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Contradictions in the Qur'an

”An Introduction”

Mullahs and most blind defenders of Qur’an usually blame the translation of Qur’an from original Arabic. Allah asked Muslims to believe Qur’an’s literal meaning and clearly forbade any interpretations of Allah’s eternal divine words.

Qur’anic verse: 3:7—clearly prohibited to accept anybody’s interpretation of Allah’s eternal words. Please read this verse below: Allah says in Qur’an that,

I made Qur’an very clear, simple and easy and written in Arabic (44:58, 54:22, 54:32, 54:40) so that Muslims (Arabs of course) can understand very easily

No where in the Qur’an Allah says that my words must be read with the help of Qur’anic interpretations and commentaries! Qur’anic Interpretations and Tafsirs have been invented by some wishful educated Mullahs only tohide Qur’anic absurdities and contradictions. In fact, Qur’anic verses are mostly simple to understand and any elementary student can understand very easily. Therefore, claiming that Qur’an is difficult to understand is ludicrous and lame excuse only to hide Allah’s myriads of inanities and flaws. Qur’an contains many historical, ethical, logical contradictions and myriads of scientific flaws.

Please check out this website:

The purpose of this page

We do not reject the Qur'an because of this list of contradictions. There are many reasons of much more substantial nature why we do not believe the Qur'an to be from the one true God. You will find those discussed on other pages of this web site (e.g. [
1], [2]). This page is not intended as an attack on the Qur'an. Sadly, many Muslims have become unnecessarily aggravated because they did not understand the purpose of this collection. It is my experience that many Muslims try to evade a discussion of the real issues regarding the truth of Islam and Christianity by pushing "101 Bible Contradictions" (or similar compilations) into our face. Muslim web sites abound in articles and collections attacking the integrity of the Bible by means of contradiction lists. Many have the attitude that "because the Bible is riddled with contradictions, errors, absurdities and problems, there is no need for me to make the effort to understand it." With such an attitude no real dialog can develop. Our goal is to get beyond superficial word games to discussing the relevant core issues over which we differ.

It has mostly proven useless to explain one set of contradictions because
there is always another one that can be added to the list. It is important to be able to give explanations of the difficult Biblical passages including those that seem contradictory. We are working hard to provide good answers to honest questions in our
Bible Commentary and the section on alleged Bible contradictions.
However, most Muslims' rejection of the Bible is not based on such contradiction lists. For most Muslims this rejection is an integral part of their faith long before they have ever seen any such "contradictions". These lists are usually only used as a convenient means to justify a rejection of the Bible which would otherwise be very difficult to explain rationally.

Counteracting this evasive or even hostile attitude is the purpose of this page. If both sides can come to the recognition that their own book, the scripture which is the basis of their faith, be it the Bible or the Qur'an, contains some very difficult passages which might even look like plain errors or logical contradictions (depending on the level of hostility employed when looking at it), then we might be more forgiving towards the other and be motivated to not judge prematurely but to make a serious effort to understand each of the books and the essential teachings of the respective faith in a deeper way before we come to a decision why we do or do not believe them. Debates about contradictions are rarely fruitful because people tend to insist reading the texts of the opponent in the most rigid and literal manner to make it look bad, while being very lenient with their own book, allowing extra assumptions, metaphorical interpretations and other means to somehow explain how this can be understood without being a contradiction. As such this page can be a valuable resource for both Christians and Muslims, similar to various Christian pages about
seeming Bible contradictions. To compare like with like, I will make the strongest possible case for something being contradictory and wrong, similar to the Muslim attacks on the Bible. The difference to Muslim web sites is that we give the right of response.


Because the Bible seemingly contains errors therefore the Bible is not God's word.
The Qur'an on the other hand is free from discrepancies and this is proof that the Qur'an is from God since Sura 4:82 states

Do they not ponder on the Qur'an? Had it been from other than Allah, they would surely have found therein much discrepancy

See also this Muslim presentation:
The no-contradiction challenge of the Qur'an. But reality is not as simple as many would want us believe. There are three basic categories of contradictions in the Qur'an:

Internal contradictions: Verses contradicting each other or the laws of logic
External errors: Verses contradicting the facts of history or science
Verses contradicting the earlier revelations

Contradictions between Muslim Traditions and the Qur'an

Other web web sites with pages on errors, contradictions or problems in the Qur'an. For your convenience: Download all contradictions in a .zip format.

But most importantly, think about this:
Errors in the Bible prove that the Qur'an is not from God.




  1. many muslims try to associate muhammad in some of the prophecies of the bible at the same time telling us christians that the bible is corrupted im realy laughing when i see articles that muhamad is in the bible

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  3. Each and everyone one of the arguments against Islam in this site can be opposed scientifically, logically and philosophically. I am not going to bother though. 'Coz I learned about Islam. You should too. Answering your arguments is just child's play for any knowledgeable Muslim.Various Muslim scholars are ready for any kind of debates you propose.Search the web and say hello to the Islam,the ultimate truth.

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    we are not in a kindergarten.
    If you have to reply, do it, otherwise your opinion is just what it opinion.
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