whatsoever.

Finally I invite you, as I do other readers, to visit Ali Sina’s challenge: here is the link:


what have you got to lose? Prove us wrong. Sina is offering $ 50,000 to anyone proving him wrong. I am not as generous, but I’ll throw in another $20,000 from my own money if someone proves him wrong.

So, my questions remain unanswered. Can you please answer them? Thank you.

We hope the email exchanges continue. We will provide our readers with updates if any.

Editor’s addendum
We invite FFI readers to read Mumin Salih’s article: The Qur’an and Hadith, which is more authentic? This article shows that indeed hadith is more credible than Qur’an. Comments and feedback from readers regarding this matter are welcomed. Only through critical analysis and through subjecting the basic tenets of Islam to rigorous scrutiny does our knowledge advance on this front.

Source: htp://www.faithfreedom.org/2009/09/09/Qur’an-only-islam


Faithfreedom.org & Ali Sina

A movement is on. Muslims, who have come to realize that Islam is not what it is believed be the majority, are not only leaving it but are also speaking out.?

How did Islam come to be what it is today? What should the modern Muslims do? Who are the terrorists and what are their goals?

Who better to answer these questions than a man who once believed Islam to be a divine revelation and is now free to share his insights of the real Islam?

Faithfreedom International is a worldwide grassroots movement of ex-Muslims and those who are concerned about the rise of radical Islam. According to Ranking.com, the site faithfreedom.org is listed in between the top 30,000 to 40,000 Web sites! And according to Site Meter, FFI has had over 15 million visitors since 2005. It receives more than 20,000 visitors every day and almost 2 million page views every month. That is a phenomenal web site.

So who runs Faith Freedom Int'l? Founded by Ali Sina, today this site is run by several ex-Muslim volunteers.

An Iranian, born to Muslim parents, Ali Sina saw the truth of Islam after reading the Qur’an. It was then that he realized why his country that was once a superpower had become a third world country, and how the same fate awaits the rest of the world. He decided to sound the clarion and let the world know that mankind is in a great peril. What is at stake is the human civilization.

He started writing about his findings and published them on the Internet. More ex-Muslims joined and the trickle became a torrent. Now it is the ex-Muslims that pose a threat to Islam. This explosive site may tear down the tall wall of Islam and unite today’s hostile Muslims with the rest of mankind.

Ali Sina has debated with numerous prominent Islamic scholars, such as the Grand Ayatollah Montazeri, Javed Ahmed Ghamidi, Maulana Ajmal Qadri, Edip Yusel, etc. and has shown the fallacies of Islam in all his debates.

Sina has never wavered from his goals, to bring to the world attention the threat of Islam and to help Muslims see the truth about their religion. Thanks to faithfreedom.org, and Sina’s book, Understanding Muhammad: A Psychobiography of Allah’s Prophet, thousands of Muslims have left Islam, have stopped seeing the non-Muslims as their enemies and have joined the rest of mankind as fellow humans. Ali Sina believes he has created a cookie cutter that can lead millions of Muslims out of Islam, demolish this faith and end this hate in our own lifetime. All it is required, he says, is to spread the truth and Islam will melt like ice in the Arabian Desert.

So grab your favorite drink and make yourself comfortable, as we sit down and talk with the man who has started a silent revolution that if successful may change the course of history.

May I present Mr. Ali Sina.
ITF: First of all I would like to thank you for taking the time to speak to the viewers of the Infidel Task Force. It is quite an honor to have you here.

Sina: Thank you for inviting me.

ITF: Currently the world has 44 different ongoing conflicts with radical Islamic militants. What brought us to this point? Where will it lead to? And how do we stop them?

Sina: Conflict is not strange to Islam. Through fighting and violence Muslims resolve their differences. Do you believe that the Muslim god prescribes fighting to his believers?

Qur’an 2.216 - "Fighting is prescribed for you, and ye dislike it. But it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you, and that ye love a thing which is bad for you. But God knoweth, and ye know not.

