Thursday, 25 August 2011

A Reply to Those Who Promote Understanding of Islam


Surely, a better understanding of what others believe in and stand for is a noble manifestation of a civilised society and should be encouraged, but hasn’t it got to be both ways (where Muslims try to understand non-Muslim religions and vice-versa). I refer to the call in a letter from the authorities of the Royal Oak Intermediate School, to the parents of their students, ‘ Click here to read the letter.

As you have read the letter, you will note that it basically calls for “promoting greater understanding and empathy (only) for the Muslim religion” by “fasting”. To offer a balanced and factual understanding of Islam, here are the undeniable truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

We will first examine the religion of Islam in brevity, in relation to other religions, and then proceed to the subject of fasting.

Muhammad founded Islam. But unlike Prophets of all other religions who were inspired, directed and had dialogues with God himself, in the presence of numerous witnesses; (…) the Qur’an in Surah 2:97 confirms that Allah informed an angel, who carried Allah’s monologues (revelations) to Prophet Muhammad in such an indirect manner, without a single witness to these important monologues. These monologues received, are what is supposed to be in the Qur’an (Islam’s most Holy Tenet). But Prophet Muhammad was uneducated and completely illiterate (could not read or write), and with a poor memory, unlike prophets of other religions, who were well educated.

The Hindu Vedas have more than 50,000 verses. The Buddhist Scriptures is more than 40,000 verses, the Taoists have more than 30,000 verses, the Bahai’s Scriptures, comprise 18,000 verses, against the Qur’an’s 6,666 verses (The Qur’an is no match).

- The Qur’an is one book, whereas the Bible comprises 66 books. The Qur’an has 433 pages (including List of Surahs and General Index in total), whereas the Bible is of 1,709 pages (not including pages on Foreword, Preface, List of Contents, Book Covers, Map Index and Subject Index) (No match).

- The verses in the Bible amount to a voluminous 31,173 (23,214 + 7,959) against the Qur’an's paltry 6,666 verses.

The Qur’an has 114 Surahs (chapters) against the Bible’s 1,189 chapters.

The Bible is made up of an incredible 774,746 (593,493 + 181,253) words. (The Qur’an is no match at all).

- In substance, the Qur’an states in Surah 22:52 that Allah removed Satan’s verses in the Qur’an. (One wonders, how Satan got his verses into the Qur’an in the first place). Also in Surah 2:106 and 16:101 Allah confirms that he removed some of his initial verses and replaced them with better verses. (One wonders, why Allah had to change/improve/polish his own works), but our God, the Almighty, did not need to make improvements and corrections in his Bible, as he is the true God, perfect the first time, and supreme.

The word ‘Islam’ means to submit or surrender to Allah (Muslim's God). In surah 9:29 & 9:5 of the Qur’an, Muslims are commanded to kill anyone who does not submit or surrender to Allah (that means to kill 85% of the world’s population, of non-Muslims). But the non-Muslim God Almighty only calls us to love everyone, unlike Allah.

Allah further says in the Qur’an to slay (kill) transgressors in Surah 2:191. The word ‘transgressors’ is as elastic as can be, and can mean anything. So how would anyone know the limits set to qualify as a transgressor (especially when there is no limits mentioned anywhere in the Qur’an)? How can a Muslim apply a judgment on a non-Muslim for transgression without even knowing what ‘transgression’ means (so it becomes a ‘free for all’, based on each individual perception, and authorised by the Qur’an/Allah)? When the school authorities call for ‘empathy’, they should first ask Muslims to empathise with the non-Muslims, who are at a loss with such ill defined, utterly unfair, all encompassing and wicked pronouncements of the Qur’an against them. What if the non-Muslims apply this same Surah on the Muslims? Isn’t ‘empathy’ a ‘two way street’? But we civilised non-Muslims, do not subscribe to a religion with such savage, inhuman, intolerant and evil hypothesis.

Muslims used to face Mecca (Ka’aba) to pray initially. The Qur’an confirms, the direction to pray was changed from Mecca to Jerusalem (ignoring the Ka’aba in Mecca). And (…) years later, another correction was made, to face Mecca again; all as per Surah 2:142 - 144. As God is everywhere, all non-Muslim religions are free to face in any direction to pray, and God would listen. Why try to focus on one spot on earth (Is Allah squatting there)? As the earth is round, the Muslims are actually producing a trajectory of focus, out to space. Technically, the American Muslims should look down towards their feet, through the earth, to come out on the other side of the Globe, towards Mecca. Unless you are within sight of the Ka aba, all Muslims are actually facing the sky to pray, and not Mecca. Didn’t Allah know the world is round, if he did create it? But it gets even better, when Allah confirms the earth is flat, as in Surah 18:86 Allah specifically, says the sun sets into a murky spring water. (How it gets to the East, daily, is another story).

