Friday, 12 February 2010

Islamophobia analyzed

By Ibn Kammuna

The word “Islamophobia” itself is fairly recent. The organization of the Islamic conference uses the word to “rubber stamp” anything that is viewed as anti-Islam or anti-Muslim. In this manner, Islam and Muslims are viewed as a lump sum. Hence, you criticize the one, you criticize the other. That is how Muslims want it. The liberal west goes along with this charade, and does not see clearly the difference between a man, on one side, and his beliefs, on theo ther.

Why is that? Why do we in the west, see no issue in criticizing Christianity and its most sacred tenets without being termed “Christophobes”. The liberal west sees this as an okay thesis. However, talk about Islam, and a similar criterion is not applied. Now, Islam and Muslims are a lump sum. You cannot criticize Islam without being termed as an Islamophobe. It is crystal clear that there is a definite distinction between a man and hisbeliefs. Humans deserve respect. Beliefs should not enjoy the same status. They are to be criticized, analysed..etc. Such beliefs should be discredited if found faulty, or unfit for humans. The history of science bears me out. Many scientific theories were abandoned and discredited through the ages. New theories emerged as they encompassed a better understanding of the world phenomena around us.

I submit to you that Muslims are our brothers and sisters. They have equal rights and obligations under state laws that are universal in nature and apply equally to every citizen of the state.

I also submit to you that Islam, as a belief system, is to be subjected to analysis, criticism, and microscopic scrutiny, just like other belief systems that humans dealt with (Christianity, Hinduism, Positivism, ..etc). If such Islamic beliefs are found faulty, they are to be rejected, and even ridiculed if reason allows.

I also affirm to you that a distinct difference between Muslims and Islam exists. Just as we can criticize Christianity, We should be able to criticize Islam. People like David Hume and Bertrand Russell Criticized Christianity. No one called them “Christophobes”. Why is it then that once someone criticizes some Islamic beliefs, he/she is termed “Islamophobe”? Islamic organizations go even lower than that and call a decent researcher of Islam like Robert Spencer a “bigot”.The fact of the matter is when an organization like the “Counsel on AmericanIslamic Relations” (CAIR) calls Mr. Spencer a “bigot” knows full well that he is an honest researcher of Islam, but want to hypnotize the eyes of infidels, aided by the liberals, to make them see that Islam and Muslims are none but one thing.

Muslimor ganizations will attempt at demonizing anyone critical of Islam. People like Spencer, Sina, Khan,..etc. are all termed “Islamophobes” and “bigots” accordingto such organizations. Such claims however are mere lies. Spencer and others are not Islamophobes. You see, a phobia is an irrational fear. Fear of Islam is not. It is based on analyzing the Qur’an and the Hadith. Analyze Islam through its authentic sources, and you will uncover a cult of torture, fear, lies ,genocides, assassinations..etc. Islam proper spells pure EVIL. Anyone in his right mind should reject the basic tenets of Islam.

Muhammad claimed he was a prophet, yet he assassinated people, raped, mass-murdered, stole, attacked peaceful tribes, tortured people unnecessarily. Is this a prophet that is to be respected or trashed?

Islamis a religion and state where Muslim citizens rule and non-Muslims are subjected to a second class citizenry. It is a religion that forces non-Muslims to pay special taxes, just because they are not Muslims. It is a religion where an individual is to be killed if he leaves Islam and adopts another belief system. It is a religion that does not give equal status to all citizens of the state. It is a religion that preaches hate toward non-Muslims, preaches to go to war against non-Muslims to take over their property and land. Is this a belief system that is to be respected or trashed? Yet, if you criticize such beliefs, you are termed as a “bigot” and “Islamophobe” by Islamic organizations!

It is a sad fact that the western liberals are victims of their own ignorance.They do not know what Islam is all about. They do not take the time to study Islam and know it for what it is; a bigoted belief system that is worse than Nazism, worthy only of trashing.

Isn’t it time for the liberals to start reading the Qur’an and the Hadith, and learn thetrue nature of Islam? Isn’t it time? It has been a few years since the horrificday of 9/11.



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