Sinc 1492, when Ferdinand and Isabella completed the reconquista of Spain and forced the Muslims out of Granada the expansionist zeal of Muslims came to a halt. Muslims are required to make peace when they are weak and break their peace accords when they are strong. This is based on the example set by Muhammad in Hudaibiyah, where he, seeing the weakness of his army, signed a ten year peace treaty with the Meccans, only to break that treaty, by divine decree, two years later, when he had raided and looted other weaker citadels and had become powerful. To justify this treachery he made his Allah reveal the sura 9 entitled Bara’a (deliverance) and release him from his obligation to honor his treaty.

Qur’an. 9:3:And an announcement from Allah and His Messenger, to the people (assembled) on the day of the Great Pilgrimage― that Allah and His Messenger dissolve (their treaty) obligations with the pagans.

Imam Suyuti, in Itqan Fi 'Ulum al- Qur'an (Certainty in the science of the Qur’an) wrote: The command to fight the infidels was delayed until the Muslims become strong, but when they were weak they were commanded to endure and be patient. [Sobhy as_Saleh, Mabaheth Fi 'Ulum al- Qur'an, Dar al-'Ilm Lel-Malayeen, Beirut , 1983, p. 269.]

The reason that after 500 years of relative calm Jihad is back is because Muslims, thanks to the oil and the well paying jobs in the West, are feeling strong and think it is time to flex their religious muscles again.

So there is the answer to your first question: “What brought us to this point?” Oil! Wealth! Quite contrary to what the liberal media wants to make us believe, the cause of Islamic terrorism is not poverty, but the opposite. Muslims have become rich, feel strong, and hence they are under religious obligation to start fighting.

What was the second question?

ITF: My second question is here will it lead to

Sina: That depends on how we respond to them. If we adopt a submissive peaceful posture vis-à-vis their aggression, of course they will be emboldened and we lose. We lose our freedom, our democracy, our civilization and everything humanity has achieved during these last few hundreds of years. Science will be enslaved by an obscurantist religion and the world will sink in the quagmire of Talibanization.

The historian John O’Neill, in a must read tome, The Holy Warriors, has shown that unlike the common misconception, the Dark Ages and the demise of the Classical Civilization did not begin with the invasion of the Vandals and the Goths, the so called barbarians, nor because of the spread of Christianity. The Dark Ages, the inquisition and the holy war, were caused by the Muslim invasion of Europe. Human civilization has had one thousand years of stagnation because of Islam. If Islam is allowed to conquer the West, Dark Ages will set again. This time humanity may never recover.

This will not be the end of the story. Since Muslims know no other way to resolve their disagreements, except through fighting, in an eventual Islamic world everyone will be fighting with everyone else and there will be mass slaughters worldwide. With the world’s reserves of nuclear weapons in the hands of Muslims, you can imagine what will be the future of mankind.

Muslims will start killing each other because each considers others to be heretics. A Good example is what is happening in Gaza. Muslims in this tiny piece of land are in perpetual war with Israel. Meanwhile, they persecute the Christians and have splinted in dozens of groups, fighting among each other.

The main factions are al Fatah and al Hamas. They are busy killing one another. Then there are: Jaish al-Islam (affiliated with al-Qaida), Fatah al-Islam, Jaish al-Ummah, Jaish Allah, al-Takfir, Lion's Den of Jihad Fighters, Jaljalat (an Arabic term meaning "rolling thunder"), al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade (responsible for shootings, suicide operations including female suicide bombing), Holy Jihad Brigades (responsible for the August 2006 kidnappings of Fox News reporter Steve Centanni and cameraman Olaf Whig in the Gaza Strip), Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades (The militant wing of Hamas), ?Palestine Islamic Jihad, Al-Quds Brigades (the militant wing of Palestinian Islamic Jihad), Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (a Marxist-rooted revolutionary group), Palestine Liberation Front (responsible for hijacking the Italian cruise ship Achille Lauro on Oct. 7, 1985, and killing a wheelchair bound elderly Jewish American, Leon Klinghoffer, and throwing is body and his wheelchair overboard), Abu Ali Mustapha Brigades (the military wing of the Marxist-secular Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine), Popular Resistance Committees (founded by Hezbollah of Lebanon, is an umbrella organization for militants coming from Fatah and joining forces with Hamas-linked groups).

There are many more, and this is just in Gaza. There are thousands of groups in the entire Muslim world that are hostile to each other, fighting and killing one another and calling each other kafir, unislamic and heretic. The only thing that units them is their hatred of non-Muslims and particularly the Jews.

