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The religious mindset of terrorists

Some History

Translation of a letter left by some of the terrorists of Sept 11

The following is a translation of a letter the FBI says was left by hijackers of three of the four doomed Sept. 11 flights.

Renewing your covenant with God.

Know all aspects of the plan very well and expect the reaction and the resistance from the enemy.

Read the Chapter of "Tobah" from the Qur’an.

Think about what God has promised the good believers and the martyrs. Remind yourself to listen and obey that night because you will be exposed to critical situations (100%). Train and convince yourself to do that. God narrated: "Obey God and his messenger and fall into no disputes. Lest you lose heart and your power depart and be patient and persevering for God is with those who are patient."

Increase your supplication to God with regard to aid and stability and victory in order to facilitate your matters and shield you from harm.

Increase your supplications to God and know that the best way to do so is by reciting the Qur’an. This is the consensus of all Islamic scholars and its sufficient that this is the word of God, the Creator of the Earth and the Heavens.

Cleanse your heart and purify it and forget everything involving this secular life, for the time for playing is gone and it is now the time for truth. How much of our lives have we lost? Should we not use these hours that we have to perform acts of nearness and obedience to God?

Let your chest be open because it's only moments before you begin a happy life and eternal bliss with the Prophets and the veracious and martyrs and the righteous and these are the best of companions. We ask God of His bounties and be optimistic because the Prophet was optimistic in all his matters.

Establish your goal as one to become patient and to know how to behave and be steadfast and to know that what's going to hit you would not have missed you and what has missed you would not have hit you. This is a test from God the Almighty to raise you up high and forgive your sins. You must acknowledge that these are only moments in which you'll be raised with gratitude from God, the Almighty, with rewards. "Did you think that you would enter paradise without God testing those of you who struggled in his cause and remained steadfast?" (III-142)

Also remember the sayings of God in which he stated: "You did indeed wish for death before you met it. Now you have seen it with your own eyes and you flinch." (III-143) "How often, by God's will has a small force vanquished a large one?" (II-249) "If God helps you, none can overcome you and if He forsakes you, Who is there, after that that can help you? In God, then, let the believers place their trust." (III-160)

Remind yourself of the supplications and ponder their implications during the morning and the evening, etc.

Say your supplications and blow your breath on yourself and on your belongings (luggage, clothes, knife, ID, passport, and all your documents).

Inspect your arm . . . prior to your departure. "Let one of you sharpen your blade and let him ease his sacrifice."

Tie your clothes around you in the same way our good forefathers had done before you. Wear tight socks that would hold on your shoes and wouldn't allow your shoes to slip off. These precautions we are expected to follow. God is our sufficiency, how excellent a Trustee!

Pray your morning prayers with a group and think of the reward while reciting your supplications and never leave your apartment without absolution because the angels will seek your forgiveness and will pray for you as long as you have ablution. "Did you then think that we had created you in jest and that you would not be brought back to us for account?"

Shave and wash yourself.

One of the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad said: The Prophet ordered us to read the following before going into battle, so we read it and we were safe.

The Second Phase

After this, the second stage begins: If the taxi takes you to the airport, repeat the supplication one should recite upon riding a vehicle and upon entering a city or any other place you enter. Smile and be at peace with yourself because God is with the believers and because the angels guard you even though you may not be aware. God is mightier than all his creations. "Oh God suffice them with whatever You wish." And say "Oh God, we . . . " and say "Oh God, put a barrier in front of them and a barrier behind them and further, cover them up so that they cannot see." (XXXVI-9) and say "God is our sufficiency, how excellent a Trustee!" remembering His word most high. "Men say to them: 'A great army is gathering against you so fear them,' but it only increased their faith, they said: 'God is our sufficiency, how excellent a Trustee!' " (III-173) After you say these verses, you will notice that things will go smooth as God has promised His servants of his bounties that they will never be harmed as long as they follow the instructions of God."And they returned with grace and bounty from God; No harm ever touched them; for they followed the good pleasure of God and God is the lord of bounties unbounded." "It is only the evil one that suggests to you the fear of his. . . . Be you not afraid of them, but fear Me if you have faith." (III-175) Those are who admired the Western civilizations and who were nourished with the love and they were scared of their weak equipment. "Be you not afraid of them, but fear Me if you have faith." (III-175) The real fear is the fear of God because none knows it except the believers. It is He, the One and Only, who has everything in His Hand. It is the believers who are most certain that God will nullify the plots of the unbelievers. "That is because God is He who makes feeble the plans and strategies of the unbelievers." (VIII-18)You have to know that the best invocation is to not let others notice that you are invoking, because if you say it for 1,000 times no one will be aware whether you are only silent or invoking. Even when you say "No God but God" while you are smiling and reflecting upon it, then it becomes the greatest word. And it suffices that it is the statement of Unity, which you have accepted the same way as the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) and the Companions, from their time until the Day of Judgment. Don't manifest any hesitation and control yourself and be joyful with ease, because you are embarking upon a mission that God is pleased with. And you will be rewarded by living with the inhabitants of heaven. "Smile to hardship O youth, because you are on your way to Paradise!" In other words, any action you perform, and any invocation you repeat, God will be with you and the believers to protect them and grant them success, and enable them to achieve victory.

