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A Qur`anic Truth Unveiled

”To be a true Muslim, you have to accept the Bible”

The very first verses of the Qur`an that I would like to share with you in this matter are:

Sura 3 verses 93 and 94
93 All food was lawful To the Children of Israel, Except what Israel Made unlawful for itself, Before the Law (of Moses) Was revealed. Say: "Bring ye the Law And study it, If ye be men of truth." 94 If any, after this, invent a lie and attribute it To God, they are indeed Unjust wrong-doers.

Already it is clear that God Almighty provided the law as a clear guidance 'till today.

Sura 5 verses 47 to 51
“It was We who revealed the Law to Moses, therein was guidance and light ... and in their footsteps, We sent Jesus the son of Mary, confirming the Law that had come before him: We sent him the Gospel, therein was guidance and light, and confirmation of the Law that had come before him, a guidance and admonition to those who fear Allah. To thee (Mohammed) We sent the Scripture that came before it, and guarding it in safety.".That is: that every person must be prepared to test, to judge and to confirm the teachings of his faith and his books against the Torah (Old Testament) and the Injil (New Testament), the Bible as today.

This truth applies to every person regardless of his faith but even more so, it applies to Muslims because it is written in the Qur'an for Muslims. The words in
Sura 5:69 confirm my statement even further.

If only they had stood fast By the Law, the Gospel, and all the revelation that was sent To them from their Lord, They would have enjoyed Happiness from every side. There is from among them A party on the right course: But many of them Follow a course that is evil.

Again I must emphasize what the Qur`an teaches here in verse 69 that: If a Christian does not stand fast in the teachings of the Gospel, the law and the revelations of the Bible, he fails as one of the 'People of the Book'. One can derive at no other conclusion then that their books (The Bible) must still be in existence, as they indeed are. According to the Qur'an Muslims specifically are charged to stand fast by what is revealed in the Bible, as will be proven by the following verses from the Qur`an.

Sura 2 verse 53 53
And remember We gave Moses the Scripture and the Criterion (Between right and wrong): there was a chance for you to be guided aright.

Sura 32 verse 23 23
We did indeed aforetime Give the Book to Moses: Be not then in doubt Of itsreaching (thee): And we made it A guide to the Children Of Israel. TAKE NOTE: Be not in doubt of its, (i.e. the Bible) reaching thee - (i.e. the Muslims)

Sura 16 verse 43 43
And before thee also The apostles We sent Were but men, to whom We granted inspiration: if ye Realise this not, ask of those Who possess the Message.

Sura 10 verse 94 and 95
94 If thou wert in doubt As to what We have revealed Unto thee, then ask those Who have been reading The Book from before thee: The Truth hath indeed come To thee from thy Lord: So be in no wise Of those in doubt. 95 Nor be of those who reject The Signs of God, Or thou shalt be of those Who perish.

These verses from the Qur`an admonished and asked Muhammad and every Muslim since, to accept and trust that the scriptures revealed before Muhammad's time - that is the Bible and not to doubt them.

In Sura 10:94,95 the command is clear to accept and not to doubt the EARLIER Scriptures - The Holy Bible. God demands of Muhammad and every Muslim not only to consult these scriptures when they are in doubt, but goes one step further in Sura 4: 82 and that is to check the Qur`an for discrepancy against what was revealed previously, namely the Bible.

Sura 4 verse 82 82
Do they not consider The Qur'an (with care)? Had it been from other Than God, they would surely Have found therein Much discrepancy.