If Islam conquers the world, this is where we are heading – constant war and the assured destruction of mankind.

Now, this may come as a surprise, but fratricide between Muslims is by design. It is as if Muhammad wanted to spread hatred and disunity among his followers and make them kill one another. Muslims will jump to differ and will quote the Qur’an 3:103 where Muhammad exhorts his followers: "And hold fast, all of you together, to the rope of Allah and be not divided." However, he laid the foundation for the disunity of his followers. Here is how:

Imam Abu Dawood quoted a Hadith concerning the division of the Muslims into seventy-three sects.

Mu'awiyah ibn Abi Sufyan said, The Apostle of Allah (may peace be upon him) stood among us and said': 'Beware! The People of the Book before (you) were split up into 72 sects, and this community will be split up into 73, seventy-two of them will go to Hell and one of them will go to Paradise.' [Sunan Abu Dawood, 3/4580, English edn):

This hadith is reported also by others. So Muslims believe it is sahih (authentic). The implication is clear. It follows that Muslims will split into many sects and since all but one are false the followers of all but one are heretics and will go to hell. How the righteous Muslims should treat the heretics? That too is prescribed. Heretics must be killed. Muhammad said those who change the religion or try to reform it and introduce innovation should be killed.

Now, the question is which one of these 73 sects is the right one? Naturally, everyone believes they are the ones. So if every Muslim believes to be right and other Muslims are heretics, doesn’t it follow that Muslims are required to fight with each other?

The truth is that Islam is not divided into 73 sects but into thousands of sects.

I am a rationalist. I do not believe in the supernatural. But for the sake of argument, let us assume Satan is real and hell bent to destroy mankind. What better way could he devise than inventing a religion like Islam and making people kill one another to the last man? Islam is the perfect recipe to end humanity.

ITF: And, how do we stop them?

Sina: With truth! Islam is a lie. The antidote to lie is truth. We can stop Islam. This is a lot easier than people think. All we have to do is expose its fallacies and Muslims will walk away from it. No one wants to believe in a lie. Once we show them that Muhammad was a psychopath cult leader and that all his claims are bogus, Islam will become a dead religion in no time. I believe in the power of truth. Tell the truth and Islam will be destroyed in our own lifetime.

ITF: Will it not offend their sensitivity?

Sina: To hell with their sensitivity! Tell the truth and save their lives.

ITF: Canada and America both have seen a rise in domestic terror cells. Jamat ul-Fuqra, Hizb-ut-Tahrir, just to name two! They operate openly and with peaceful identities. What are they in reality and why are the governments reluctant to approach them?

Sina: All Muslim groups are terrorists. This does not mean every Muslim is a terrorist. But if someone launches an Islamic group to advance Islam, under any pretext, whether peaceful of not, be careful of his intentions. Muslims fight for the same cause – the domination of Islam and the overthrow of all non Muslim governments. Their modus operandi is different. Some opt direct fighting and others covert fighting.

Last February, a Pakistani American who started a Muslim TV channel in the US to counter negative portrayal of Islam after the 9/11 terror attacks, beheaded his estranged wife in a very Islamic fashion. This man was clean shaven who wore suit and tie and was looking quite westernized and modernized.

A Muslim is a Muslim is a Muslim. Don’t let them confuse you with charades like “Islam is not a monolithic religion,” or “honor killing is cultural,” and other nonsense. A peaceful Muslim is a contradiction in terms. It is an oxymoron. Have you seen a hot ice? There is less chance to find a peaceful Muslim. The very fact that they keep reminding us that Islam is a religion of peace is because it is not. Why the followers of other religions don’t feel such an urge to constantly tell others their religion means peace? The proof of perfume is in its smell, not because it’s written on its label.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not saying all Muslims are violent and terrorists. There are many good people who call themselves Muslims. They are the majority. But they are good to the extent that they diverge from Islam. These same good people can turn dangerous when they remember they are Muslims.

