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Sexual Perversity of the Muslim Mind

By M. A. Khan                  

Muslim men’s sexual attitude is so perverse that they think they can even eye-rape women. While we can’t probably ever comprehend how that is possible, but we can discern why they may entertain such perverse thinking…

On many occasions, I have received emails from Muslims—apparently well-educated ones, who write good English and live in Western countries—justifying the Islamic tradition of wearing veils on the ground that it helps women avoid “eye-rape” by strangers. Following is such a letter written by one Farrukh Abidi, apparently incensed by the outcome of a recent Angus Reid poll, which found most Quebecers and Canadians agree that women wearing the niqab or burqa should not receive government services, hospital care or university instruction. Abidi wrote:

Assalamu alaikum
There is no surprise if non Muslim countries ban hijab or niqab since they are non-Muslim, they don’t care what Islamic values are, real surprise is that majority of Muslims women don’t practice niqab or even hijab, and majority of Muslim men don’t care if their wives practice this important order of Allah or not. There are hundreds of Muslim families where we won’t find any single home or person, who cares about niqab or hijab.
Not only that but Muslim women now have taken a further step, which is nakedness, women wearing half sleeves which is very common, many women wear semi-naked saarhi (especially in India/Pakistan), many women now don’t put the cloth sheet on their body so part of their chest stays naked.
Surprise is, Muslim men even don’t realize or don’t care that when their wives go out in this condition then unlimited men get aroused by watching their naked body parts, especially in non-Muslim countries, there are Christian, Jews, Hindus, Sikh, rapists, alcoholic, gangsters, street bums, homo sexual and all kind of people see them and get aroused and enjoy the view then day dream while thinking about these Muslim women and girls.
Can you imagine what is the level of ghaira of these Muslim men? Majority of Muslims men unknowingly are making it easy for unlimited and all kind of men to enjoy and get aroused and pleasure with their wives by allowing them to live without hijab or with nakedness cloths.
Women don’t really understand the nature of men so they wear naked kind of cloths without knowing that unlimited and all kind of men are enjoying with them.
I know some of them purposely not practicing hijab to attract men, but the fact is, women listen to their husbands, if husbands help and encourage their wives then I believe 90% of married women will start practicing hijab.
Those Muslim women who are not practicing proper hijab, they are not living respectful life, they choose disrespectful life just to please their husbands, why won’t they choose respectful life if their husbands pleased with that?
The thing that really surprises me is that how Muslim men tolerate such a disturbing condition of their wives?
With this all around the Muslim world, Muslim’s act surprised and complain “Why non-Muslim countries are not treating us nicely and fairly.”
Why would they? Do we give any importance to Islamic values?
Farrukh Abidi

I will discuss only the Muslim idea of how a woman, not covered head-to-toe with black robes, can be eye-raped—i.e. sexually enjoyed simply by looking at them—by strangers.

Although Muslims accuse (as Abidi has done) non-Muslims of having such a perverse sexual attitude, it actually exposes the underlying thinking of their own that one can rape a woman just by looking at her exposed face, legs, hands or a bit of her breast. Having been a Muslim for 35 years, I would not be surprised.

Mumin Salih, a Syrian-born Arab and ex-Muslim, has quite correctly outlined the Muslim sexual attitude as thus:

The culture of strict sexual segregation practiced in the Gulf States, and some other Muslim countries, make some Muslims behave like wild sexual beasts. In Saudi Arabia, for example, the mere sight of a woman’s leg can be sexually-arousing experience to men. Women without total coverings were described by Australian Imam, Taj al-Hilaly, as uncovered meat; in other words, mouth-watering meals to would-be predators.

I have known how young Muslims in Islamic countries experience a rush of adrenaline and blood down their body to their male instrument, when they, by chance, happen to see the shoulder-ribbon of a girl’s bra, accidentally exposed. This would tell well what kind of experience Muslim men may have when they see women with exposed thighs or part of the teat. Let me tell from my experience that, despite Muslims’ saintly façade, they are most crazy about watching porn.

Men from conservative social backgrounds, where mixing of men and women are relatively restricted as Muslim societies are and takes pride in, are likely to feel sexual excitement more easily when they spot a girl’s body-parts a little exposed.

But this maniac sexual attitude is also shaped by how a society or its religious faith looks at sex and women. We humans are capable of being charitable like the legendary philanthropist Hatim Ta’i, but can also be robbers, plunderers and looters like his contemporary Prophet Muhammad (Muhammad had attacked the Ta’i community, plundered it and forced Hatim’s children to embrace Islam). Our attitude toward various aspect and issues of life is shaped by how we groom it, based on our social and ethical outlook.

Muslims can surely be as best as their Prophet was, given that Muhammad is seen as an ideal human example for Muslims to follow in all aspects of life at all times. Let me cite this Sunnah of the Prophet, which would explain why Muslims in particular entertain such perverse attitude toward women and sex.

