Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Fatima and a Group of Young Muslims Leave Islam

Editor’s Note: More and more, groups of Muslims leave Islam. It is not always individuals on their own anymore. All it takes to leave Islam is to subject its creeds, belief system and moral code, to critical analysis and scrutiny, and to discuss incidents in the unholy life of its satanic prophet. Below is a short, yet telling, story of Fatima and her group of friends, on how and why they left Islam. Congratulation to this young and courageous group of apostates.

My name is Fatima Muhammad and I’m originally from Pakistan and born into a Muslim family. I was a Muslim for 19 years and went through many episodes of extreme devotion to Islam and sometimes less so. After watching many debates from Christopher Hitchens, Sams Harris etc., and also reading about Islam I gradually began to see a huge vacuum between what reality actually was, and how it was described by religion.

Also, Muhammad’s extremely evil nature convinced me that he was just a man, who exploited the Arabs to get his own way. Even if he did everything perfect, there is no way to reconcile his marrying 6-year-old Aisha, and then sexual intimacy when she was 9. It doesn’t matter if the Arabs practiced it. A man sent as a perfect example in all matters of life for the entire world till the end of times would never do this. And how could Allah’s morality be so warped that he was unable to tell Muhammad that it would be considered inappropriate in later centuries?

Anyway, there’s too much wrong in Islam to even begin to justify the good that it does occasionally contain. My brother and two other girls I know have also left Islam and we’re all from Pakistan. I wish Pakistan as a country would give up Islam and re-join with India since India is a progressive country, whereas Islam has literally reduced my country to chaos. Peace to everyone (including Jews)

Here is a supplementary Video from another Ex-Muslim



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