Jihad stands on two feet. One is terror and the other is deception or taqiyyah. Both are essential for the advancement of Islam. Which foot you put forward depends on the situation. When Muslims are weak, taqiyyah is the best approach and when they are strong, ro’b (terror) is prescribed. This is sunnah, the example set by Muhammad. He used both terror and deception to advance his cause. Muhammad said war is deception and al nasro fil ro’b (victory is in terror). He bragged, I have been made victorious with terror”

There is a debate going on among Muslims about whether Islam is strong enough to engage in warfare or not enough strong and therefore Muslims should work their way through deception. Of course, debates in Islam are always bloody, but nonetheless we have to recognize that this is a genuine debate, a la Musulman.

few years ago, Dr. Mahathir who was the prime minister of Malaysia
hosted the summit of Organization of Islamic Conference, where leaders of all 57 Islamic countries attended. In his speech, addressing all Muslims, he lamented that Islam has been associated with terrorism. He spoke of the past glory of Islam and after complaining that Muslims are now oppressed and humiliated. He encouraged them to put aside the fight, advance in science and technology and acquire wealth. And then do what? Build hospitals? Found Universities? Advance human civilization? Improve Muslims’ life? Nope! Then he suggested that Muslims should buy guns and rockets, bombs and warplanes, tanks and warships, destroy their enemies, subdue other nations, and make them kneel again in front of Muslims, as they did during Islam’s golden age.

Dr. Mahathir was hailed as a moderate Muslim and by all accounts he is. So what is the difference between a moderate Muslim and a terrorist Muslim? The difference is that the latter thinks Muslims are strong enough and the time for Jihad has come while the former believes Muslims are still too weak for that. In essence, Muslims cannot disagree with the concept of Jihad because they would be disagreeing with the Qur’an. Jihad is a fundamental principle of Islam.

Jamat ul-Fuqra and Hizb-ut-Tahrir have the same goal that al Qaida has: Domination of Islam. The difference is in how they want to achieve this goal. One group wants to use terror now and the other prefers deception for now until Muslims are more powerful.

ITF: Let’s talk a bit about Shariah Law. Why do some Western countries allow Sharia Law to be implemented instead of telling Muslims they must live according to the laws already in place? I’m speaking of the case in point in the UK.

Sina: Corruption my dear! Corruption of your politicians! Politicians want the votes of Muslims and they will sell their mother for it. A good example is the new scandal surrounding the release of the Lockerbie bomber, Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi that involves the UK Prime Minister Brown.

The government of Britain made a mockery of justice and the memory of 300 people perished in that bombing when they released the terrorist Megrahi, to make a lucrative deal with Libya. This may surprise the British, but it does not surprise me. I am an Iranian. The British governments, have always looked the other way and sacrificed the human rights in Iran to make lucrative deals with the dictators of that county, and turned against them when those deals went elsewhere. In 1953 the British conspired to oust the democratic prime minister of Iran, Dr. Mossadeq, and reinstated the inexperienced and easily controllable Mohammad Reza Shah. Twenty six years later they turned against him and backed Khomeini and the tyrannical mullahs, when the Shah matured and tried to demonstrate his independence. Then for thirty years they supported one of the most brutal regimes in the world, knowing everything about the tortures, rapes in prisons, executions and all human rights abuses that their thuggish business partners were committing in Iran. None of that mattered to the consecutive British governments. As long as the lucrative deals were coming, they turned a blind eye to all human rights abuses. But now that Russia and China have managed to win the mullahs to their side and the Brits are left in the cold, the British government is against the Islamic regime.

Shameless politicians will sell their wife, daughter and mother, not just their humanity and their country, in order to stay in power. Muslims take full advantage of that to strengthen their foothold in western countries. You will be defeated because your politicians are traitors. It is time for a new generation of politicians to rise – politicians who put their country first, defend its laws, its constitution, its democratic values and its heritage. But this new breed of politicians will only rise when people support them. This consciousness must arise from the grassroots. For decades the western mind has been contaminated with leftist propaganda and now we are seeing the result. Islamism is expanding and the western civilization is disintegrating.

There is one man in Europe who has stood for Europe. He is Geert Wilder. Behold how the European leftist media vilifies him and equates him to Hitler. Remember how the unforgettable Oriana Fallaci, who stood for the west and its Judeo-Christian heritage, was treated by the courts in her own country, Italy.

