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Indecent Humility and the Muslim Mind

By ProudChristian

Humility is like underwear, essential, but indecent if it shows- Helen Nielsen

Has anyone here ever come across a comment by a Muslim urging unbelievers to become Muslims or otherwise they are going to face the wrath of Allah on the Judgment Day? And have you ever imagined what entails the wrath of Allah?

Take for instance the comment of londonspirit, a Muslim member of FFI, when responding to some critics of Islam in one of the posts here, and I quote him verbatim:

But any way even if i did assume ali sina is right and muhammed is wrong. Than let me analyze. By following muhammed i am promised pradise but by following ali sinas way when i die i will just turn in to dust and nothing will happen. By not following muhammed i am promised hell fire. So therefore i have nothing to loose by following islam but assuming ali sina is wrong i am promised hell fire so i have all to loose. Let me see what my brain tells me to follow?” [Emphasis mine]

And with all honesty I must first begin by stating that, in my opinion, londonspirit is one of those nice Muslims out there. He has by every means depicted all the characters of moderate Islam. And by deducing from the direct clarity of what he posts here, unlike many Muslim trolls here, londonspirit is a learned man.

But this has always remained to be a philosophical question to many of us. Why can someone really educated, even up to the level of PhD, yet profess to be a Muslim? Well, while it is true, the sort of Islam they profess is far from what Allah, Muhammad or any of the seventh century Muslims would approve to be the authentic Islam as depicted in the Quran and authentic Hadiths. Yet you cannot easily ignore that in every way they love and revere Muhammad. They cannot emulate him to the letter, because many of these knowledgeable Muslims are living in progressive nations. And thus they cannot take 9 years old kids to be wives or otherwise they will be called child molesters and will be placed behind bars. They cannot marry more than one wife because polygamy is outlawed in non Muslim nations. The least they can do to show their reverence is to grow long beards and follow what Mohammad prescribed in the Quran and Hadiths, as long as it does not conflict with the norms and laws of the progressive nations in which they live. Or occasionally they can raise considerable sums of money to send back to Dar-Il Islam (the House of Islam), which can be used accordingly by true Muslims, the Taliban and Al Qaeda or any other organization that shares the ideals of true Islam.

So what is really going on in the minds of the likes of londonspirit and other moderate but knowledgeable Muslims? Why could someone knowledgeable, unwittingly call an evil thing good? Despite all the evidence indicating Muhammad to be a morally reprehensible person, why would anyone persist in revering Muhammad? Is he being dishonest?

While many of you will respond unequivocally to the latter as to be the case, and rightly so, one cannot ignore the aspects of humility in the lives of many Muslims. It really takes huge humility to submit your intelligence to a man like Muhammad. It also takes an equal amount of humility to dedicate your time to read such a difficult book to comprehend, the Quran, as a matter of creed. The highest point of humility is really shown when adult Muslims pack themselves with explosives and blow themselves up just for the sake of Allah and Muhammad. They are human beings just like any other non-Muslim and the right questions to ask at this point is; how could Muslims actually get to this point of humility unprecedented in any of the non-Muslim cultures?

While this may seem to be a complex question to answer, as probably some of you are aware, it may be important to appeal to one of the little known Muslim doctrines and traditions of Adaab al-Qabr translated in English, Grave Punishments. Travel to any of the majority Muslim communities and you will not miss this apparently important doctrine that could help to understand how humility is instilled in young Muslim minds, how apparently intelligent people could submit their intelligence to a bandit or how a first class Medical Doctor can pack himself with explosives to blow up subways.

The doctrine tells step by step after death experiences of Muslims and non Muslims when the corpse is being buried.

First, just before the corpse is interred, the soul is forced to return to the corpse moaning with fear “I am about to be lonely; I am about to be dust; I am about to be food for worms, I am now a stranger, where are they taking me?”

After the corpse has been laid to rest, it is now a time to be judged (keep in mind, not the Final Judgment of the Hell Fire) by the two angels, one on the head position and the other on the legs start interviewing the soul within the corpse. Key questions are “Who is your lord, what is your religion, who is your prophet?” If Allah, Islam and Muhammad are the answers to the interview, you have passed and paradise is yours and if not, oh my God, you will know who Allah is.

Some of you will say “Ah, that is an easy interview to pass, but you’ll only be fools. Don’t you know Allah is the best knower and the best deceiver? “Allah will keep firm those who believe, with the word that stands firm in this world (i.e. they will keep on worshiping Allah alone and none else), and in the Hereafter. And Allah will cause to go astray those who are Zâlimûn (polytheists and wrong-doers, etc.), and Allah does what He wills” (Koran 14:27).

Non Muslims have no chance whatsoever of passing the interview and by Allah’s power they’ll forget everything and begin stuttering and from that moment the grave punishments begin.

First the angels using a huge stone continuously pound the body to such an extent that the body is shredded into minute pieces but by Allah’s power the body is reconstructed again and the process is repeated over and over again, apparently up till the Day of the Judgment.

As if that punishment is not enough, Allah narrows to infinity the tomb space to such an extent that the body and the soul entrapped in it is squeezed by pressure until all the bones crack. All this time the soul and body remains at a deep darkness never ever experienced in this world, only to be exposed to a quanta of light, for a fraction of a second, and while you are at it, that there is something hopeful to take place, a huge snake comes to eat your flesh from head to toe while unleashing its stinking venom into your body. And these punishments repeat as a vicious cycle until the Day of Judgment.

I know, I know, many of you here are so filled with shock and cannot understand as to how someone intelligent could sit in the mosque and listen to a preacher giving such emotionally terrorizing sermons.

But that is what I exactly intended to instil in your mind that although these terror sermons are unbelievable to many people raised in non Muslim cultures, but at any rate they are part of the tools that are being used by Islamic clerics in Muslim cultures to instil terror and humility in the young Muslim minds to always be afraid and stay submissive to the will of Allah and what he is capable of doing to him/her when he/she is dead. It’s one of the reasons it is easy to de-convert a Christian, a Jew, a Hindu but not a Muslim.

Now add this to the eternal excruciating punishment of the Hell Fire where the only food for unbelievers in Hell will be pus. Also add to the eternal orgy promised by Allah to Muslim males (Muslimahs are out of luck). The key is to pack this into the young Muslims brain, and too often the kids must learn these while their butts are being scourged by their Ulemas in their madrassahs and by their parents at home. And therefore it should not surprise anyone here to find a Doctor or an Engineer professing to be a Muslim. It’s called indecent humility earned the hard way.

Source: http://www.faithfreedom.org/2009/09/15/indecent-humility-and-the-muslim-mind/


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