In Surahs 2:180 & 4:7 Allah proclaims his Inheritance Law in painstaking detail, but the problem is, it adds up to more than 100% of the available inheritance (who goofed?).

The Qur’an teaches us in Surahs 16:15, 21:31, 31:10, 78:6-7 & 88:19 that Allah threw down mountains, like pegs, to prevent the earth from shaking/wobbling. (Now, this will send Geologists dumbfounded).

In Surah 54:19, Allah confirms that he created the Heavens and earth in one day, but in Surah 2:117 Allah confirms he created the Heavens and earth instantaneously. Allah goes further to confirm in Surahs 7:54, 10:3, 11:7, & 25:59 that he took six days. But then again, Allah elaborates in Surah 41:9 to 12, to describe his creation of the Heavens and earth in 8 (4+2+2) days. (Now really, who is confused?).

A Muslim male inherits twice as much as a woman, as stated in Surah 2:282 & 4:11 and also a woman is only half a male witness. In Surah 4:34 a man is to whip (flog) his wife/wives to correct them. There is no such gender discrimination and savagery in non-Muslim religions and every Christian is equal, in the ‘eyes of God’.

To spread Islam, Allah commands Muslims to kill unbelievers “in my name”, as in Surah 4:74. In the Bible, God tells us to love one another, and to show others by example.

In substance, the Qur’an has no Prophecy, no Miracles, no History, no Geography, no Chronology, just a relatively small book of jumbled up verses of general do’s and don’t. Islam is a complete miss-match with any other religion and in any standard, whichever way you look at it. These are undeniable facts. (There are many more, contradictions, errors, stupidity, absurdity, violence, gender bias, savagery, hatred, evil, etc. in the Qur’an, that to associate it with God is blasphemy).

Now let’s go to the subject of fasting. Generally, all religions do practise fasting. The logic is to experience the suffering of the starving/poor; and also to share the sacrificed food/money with the starving/poor. But how does anyone fasting, ever understand a religion better (…)?

In Islam, over a 28 day period only, the fasting is practiced during daylight hours only (for 12 hours), and the Muslims eat 4 or 5 very heavy meals, every 3 hours, over 12 hours of darkness (when Allah can’t see) to more than replace the missed food during the daylight hours. But by fasting during the day and over-eating in the night, the Muslims are actually spending more money and consuming more food than usual in 24 hours; and no honest sacrifice is made, for the starving/poor. Later, they hypocritically come out with even more money/food pretending to share with the poor, what was never really sacrificed. Except for the first 2 days, conditioning your body to adapt to the consumption of food at night, instead of the day, (for example, night shift workers) defeats the very logical purpose of fasting and God knows no real sacrifice was made for the starving/poor, and the Muslims are cheating. This is another falsehood of Islam. Haven’t the non-Muslims shown genuine empathy to the Muslims, by providing shelter and sustenance in their own numerous countries worldwide, when these Muslims came fleeing from persecution from their own Muslim comrades? In reply, to our kindness and generosity, the Muslims killed thousands of innocent non-Muslim men, women and children, in Bali, the Philippines, Jakarta, Xinjiang, Kashmir, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan, Israel, Sudan, Istanbul, Morocco, Algeria, Kenya, Chad, Niger, Chechnya, New York, Washington, (President Bush said in UK, “These are not dreams, but the reality”). Everyone knows the discrimination, abuse, sufferings, manning, killings, etc inflicted on the non-Muslims by the Muslims, worldwide. No empathy was, and is shown by the Muslims for the non-Muslims. In fact, it has been shown on TV, the Muslims rejoice when non-Muslims are blown into unrecognisable bits and pieces. In reality; we are already aware, of every Muslim terrorist group being led by a religious leader, well versed in the Qur’an. We are also aware of innocent-looking Muslims (around us) funded these terrorists. You can’t take the Qur’an from a Muslim; but he will discard the Qur’an, on his own, if he becomes a non-Muslim. (I am an example of that). Where did the Muslim ‘understanding’ go to (or do they have any at all, through their Islamic nurturing), for the non-Muslims? Now, honestly, who needs ‘understanding and empathy’ against all this savagery, inhumanity, intolerance and evil?



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  1. This is a great book into the insight of the beautiful religion of God and how it turned into a satanic cult with the corruption of false doctrines and innovations fabricated by people almost 200 years after the death of Prophet Mohammad