You have a disease within your countries. It is called liberalism. It produces a toxin known as political correctness, and a venom called multiculturalism that poison your entire society. This disease affects your immune system and makes you vulnerable to your external and internal enemies. It has infected all democratic countries, from India to Europe and now it has spread to the US, affecting its very heart.

If you want to defend your country from Islamization, you have to flush out your system from liberalism. You need to take the power away from those who are selling out your country and vote for patriotic servants of the people who are not afraid to call a spade a spade and do not fear to stand up against Muslims and their effort to Islamize your country.

The Sharia must be outlawed not just because it is anti constitutional, but also anti American and anti human. The Sharia is an insult to humanity - an assault to women. Every bit of it is a violation of human rights.

Construction of mosques must be banned. Mosques are places where Muslims are indoctrinated to hate their fellow non-Muslim citizens. Banning the construction of mosques is in conformity with Islam. Muslims do not allow building Hindu temples, churches or any other non Muslim house of worship in their Islamic countries.

Why should we allow a religion to grow in our midst when we know that if they come to power they will take our freedom away from us?

Then you have to start a campaign to inform people about Islam and to rescue those trapped in this gigantic web of deception. I am not saying that governments should do this, but they should not stand in the way of those who want to use their right to free speech and threaten them with penalties.


Once Muslims leave Islam they can be as trustworthy and patriotic as anyone else. As long as they are Muslims you have to watch their every move with suspicion. Muslims’ loyalty is not to their country, but to Islam. They have a duty to destroy the non-Muslim systems and establish the caliphate. The injunction comes from the Qur’an 3:28. Muslims are asked not to accept the unbelievers as awlyia (guardians, rulers), but rather guard themselves from them. In another verse, 4:141 Muhammad said, “Allah will not allow the disbelievers to have an authority over the believers. Muslims oath of allegiance to the non-Muslim countries is bogus. It is another deception. Don’t believe my words. Lo and behold with your own senses.

Any country ruled by any law other than the Sharia is dar al kufr (the land of disbelief) and consequently eligible to be designated as dar al harb, (the land of war). It does not matter whether the majority of its citizens are Muslims or not and whether the rulers are Muslims or not. The laws of the land must be Sharia law. Only a country ruled strictly by the Sharia law is dar al Islam (the land of Islam) and should remain amn (safe) from Muslims’ raids. No country is strictly ruled by the Sharia law today, not even Saudi Arabia or Iran. The Afghanistan under the Taliban was the only ideal model.

Dar al kufr does not automatically become dar al harb. The rulers must be given the option to submit to Muslims or pay the protection fee. In that case it will be classified as dar al adl (land of justice). But if they refuse to submit to Muslims and pay the jizya, the land becomes dar al harb and it is incumbent on every Muslim to wage war against it in every way possible within his power and topple that regime.

Here you can see what really Muslims mean by justice. According to Islam, justice is done only when the non-Muslims are subjugated and all the lands are restored to Allah and his chosen ones, the true Muslims. Justice in Islam does not mean equality of all men, but the supremacy of Allah and those who believe in him over the non believers. This is the divine justice, not the kind of justice that you and I understand.

The problem is that the non-Muslims do not know this. They do not know that they are under attack or when Muslims use words like justice, peace, tolerance what they mean. They are blinded by political correctness and rendered unconscious by multiculturalism. They will wake up from this coma when it is too late. In some European countries, like in UK and France, it may already be too late. Maybe it is their karma.

ITF: Shariah law is contradictory to our Democratic governments, and from what we know, the majority of Muslim women do not want the introduction of Shariah law within Canada and the US. Are these the major stumbling blocks that are currently preventing Muslims from implementing Shariah Law here?

Sina: Yes that is very much true. Muslim women know that under Sharia law they will lose their rights as humans. The truth is that most Muslims do not want to live under Sharia. They are caught in a tug of war, a cognitive dissonance, between their faith and how they really want to live. However, these people can be easily manipulated by the extremists and turn fully fledged Islamists and even terrorists. Faith is a dangerous thing. It makes you do things against your own conscience and interest. If you want to stop the Sharia law in the west you have to attack Islam and make Muslims realize that it is a lie.

ITF: Will the US court system provide, in any way, an entrance to implementation of Shariah Law?

