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The benefits of drinking camel Urine

FaithFreedom received the following inquiry from one of our good readers:

Is there any one to clarify this point that drinking of camel urine is curative in Hepatitis C. Few weeks ago I met with a doctor who was master of Muslim medicine. He told me that Camel Urine is very effective in so many physical problems specially Hepatitis “C”. He gave reference of many Ahadiths about it. I want to ask the Muslims whether they drink camel urine or not and if not why not when Prophet Peace be Upon him has ordered Muslims to drink it. Fanatic Hindus love Cow Urine but Muslims believe in true religion so they drink the Urine of largest domesticated animals for bigger advantages.

This is like trying to prove scientifically that the world is flat, but here is our FFI effort.

I googled “Camel Urine” and got a bunch of hits:

From “Answering Christianity” we are given the hadith involved and added to that is the generalized view from Islamic believers. Most of the discussion is dedicated to one chemical derived from Animal Urine but it seems to revolve around Mares (female horse) urine not camel.

At best it was the same old drivel trying to prove just how “scientific” the Quran really is. In another link titled “Camels could help cure humans” they make the following quote:

“Writing in the British Institute of Biology’s magazine, The Biologist, Dr Jassim says the small size of camel antibodies would also allow them to penetrate deep into human tissue and cells that would not be otherwise accessible.”

Now anyone who has three hours in microbiology understands that antibodies are specialized cells in our bodies that attack foreign bodies and kills the invading disease (germs or virsus or even a splinter) or any other foreign object. We are not aware that antibodies come in smaller packages than others that can ‘penetrate deep into human tissue and cells’. To the untrained eye this sounds great, but all one has to do is google the subject and this statement soon becomes rubbish.

From “” we get some very inspiring insight into a concept that drinking camel urine will cure human ills. It basically comes down to whether one has faith in what the Prophet said. Here is the meat of the article:

Of course, many Muslims find the idea of drinking camel’s urine to be repulsive; and, as a result, they reject this hadith, even though it is Muttafaq ‘Alaih. Others justify the hadith, and point out that horse urine is the source of conjugated equine estrogens (CEE) and available as Premarin®. It is an estrogen treatment for menopausal and premenopausal women. For them, it is reason to praise Muhammad whom, they claim, had miraculous foreknowledge of modern medicine. However, there is no specific evidence that those who were ill were menopausal women or that Muhammad suggested that camel urine would cure a woman who had a low level of estrogen.

Furthermore, those Muslims who think that Muhammad was given miraculous scientific knowledge only give lip service to this hadith. They would never put camel urine to their lips and drink it themselves. This shows that they don’t really believe the so-called miracle in their hearts. If they did, they would be asking to drink camel’s urine whenever they were ill. Since they neither believe nor follow Muhammad’s advice in this hadith, their verbal praise of Muhammad’s miraculous medical knowledge rings hollow and hypocritical.

In “Islam Question and Answer” the question seems to be answered definitely, if one is gullible enough to believe it. This page is really an important read because the Doctors at “Sudanese al-Jazeerah university” are so far ahead of say a world leading research institution like “Johns Hopkins” that they apparently lead the world in learning. (Of course I have never known of any real research coming out of “Sudanese al-Jazeerah university”. Have you?)

The only problem with this page is that all Mammal urine has similar qualities and it is not restricted to just a Camel; however, if animal urine was a miracle cure the world could save trillions of dollars a year by all world doctors simply prescribing Camel Urine for the cure. But it is fine to just think how great the health of the world’s people would be if we simply took the Prophets word and drank Camel milk and urine. Of course all mammalian milk is good food; I just don’t want to entertain drinking an animal’s waste stream.

While I point out these web sites that tout the benefits of drinking camel urine it is hard to find real science establishing the merits of ingesting untreated camel urine. But one must remember that all animals (including Homo sapiens) are large chemical factories and our bodies respond to many chemicals. Mammal metabolism in all advanced species is similar and on the face of the issue it seems highly unlikely that drinking raw camel urine, a waste product from another mammal, would include any chemical that our own bodies would not expel. In fact the urea (a source of nitrogen), potassium and other chemicals and proteins in camel would simply be rejected by our bodies also. But we cannot rule out the placebo effect that a true believer in Islam may experience by drinking camel urine.

The argument that Muslims make for justifying the drinking of camel urine is quite simple: the Muslim world must prove that Mohammad did not lie to them and in someway Allah had revealed to Mohammad some science that all Muslim must accept at face value. So they seek to find any little thread of truth to a blatant lie or at best an ancient ‘wives tale’ about the benefits of drinking such a vile waste product. As hard as I tried I could not find any non-Islamic source for the vast benefits of drinking Camel Urine. The data on treatments for Hepatitis “C” with Camel urine was only found at the Islamic motivated sites. So I don’t think that the New England Journal of Medicine is going to make a camel urine drinking recommendation in the near future.

So my conclusion is that there may well be some trace chemical in any waste product that could lead to scientific discovery as all drugs are nothing more than chemicals; however, the thought that Allah invented camels to be a movable pharmacy is quite far fetched.



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