Tuesday, 25 April 2017

I need your help

Hello Ali,
I need your help severely…I am a Muslim till now..but I am Confused well let me say I am one hell of a Confused man.
I need to ask you some Questions please do help me….Why did you leave Islam ???
Now which religion do you follow sir??? Please reply me…and I really hate Muslims..though I am also a muslim but my friends say I am “Satan” because criticize Islam …

If Islam is false than why it is the FASTEST SPREADING religion in the world…I myself didn’t believe it but I was shocked because I did some Hard research on it and Ali even US Department of Statistics confirm that Islam is the fastest spreading religion …
My life is completely out of order now a days ,You should have experienced it that how difficult is it to think critically against ISLAM because it is such an Powerful Ideology but I want truth.
Kindly reply me as early as possible,


Akbar (name changed by Ali Sina)

Hello Akbar

The confusion is normal. All ex-Muslims go through it. For some it lasts a long time. I had to battle with mine for nearly two years.

The reason I left Islam is simple. I did not find any truth in it. Furthermore, I saw it is very evil and dangerous.

I do not follow any religion. I have made up my own religion. The gist of it is, don’t do to others what you would not want to be done to you. It is simple but it is absolute truth.

I have also devised a philosophy to go with it. What is a religion without a philosophy? Based on my philosophy all creation is interrelated, or to use a more fancy word, entangled. We are not distinct beings but manifestations of one single reality. Our individuality is an illusion even this illusion is temporary. Take the example of rain drops. They form in the clouds and as they become heavy they gravitate towards the earth. The individuality of a drop of rain lasts one or two minutes.  It shatters when it hits the ground. But the drop does not get destroyed. It goes back to the ocean from where it came from and becomes one with all other drops. The rain drops last a minute or two but oceans have been around for billions of years and will be around for billions more.

What is the purpose of this coming and going? The rain brings life to the world. Thanks to it, plants and animals in the dry land can flourish.
For the dropm the rain cycle may mean a futile exercize, but for the world it is everything.

Now take the example of a tree. What is the purpose of a tree? It strives against all odds to survive and to grow. Its fruits are eaten by birds and other animals to eventually fall to the ground, become food to ants and compost for other trees. What was the purpose of all this? For the tree it may have meant nothing but all trees and plants together make life possible on earth, the insects, the birds, the four legged animals and humans depend on trees for their survival. 

Our lives as individuals may mean nothing. We come to the world only for a few short years and die. What is the point of life? The point is that we are part of this universe, making it churn and go around.  

This is the philosophy of my made up religion. We don’t come to the world to be tested for our stupidity and then rewarded with virgins. We come to the world to enrich it. In fact we are never born and will never die. We have existed always and will exist always, only in different forms. We are part of each other. You, me, the mountains, the oceans, the trees, the fish, the birds and the kitty that is curling on my lap, are one in essence. But we are not aware of it, because this illusion of individuality has separated us.  If you become aware of this oneness, you will come to see that kindness to others is kindness to yourself. And likewise cruelty to others is cruelty to yourself.  We are like cells in the same body. Our wellbeing depends on the wellbeing of all other cells.

Is this philosophy true? Maybe it is and maybe it is not.
But that is the beauty of a made up religion. If tomorrow I find something better I just change it. I don’t have to believe in a foolish dogma made up by some camel herder psychopath. I am much more smarter than him and can make up a religion than make sense.

You say you hate Muslims. Indeed, those who follow Muhammad can be disgusting.
I am baffled of how much evil these people are capable of. But they are sill part of us. Even if a member of your body is sick and pains you, it is still your body. You can’t chop your arm because it aches. You can’t throw away your liver because it is sick. Muslims are sick and a pain in the ass, but they are not separate from us.  We fight darkness not with the sword but with light.

Your friends who think you are from Satan because you criticize Islam are fools. All those who blindly follow, do not use their brains or maybe don’t have a brain.

Islam is false, but it is growing thanks to procreation. Muslims procreate like rabbit. If you leave rabbits unchecked they can multiply fast. This does not mean there is more truth to them. Muslims come to the west, procreate and use the tax payer’s money of the non-Muslims to raise their litters who grow up hating those very people who feed them.

I can fully appreciate how you feel. Islam is not a powerful ideology; it is a controlling ideology. It is a fear based ideology and often getting out of this web of fears is difficult.

You did not say whether you live in the west or in an Islamic country.
If you live in an Islamic country you have to be very careful. Don’t discuss religion with your friends. Muslims are not your friends. Your best friend can turn against you. Stay safe and keep your beliefs to yourself. When we have enough people who have secretly left Islam we can bring the change suddenly.

Source: http://www.faithfreedom.org/articles/apostates/i-need-your-help/


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