Sina: The Sharia is unconstitutional. So how the courts could recognize it? This is something that unscrupulous politicians may do. It is much easier to manipulate corrupt politicians with the promise of massive Muslim votes than bribe a judge. A party that thinks the Constitution is only a piece of paper and has put in office a president who is constitutionally ineligible, is likely to approve the Sharia law as well. Right now America has a very corrupt government that is paving the road for the Islamization of this country.

ITF: It seems if there is going to be any change with Islam, it will be with the Muslim women. At least that is what we have seen in the past few years. Do you think Muslim women would reject Islam if they were allowed the freedom to do so?

Sina: Yes I agree that the real change will be made by Muslim women. This is quite obvious by watching the videos coming out of Iran. Women are at the forefront of the demonstrations. They have nothing to lose and are ready to give their lives for their freedom. In the west you see courageous women, like Nonie Darish, Wafa Sultan and Ayan Hisi Ali who are at the line of fire in our battle against Islamization of the west.

In Egypt there is this amazing woman, Nagla Al-Imam, a graduate from Al Azhar University and an expert in the Sharia law who has openly converted to Christianity and has said she will not leave her country (see http://www.faithfreedom.org/2009/08/25/if-you-convert-you-die/). Now, this is courage. May her God keep her save in that land filled with wolves! This shows that you cannot keep a woman enslaved after she is educated. The Taliban know that too. That is why they destroy the girl’s schools and kill their teachers.

ITF: Just about every conscious human in the free world knows about Islamic suicide bombers, train bombers, and night club bombers. Everyone knows that Muslims flying large commercial planes crashed into the World Trade Center buildings and the Pentagon on 9/11. Those are the actions of the obvious terrorist side of Islam. Yet, all the world hears is the plea from Muslims to understand that Islam is a religion of peace and love. If that is so, does this mean that Islamists who are terrorists use a Qur’an that is different from the "peaceful" Muslim's Qur’an?

Sina: Yes that is true. There are two different Qur’ans. One is written and the other is imagined. The terrorists and the hate spewing mullahs read the written Qur’an. There are two dozens of sanitized versions of this Qur’an translated into English and despite the efforts of the translators, it still sounds gory. The other Qur’an exists in the imagination of the masses of Muslims who have never read the written Qur’an and attribute everything good that they can think of to it. It is my belief that once these Muslims learn what is in the written Qur’an, their faith will be shattered and they will leave Islam. This may take some time. The believer often goes through a period of denial, then through the stages of shock, guilt, confusion, depression and anger until they reach the citadel of enlightenment and enter therein as apostates.

ITF: Do you think it's possible to modernize Islam so that it can become compatible with the modern world?

Sina: No. There can be no change in Islam. Any honest Muslim will tell you that. That is what Muhammad has warned against in many parts of the Qur’an.

(Qur’an .2:85) Do you, then, believe in some parts of the divine writ and deny the truth of other parts? What, then, could be the reward of those among you who do such things but ignominy in the life of this world? And, on the Day of Resurrection, they will be consigned to most grievous suffering. For God is not unmindful of what you do.

(Qur’an 6:114) Am I, then, to look unto anyone but God for judgment [as to what is right and wrong], when it is He who has bestowed upon you from on high this divine writ, clearly spelling out the truth?

For more discussion on why Islam cannot be reformed read my article, The Illusion of Reforming Islam.

There are individuals in the west that claim to be moderate Muslims and even against the Sharia. People must not fall for this charade. Sharia is Islam. You cannot be a Muslim and be against the Sharia. It is like saying I am a Christian but against the Bible. By seeing these self proclaimed moderate Muslims, I can understand the anger that Jesus felt against those hypocrites whom he called addressed, because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth.

Muhammad was a thief, a pedophile a mass murderer, a rapist, a sadist torturer, and a conman charlatan. You either believe in him or you don’t. It is hypocritical to say, I am a follower of Muhammad, but not wicked enough to emulate him, and in fact I am such a nice person that I oppose him.

I can understand the self proclaimed moderate Muslims in Islamic countries and I have utmost respect for them. This is the only way they can remain alive. But those in the west pull wool over the eyes of the unwary non-Muslims, making them believe Islam has a moderate side too, which is not true.

