Wednesday, 8 February 2017

A letter from the Urdu traslator of "Understanding Muhammad"

My dear friend Ali,

I want to share with you my concluding remarks:

Before I came Into contact with you I had already rejected religion on technical grounds, purely through my insight alone and not because of any external influence, rather, contrary to the external influence.
Some one has rightly said that revealed/ organized religions are invented by rich and powerful to exploit the destitute masses. Everything which human mind can think of is not crystal clear. In certain cases you have to believe in some belief.

When I was reading a book on American History, I came across a term Deism. I was not very clear about it until I became familiar with Internet through which I gained sufficient knowledge and became a member of World Union of Deists which is headed by Bob Johnson.

My first contact with you was, apparently, as a contender but in reality a supporter. And I think you also knew that, because in reply you offered me the translation project and you were confident that after reading your book I will be on your side.

You were absolutely right. I am now on your side. I had a shallow Knowledge of Islam. You made me understand what Islam is. It is a twin menace. It is more harm full to them who love it rather than to those who hate it. The whole Muslim world is in a miserable condition. Muslims think that It is so because they have abounded Islam whereas it is the other way round.

Islam must be eradicated. In chapter 8 you have suggested some measures. These are based on theory of trickle down effect. My position is different. My policy is based on trickle across and trickle up effect. I fearlessly discuss it with people around me. I am happy that most of the times I am successful.

Religion is mostly a concern of the middle class. Religion plays a very important role in their lives. They can’t live without it. Although I am interested in promoting Deism, but it can only flourish in a group of people with a much better IQ level. The middle class can better understand Christianity. It can flourish as global religion.

Pakistan, which is product of British Imperialism, is a failed state. Among many other reasons, the major reason is Islam, on the name of which this country was created. Separation of this piece of land from a country with a rich heritage was based on hatred. This sense of hatred was instigated by the Allies of the 2nd World War who manipulated to keep this area under their control to contain Russia.

We are the sufferers. The headless leadership is playing havoc. My problem is the poor masses and the middle class chasing aimless education and wasting their time in observing tedious and time consuming religious rituals. If you are not the part of the solution, you are the part of the problem.

I realized this problem when I was an employee of Central government in a department which was responsible for the economic uplift of the masses. Unprecedented corruption and incompetent administration was a source of great disappointment. I left government job and gradually emerged as a self taught fashion technologist. This trade is the largest employer of the masses irrespective of the gender. During last three decades I trained many boys and girls who are now economically well placed. Now when I have discharged my duties as a head of a family I have engaged myself on full time basis to this cause.

I am very much clear about the economics of my project. I know I am very ambitious. I have carefully studied the ripple effect of the Industrial Revolution triggered by England in the mid of 18th century AD. I see future of my country in clothing manufacturing. This trade is very suitable for low wage countries, like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh etc. To achieve this objective training programs on mass scale is already underway at government level. But the problem is the same, corruption and incompetent administration.

Almost two years ago, I happened to work with an NGO funded by CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency). I was surprised to see the level of corruption. The theme of my project is self help. I have formed a club of needy consumers. I have successfully overcome the initial problems. I can go a long way with the help of the information technology. Very soon I will launch a web site.
I will let you know when it is ready.

Best regards,
Khalid. (not the real name)

I am very pleased to announce that the translation of Understanding Muhammad in Urdu is complete. I am immensely grateful to Khalid for dedication and sacrifice. The book is now being proofread by a volunteer friend. We hope it will be ready in a couple of weeks. After which it will be available for free download.

Khalid is right. His first email to me was defiant. But I sensed he is a bright and good man and not a fanatical believer. Instead of engaging in a debate I offered him to read my book. I was very pleased when he accepted to translate it into Urdu.

Khalid was a gem and I am happy that my intuition did not fail me this time. Now that the book is translated into Urdu, I hope to find millions more gems like him in Pakistan. There are so many good people who habitually call themselves Muslims. They will leave Islam once they learn the truth.  Understanding Muhammad will open the eyes of many people. Anyone who reads it will no longer be able to believe in Islam.

My only request from Khalid is to not become too confident. Pakistan is still a dangerous place. There are many good people who are in jails accused of violating the blaspeshmy law.  As an ex-Muslim things can be even worse. The translation of this book, will in time prove to be your biggest service to your people.

This Urdu translation can be printed and distributed in India or in Pakistan. If anyone wants to print this book please write to me for the copyright. I will give you the authorization to print it and sell it with a reasonable profit to keep. I do not expect any royalty from its sale.

I decided to offer the English version of the book for free download as well. I sent the book to anyone who asked with a request to not distribute it. Some of them ignored my request. As I found out one download site alone had over 100,000 downloads of my book. I requested them to withdraw it. But the book is available in so many sites that is impossible to stop them all. Some sites do not even have an email to write to.

I finally decided to give up the fight and offer the book for free download myself.
There is no way I can bring this genie back to the bottle.

However, I am working on the fifth edition of it. The fifth edition is much more complete and has a new chapter that I think is crucial. I will not send this latest edition to anyone by email. It will be available only in hard copy. Sorry, but I can’t live by encouragements alone.

So those who cannot, or do not want to buy the book, can download it for free from my own site. But those who want the latest edition will have to buy it in hardcopy.

The book is being translated into Arabic, Malay and Kanada. All these translations will be offered for free download. If you wish to volunteer to translate the book, or partially subsidize its translation into any language, please contact me.

Ali Sina



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