The Prophet was once visiting his adopted son Zayd, when he was away. When he called Zayd, his newly-married wife Zainab answered from inside their ramshackle house that Zayd was away. But Muhammad could not hold his curiosity. Instead of walking straight back home, he peeped into the house. And there he saw Zainab, his daughter-in-law, in flimsy dress on a hot summer day of Arabia. Muhammad was awe-struck by the attractive near-naked body of beautiful Zaynab, and went away saying: “Praise be to Allah, who can change how the heart feels”.

What came next would dismay any decent mind, although Muslims hold it as sacred tradition of the Prophet worth emulating forever. While a decent father-in-law would walk away feeling ashamed of making the mistake of peeping in, Muhammad probably experienced the greatest rush of adrenaline in his body ever by the alluring sight of young and beautiful Zainab’s sexy body.
And how did he control his once-in-a-life-time arousal? Here’s probably the story:

Sahih Muslim Book 8, Number 3240:
Jabir reported that Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) saw a woman, and so he came to his wife, Zainab, as she was tanning a leather and had sexual intercourse with her. He then went to his Companions and told them: The woman advances and retires in the shape of a devil, so when one of you sees a woman, he should come to his wife, for that will repel what he feels in his heart.

While a connection of this story to Zainab hasn’t probably been made in Islamic literature, it is more than certain that this was the aftermath of the prophet’s memorable encounter with Zainab, unless the Prophet was in the habit of going around and peeping into the privacy of women in Medina (That would make him an even worse pervert, wouldn’t it?). Interestingly, he took his wife of the same name to bed to cool his arousal by semi-naked Zainab. Was he fantasizing, while cooling his hard-on, as if he was doing it with his daughter-in-law Zainab?

Apart from this, we know the prophet’s extremely perverse sexual infatuation: His engagement in unrestricted polygamy, his infatuation for little Aisha and thighing upon her until she turned nine and ready for vaginal penetration, his capturing of infidel women in war and taking the prettiest in the lot to bed on the same night, and his sending of his wife Asma to her father Omar’s house lying that Omar had called her to discuss something so that he could sleep with slave-girl Maria in Asma’s bed.

And in the present case, Muhammad’s encounter with Zainab did not end there. He played all kinds of tricks, even called down help from Allah to discredit the rather noble Arab tradition of adoption in Islam, so that he could make Zainab, his adopted son’s wife, his own wife, which was deemed immoral in the then Arab society.

When this prophet hold the image of perfection in sexual activity and attitude for all times in the Muslim mind, it is easy to understand why Muslim men feel that it is possible—or they are capable to be accurate—to eye-rape a liberally-dressed woman, as if they experience orgasm as they see a women pass by with her leg, hand, face or a bit of cleavage exposed.

While above-mentioned hadith explain the prophet’s sexual perversity, it also clearly shows what a wife is for to her husband in Islam. He came back home with an intense sexual arousal after seeing semi-naked woman in the neighbourhood, and his wife at home must help cool down his sexual urge for the neighbourhood woman immediately and with no question asked. And here we are infidels, we have to be mindful of the wish of the wife if she is in a mood to do it; and quite often she is tired, not in a mood, etc. etc. And under the same situation, if we would demand sex, we will surely be thrown out forever.

When this sexual perversity and that the thinking that women are nothing but a tool for men’s sexual enjoyment form the foundation of sexual ethics of a society or people, it is not difficult to grasp why Muslims can think that they can rape a woman just by looking at exposed parts of her body. This perverse sexual ethics also explain as to why Muslims in the West, despite being exposed to liberal culture like other immigrants such as Hindus from India (who gradually turn liberal), fail to change their attitude and behavior toward sex and women.

It is a fact that Muslims’ perverse sexual attitude makes women—howsoever decently dressed—victim of sexual assault in bazaars, streets, shopping malls and any crowded place in Muslim countries. And they fail to change this attitude, groomed by sacred tradition, toward women even after coming the West; they engage in the same kind of sexual behaviors—violent molestation and rapes of women—at every opportunity. One may recall high rates of rapes of white women in Muslin neighborhoods in Sydney, Malmo (Sweden) and other Muslim-dominated areas in Western countries. Some Muslim clerics have even proudly supported those rapes, calling the liberally-dressed women “uncovered meats” on offer, and therefore the true offenders. And if you are Muslim insider and have met Muslim men gossiping, you will find that such a line of thinking is widespread among them: Those flimsily-dressed kuffar women are nothing better than whores and quite deserve to be raped.

Now, readers should have no difficulty in understanding why Muslim men think that they can rape a woman by just looking at the exposed parts of her body.

M. A. Khan is the author of “Islamic Jihad: A Legacy of Forced Conversion, Imperialiam, and Slavery”


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