Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Shiism and Islamic reformation

First of all I'd like to thank all at Fathfreedom for propagating the truth about Islam, your articles were an important source for helping me make the decision to leave the 'religion of peace' and embrace Christianity instead.
The first point I'd like to make is that I do not think in the West there is sufficient understanding of Islam to see that an Islamic reformation akin to what transpired in Christianity is not possible. People that I have spoken to regarding this issue cannot, or will not grasp that there is not the scope in Islam to support secularism, tolerance, and universal moral values as Christianity allows. I realise I am somewhat biased now being committed to Judeo-Christian biblical values, but I think it is essential for us to tell the world irrespective of our individual opinions of Christianity, that a reformation was possible in Christianity because in the sacred text there is clear support for secularism, toleration of all peoples and faiths, and universal morals, whereas the Qur'an forbids secularism, respect for other religions, and universal moral values.

Also I'd like to inquire as I was a practicing Shia Muhammadan for two years: is it possible on this website to put up Shia sources which show Muhammad to be a vile rotten terrorist as Sunni sources portray him? I think it would benefit the website by giving Ali Sina more credibility in light of his Shia background.

I cannot be of great help in this regard because I was a convert and do not speak Arabic or Persian and the Shia seem to be more careful than the Sunnis and limit the Hadiths that they translate into English only publishing the Hadiths which make Muhammad and his progeny out to be saintly men. I do know however that 'the voice of human justice' Ali, in sermon 79 of the Nahjul Balagha repeats the
'women are deficient in intelligence and religion tirade. Finally I'd also like to congratulate Ali Sina on producing a thoroughly enjoyable and enlightening book on the Prophet of Islam.

Kind Regards, Daniel

Hello Daniel,
I am glad that you saw the ugly truth about Islam and left it. I am confident that we can demolish this lie by spreading the truth.
That is the only way to do it. As for Islam not allowing reform I have already explained why in an article The Illusion of Reforming Islam. Reform in Islam is not going to happen. Period. Anyone who tells otherwise is either deluded or is trying to pull wool over your eyes. When the so called moderate Muslims talk about reform what they actually mean is to practice Islam minimally. This is like saying, poison taken in low doses is not deadly.
Shiism is a lie within another lie. It is a compounded lie. Shiites generally do not accept the hadiths reported by Aisha, Omar, Abdullah ibn Omar and other personages to whom Ali was hostile. As the result they do not give much credence to Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim (who were both Persians). Instead they have invented their own set of hadiths. A cleric known as Muhammad Baqir Majlesi, (1616 A.D. – 1698 A.D.) during the Safavid dynasty, more than 1000 years after the death of Muhammad, started “compiling” a huge collection of hadiths, obviously creating them from his imagination and his book became the basis of the Shiism.
The ahadith of Majlesi have no historic value. No sane person would give any credence to a book written more than 1000 years after the events had happened. Where did Majlesi get his stories? How can one rely on a chain of narrations after 1000 years? So, you can see how baseless is Shiism, which is founded on the thoughts of this powerful cleric.
Of course, the Shiites do not reject the biographies of Muhammad written by Tabari, Ibn Sa’d and al Waqidi. I use these sources often.
Now that you are officially an ex-Muslim I hope you’ll also help spread the truth so others do not fall into the tarp of Islam. I have no doubt that we will be able to defeat Islam if we all work together.

Ali Sina



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