Many Muslims know nothing about Islam. They are moderate and good citizens. They can be excused. But those who appear in televisions and radios, give interviews and write articles, are not ignorant. So what is their agenda? I don’t know. I just don’t like deception. Truth must be said. And the truth is that Islam is evil and Muhammad was a cult leader.

When Nazis ruled over Germany, many Germans were supporting them. Not all those Germans were evil. Most of them were ignorant. They did not know the truth about Nazis and Hitler. So you can forgive them. The same can be said about millions of Americans who voted for and still support Obama. They don’t know him. But what would you say of a person who knows the truth about Hitler, disagrees with him and calls himself “a moderate Nazi?” Likewise, there is something fishy, something does not add up with the claim of the self proclaimed moderate Muslims.

There is no such thing as moderate or peaceful Islam. Muslims are of two kinds. They are either terrorist Muslims or ignorant Muslims. The ignorant Muslims are, thanks heaven, the majority. Once they learn the truth about the real Islam they will leave it.

The cure for ignorance is knowledge. What is the cure for hypocrisy?

We want Muslims to leave Islam. We don’t want them to modernize it or reform it. That is not possible and we would be fooling ourselves into complacency, lowering our guards and making ourselves vulnerable to Islamic take over through deception. You should never trust a rattle snake as a pet. Likewise, Islam should not be trusted. It cannot change and those who try to make you think otherwise are either delusional and cannot cut their umbilical cord from Islam, or have an agenda.

ITF: Do you think radical Islam will proliferate under the new Obama administration?

Sina: Radical Islam and Islam are the same. Islam is radical. The answer to your question is yes. Obama is pulling wool over the eyes of Americans by acting as an apologist for Islam. In his latest message for Ramadan, he said, “These rituals remind us of the principles that we hold in common, and Islam’s role in advancing justice, progress, tolerance, and the dignity of all human beings.”

This is a pack of lies. Islamic justice is injustice to non-believers, as we saw earlier.

Islam has never been for progress. All the knowledge is deemed to exist in the Qur’an and everything that is not in the Qur’an is either taghooti (ungodly/satanic), or redundant. If Islam is for progress, why the Islamic countries are so backward? Shouldn’t they be at least a little more advanced than kafir countries that do not practice Islam at all?

Tolerance in Islam has to be purchased with jizya. You have to pay a protection fee to Muslims so they leave you alone. This is no different from the kind of tolerance the Mafia had towards businesses in Chicago, during their heyday.

Also if you are not a Muslim, Islam does not recognize your dignity or even rights as a human being. If you are a Muslim, that is even worse because you will be killed if you choose to exercise your freedom of belief which is the basis of human dignity.

What is shocking is that Obama administration has actually endorsed Jihad. Here are Obama’s counter-terrorism advisor John Brennan's words:

"Nor does President Obama see this challenge as a fight against `jihadists.' Describing terrorists in this way--using a legitimate term, `jihad,' meaning to purify oneself or to wage a holy struggle for a moral goal--risks giving these murderers the religious legitimacy they desperately seek but in no way deserve.”

It is not only unconscionable for a US government to define a religious concept and act as an apologist for it, it is shameful to lie and deceive the public. Now this administration is saying that jihad is legitimate and recognizes its goal as moral? The goal of jihad is to conquer the word with raids/terrorism. The 9/11 was jihad. Is this a moral goal?

Jihad has never stood for self purification. This lie was probably propagated by the Sufis who like today’s reformers, foolishly tried to make Islam a bit more peaceful. They claimed that after Muhammad returned from his last raid on Tabuk, he told his followers ‘We have returned from Jihad Asghar to Jihad Akbar’ which means self purification.

Ibn Taimiyyah (1263 – 1328) one of the greatest Muslim scholars of all times clarified: “There is a Hadith related by a group of people which states that the Prophet (s.a.w) said after the battle of Tabuk: ‘We have returned from Jihad Asghar to Jihad Akbar’. This hadith has no source, nobody whomsoever in the field of Islamic knowledge has narrated it. Jihad against the disbelievers is the most noble of actions, and moreover it is the most important action for the sake of mankind.” [Refer: Al Furqan baina Auliyair Rahman wa Auliyaisy Shaitaan, matter 44-45].?

