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Is Jesus Like Adam: Qur’an Inconsistency; Part II

”Q 4:171 even presupposes that Jesus always exhisted”

Continues from Part I

For more on the topic of Adam being worshiped by angels, and the worship given to the Lord Jesus as well as the biblical evidence showing that Christ's followers worshiped and prostrated themselves before the risen Lord, please read the following articles:

The evidence we have presented here conclusively shows that the Qur’an itself admits and agrees that Jesus is vastly superior to Adam, and is therefore more deserving of honour and glory than the first man.

Our interpretation is not merely an imposed Christian understanding upon the Islamic data, since there are Muslims who also see it this way. For example, the following Muslim writer candidly admits that, according to the Qur’an, Jesus is the greatest of all prophets. After citing Q. 2:253, 3:42-46, and 3:59, the author says:

Moslem religious leaders try to isolate Muhammad from all other prophets by saying, "God kept the best for last." Again, this directly contradicts the Koran's teachings. The Koran says that some prophets have been given more than others - that some even talk to God. The example it gives is that of Jesus Christ, not Muhammad…

These passages clearly show that God considered Jesus to be His best prophet, not Muhammad. After all, Jesus revealed himself to be a prophet from childhood, while Muhammad was not inspired until he was forty years old. The Koran relates a number of miracles from Jesus' childhood, but says nothing of this phase of Muhammad's life. The name "Christ" is also used. Unlike Jesus, Muhammad was not a special messenger of God, but a mere helper, who brought justice to the world, and glorified the name of Jesus by setting the record straight about his deeds on earth. His mission was also to eliminate the corruption of the message of those prophets who had gone before him. On the other hand, of Jesus it is said that he was created in a similar way to Adam…

Bear in mind that when God announced His creation of Adam to the angels He commanded them to bow to him. (Dr. Nader Pourhassan, The Corruption of Moslem Minds [Barbed Wire Publishing, Las Cruces, New Mexico 2002], pp. 34-35)

Christian readers especially will be interested to learn that the Koran teaches that Jesus was God's best prophet, and that Christians will be placed above non-believers until the Day of Judgment... (Ibid., p. 61)

Moslem religious leaders claim that Muhammad was the greatest prophet ever sent. If this was true, then God would have stated so in the Koran. Instead, when God talks of a prophet being greater than others, the name He mentions is that of Jesus. (Ibid., p. 101)

This Muslim writer summarizes our position and the Islamic data perfectly.

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