The Third Phase

When you board the plane,
remember that this is a battle in the sake of God, which is worth the whole world and all that is in it. As the Messenger (peace and blessings be upon him) has said. And when you sit in your seat, invoke the known supplications, and then be confident with the remembrance of God. "O you who believe, if you meet an army, then stand firm and invoke God much so that you may prosper." (VIII-45)And when the plane takes off, remember the supplication of travels, for you are traveling to God, and what a beautiful travel!This will be the hour. Then ask God Most High as He said in His Book: "Our Lord, pour constancy on us and make our steps firm, help us against those that reject faith." (II-250) And His saying: "Our Lord, forgive us our sins, and anything we may have done that transgressed our duty. Establish our feet firmly, and help us against those that resist faith." (III-147) And remember the saying of our Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him): "O God, revealer of the Book, and mover of the clouds, and defeater of the party, defeat them and make us victorious over them." Supplicate for you and your brothers, all of them, to be victorious, and do not be afraid. Ask God to grant you martyrdom, marching ahead, and not turning back, and be steadfast." Let everyone be prepared to undertake his task in a way pleasing to God, and be courageous, as our forefathers did when they came to the battle. And in the engagement, strike the strike of the heroes, as those who don't want to go back to this life. And say, "God is greatest," because it plants fear in the hearts of the unbelievers. God said: "Smite above their necks and smite all their finger tips." (VIII-12) And know that the Gardens of Paradise are beautified with its best ornaments, and its inhabitants are calling you. And if . . . do not let differences come between you, and listen and obey, and if you kill, then kill completely, because this is the way of the Chosen One. On the condition that . . . there is something greater than paying attention to the enemy or attacking him, because the harm in this is much greater. For the priority of the action of the group is much more important, since this is the duty of your mission. Don't take revenge for yourself only, but make your strike and everything on the basis of doing it for the sake of God. As an example, Ali ibn abi Talib (may God be pleased with him) fought with an enemy among the infidels who spat on him, and Ali took his sword and did not strike him. When the war ended, the Companions asked him why he did not strike that person, so he said: "When he spat on me, I was afraid to strike him out of egotistic revenge for myself, so I pulled my sword out. I wanted this to be for the sake of God." Then apply the way of taking captives, and do what God said in His Book: "It is not fitting for a Prophet that he should have prisoners of war until he has thoroughly subdued the land. You look for the temporal goods of this world, but God looks to the Hereafter, and God is Mighty, Wise." (VIII-67) Let each one of you then tap on the shoulder of his brother . . . and remind each other that this work is for the sake of God and do not be afraid. And give him glad tidings, encourage each other [scratched word]. And how beautiful it would be if one read some verses of the Qur’an, such as, "Let those fight in the cause of God who sell the life of this world for the Hereafter." (III-74) And: "Say not of those who are slain in the way of God, 'They are dead,' no, they are living." (II-154) And other similar verses that our forefathers used to mention in the battlefield, so that they bring peace to their brothers, and make tranquillity and happiness enter their hearts. Do not forget to take some booty, even if it be a cup of water with which you drink and offer your brothers to drink, if possible. And then when the zero-hour comes, open your chest and welcome death in the cause of God, always remembering your prayers to ease your mission before the goal in seconds. And let your last words be, "There is no God but God and Muhammad is His Messenger." And then comes the meeting in the Highest Paradise with the mercy of God. When you see the masses of the infidels, remember those parties that numbered about 10,000 and how God granted victory to the believers. God said: "When the believers saw the confederate forces they said, 'This is what God and His Messenger promised, and God and His Messenger told us what was true.' And it only added to their faith and their submission


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