Another hadith narrates: A man asked the prophet: “..and what is Jihad?” He replied: “You fight against the disbelievers when you meet them.” He asked again: “What kind of Jihad is the highest?” He replied: “The person who is killed whilst spilling the last of his blood.” [Narrated by Ahmad in his Musnad 4/114 - Hadith sahih. Al Haithami states: “Narrators upheld it.” Majmauz Zawaid 1/59].

More on this subject here:

Apart from deceiving the Americans, Obama is doing everything to weaken the defense of America against its enemies, such as closing the Guantanamo Bay and prosecuting the CIA agents for waterboarding the terrorists to extract information that saved American lives. The terrorists will not attack now. Instead they will build their cells and will do incalculable damage at a later date.

Obama’s destruction of the economy will be catastrophic, but the harm that he is doing to the homeland security is equally calamitous.

Americans are seeing the danger that this snake oil salesman is posing to their country. They are participating in tea party rallies, attending town hall meetings and are taking their country back. They are waking up (although not soon enough). Obama has been a catastrophe for America, but Americans are patriotic and they will not let this Marxist, Saul Alinsky and Bill Ayer disciple community organizer, take their country to dogs.

ITF: We want to wish you the best with your book, Understanding Muhammad. Do you feel that if people understood what kind of person Muhammad really was, that they would have a better understanding of Islam (see http://www.faithfreedom.org/2009/05/24/understanding-muhammad/)

Sina: Absolutely! To understand Islam and hence Muslims, it is imperative to understand Muhammad. Islam is Muhammadanism. Muslims follow and emulate their prophet. Once you know Muhammad and his psychology, you’ll find Muslims are very predictable. As a matter of fact the key to destroy Islam is to understand Muhammad.

My book is unique in the sense that it probes into the mind of Muhammad and unravels his psychological makeup. There are thousands of short stories about Muhammad narrated by his wives and companions. Collectively, they reveal a very clear picture of him. Unlike Jesus, Moses and other religious figures of the past, whose lives are shrouded in myths and legends, Muhammad’s life-story is recorded in detail. I analyzed him under the light of the modern psychology and I have shown that he suffered from a series of disorders and that the entire phenomenon known as Islam is a mental case. Once you read the book, you’ll realize that Islam is an overgrown cult, no different from that of Jim Jones, David Koresh or Charles Manson. The difference is that Muhammad came in a time and place where there was no central power and no one to stop him.

There are many books that show the evilness of Islam. All you have to do is read the Qur’an, the hadith and the sira, the biography of Muhammad, and you will see that Islam is very evil. But the question remains: How could something so evil becomes the second largest religion in the world and how could a man so depraved influence so many? Something is amiss. If Islam is so bad why can’t a billion people see it? Are we to suppose that there are no intelligent people among a billion Muslims? How could so many people, for so many generations, fail to see the obvious

This is an important question, which weighs on Muslims, validates their faith and prevents them from questioning it. You have to explain this phenomenon if you want to wean them from Islam.

There is a mystery surrounding Muhammad. It is thanks to this mystery that Islam has survived so long. Understanding Muhammad demystifies him. Once Muhammad is demystified and the nakedness of the emperor becomes widely known, no one will believe in him. When the mystic is gone Islam will be gone.

All the Muslims who have read my book have left Islam. Those who did not leave did not read the book. How do I know that? They tell me. They write to say they read 10, 20 or 30 pages and the book is full of garbage and that they are not going to waste their time reading it. The book is not garbage, but they are afraid to read it because they see the effect that it has on them and they are terrified at the thought of doubting Islam. The fear of hell has paralyzed the Muslims’ mind.

I am confident that the spread of truth about will end Islam. Understanding Muhammad is being translated in a few other languages. It will be available for free download in the languages spoken by Muslims. Many Muslims will leave Islam after reading it and their exodus will start an avalanche which will precipitate the complete fall of Islam.

ITF: On behalf of the Infidel Task Force, I wish to thank you for taking the time to chat with us and giving us your point of view on Shariah Law, Radical Islam and what to do about the ongoing threat. Thank You very Much.

Sina: Thank you. It was my pleasure

Source: http://infideltaskforce.webs.com/itfinterviews.htm?