Those self appointed teachers who deny that the Bible is God's Word don't realize that theQur`an came nearly 600 years after Jesus Christ. There was not a single claim that the Bible was corrupt, untrue or unacceptable at that time. On the contrary, there was a definite command to obey, respect and use the teachings of the Bible. Neither do they realize that if they really want to check out the authenticity of the Bible there are manuscripts that date back to the time before Jesus` birth, like the Dead Sea Scrolls and other authentic manuscripts. All were written long before Muhammad lived. It is shocking how one can reject the Bible - that dates back long before Muhammad's time that was revealed to Muhammad himself as the Word of God

Another argument some of these teachers use is that you don't find in the Gospel (Injil) a single book that Jesus wrote Himself. Can one really use such argument to reject the Bible? If one does, one must reject the Qur`an as well because although the Qur`an was revealed to Muhammad, it was not written by himself. It was compiled (was it really?) by Zaid-ibn-Tabet after Muhammad's death. (Al- Hadis, vol.3, p707)

Comparing Sura 5 verses 47 to 50 with Sura 4 verse 82 one can only come to one conclusion and that is that Muhammad wanted the authenticity of the Qur`an compared against the Bible. If one does not come to this conclusion, one must then ask oneself against WHAT will the verses of the Qur'an, mentioned in Sura 4 verse 82 have much discrepancy if the Qur`an is from other than God? In other words Muhammad was prepared and wanted the Qur`an to be tested, and considered as a revelation from God against the Bible. His rejection of idolatry and his many confirmations that the revelation by previous Prophets (The Bible) was indeed from God, became Muhammad's standard guideline and condition against which the Qur`an must be tested and confirmed for authenticity. Muhammad foresaw that someone else would compile his revelations one day and he wanted the Qur`an to be confirmed by earlier revelations. I can think of at least two reasons why Muhammad accepted the Torah, the Zabur and the Injil- the Bible- as authoritative and as a guideline by which to test and check the authority of the Qur`an besides the fact that he was assured that these scriptures are from God and can never be altered. (Sura 6 verse 34 and Sura 10 verse 64)

The first reason is because Muhammad was the first one who led the Arabic nation from idol worship into the belief of one god. Muhammad is the one who removed all the idols from the Ka`aba and he didn't want his nation and followers to go back into idol worshipping.

The second reason why Muhammad accepted the Bible as God's Word is that when he led his followers from idolatry, he realized that it was his responsibility by God's grace to teach his people how to worship the One and only God. Although he was illiterate (Sura 7:157) andnot always sure if every revelation was from God or not (Mishkat Vol.4 page 356-359) and because many people didn't believe him (Sura 21:5, Sura 44:14; Sura 16:103, Sura 37:36) and the very fact that he was assured that the Bible was indeed God's Word, he was sensitive and honest enough to request his followers to test his revelations, the Qur`an, which he knew he wouldn't compare, against the Bible (Sura 4:82,83) instead of letting his people go astray to a one god religion which may not be the One Almighty Merciful God, Creator of Heaven and Earth who was worshipped by Christians and Jews before Muhammad's time.

Muhammad did not have access to the Jewish and Christian scriptures to enable him to correct or confirm his revelations himself.
The Qur`an itself was written down well after Muhammad's time anyway. But it must have been clear to him that once he or his followers had access to the Bible, his own revelations must be tested accordingly against the Bible as no man can change the Word of God.

Muhammad wanted his revelation received through the angel checked against the Bible (Sura 4:82 -page 5) so that everyone could be certain whether it was the word of God or not. To confirm this statement, we emphasize Sura 5:47-51 again.

Don't interpret me wrongly. By no means do I want to rely upon the Qur`an to prove the authority of the Bible to you. No, what I in sincerity and love try to make Muslims aware of, is the fact that you are obliged as believers in the Qur`an to accept what the Qur`an teaches about the Bible, and act upon it.

Those blind leaders who reject the Bible have already made up their minds against God's will. Don't let them decide for you or misguide you. Decide for yourself. Don't be ignorant. Your ETERNAL LIFE in heaven depends on it and the eternal life of your children and grand children.

Is it really all that important and serious that one must read the Bible, one may ask? Indeed it is.

The Qur`an commands Muslims not to reject the Bible but to accept it
. If one says that the Bible is no more the Word of God, let him consider Sura 6:34 and Sura 10:64 again as well as all these promises and assurances of God's salvation plan for you and think if it is not all well worth it.

Other Qur`anic verses that emphasize or relate to the same subject: Sura 3:93-94; Sura 4:136:, 150-152,163-169; Sura 5:52,71-73; Sura 10:64; Sura 21:7; Sura 29:46.

Fred Nel


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