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A complaint against, Part II, Rebuttal by Zameer Ahmed Jumlana

Continues from Part I         

Dear Mr. Ali Sina,

I have just checked your reply to my e-mail to Commissioner of Police, Delhi regarding your website.

I had sent this complaint to police as an Indian National not as a Muslim only. Noted Painter M.F. Hussain is living in exile due to his condemnable naked paintings of Hindu God & Goddesses. And criminal cases are pending against him all over India for hurting the sentiments of Hindu Community.

Before making a Para wise reply to your email there are a few questions which comes out in my mind instantaneously while going through your email.

- Whether girl child were buried alive in Arabs during pre-Prophet era or not?
- Do the women have any right in property in pre-Prophet era?
- Who destroyed the Mosques in Spain, Russia & China?
- Who is responsible for Tianamin Square Massacre in China?
- Do the Israeli and Mynmar governments are not violating human rights?

All I want to say that it is the so called followers of each and every faith and religion had committed atrocities and human right violations against the preaching of their respective religions. Do their religions (code of conduct) can be blamed for their sinful acts?

Dear Mr. Sina, Anybody can practice any faith but I dissent with you that one have any right to abuse/distort the preaching’s of any religion/ex-religion. I have sincere intention to convince you and your website visitors to bring them back in the fold of Islam.

Yours, Zameer Ahmed Jumlana

Dear Mr. Zameer Ahmed Jumlana,
Thank you for your reply. It was a pleasant surprise to hear from you. Generally, I don’t hear back from Muslims. They throw a stone and run. So let me commend your integrity.

As for respecting other people’s belief, please understand that it is a fallacy. Beliefs don’t have to be respected. No belief is sacrosanct, above criticism or even ridicule. This is the only way we humans advance our understanding. All beliefs, whether scientific, religious or philosophical must be open to probing and criticism. If a belief demands respect and cannot tolerate criticism that belief has to be criticized vehemently.

Prosecuting or threatening an artist for disrespecting someone’s belief is sickening. However, let us be fair. Hindus were not originally violent and intolerant. Generally speaking they still are the most tolerant people. If you see a group of Hindus are becoming radicalized it is because they are reacting to Islamic aggression. The violence and the intolerance that you see in some Hindus is not part of their religious teaching, it is their reaction to Islamic violence. In a sense, they are inspired by the violence of Islam. You can call them "Muslim Hindus" or "Islamized Hindus."

In his book
Holy Warriors: Islam and the Demise of Classical Civilization John O’Neill argues that much of Christian violence, such as Crusades and inquisition were the influences of Islam on the Church. Many of the secret societies, like the Shriners, The Rosicrucians, the Freemasons, the illuminati and even the Mafia owe their organizational structure to Ismail sect of Islam and its order of Assassins. Also communism is inspired by Islam. The concept of a world government under one dictator that is the core of Marxism is an adaptation of caliphate. Nazism also owes its world view to Islam. Muhammad told his followers that they are superior because of their faith. Hitler advocated the superiority of a race. On several occations Hitler expressed his admiration for Muhammad.

Thoughts are viral. We humans influence each other’s thinking. Ideas pass from one person to another. They mutate in their new habitat and adapt to the circumstances.

In his book
The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History Michael H. Hart ranks Muhammad at the top of all the people who influenced the world. I do not dispute that claim. However, I also recognize that that influence has been the cause of much evil on Earth. Hundreds of millions of deaths, directly or indirectly, are owed to the influence of Muhammad on the world. When Christians say the world is ruled by the Prince of Darkness, there is a symbolic truth in it. Can you think of the most evil things in the history of mankind? Fascism, Communism, Nazism, the crusades, the inquisition, the organized crime, and the secret societies were all, in one way or other, byproducts of Islam.

So it is shortsighted to blame Hinduism for denying freedom of speech and expression to a Muslim painter in India. This intolerance is not inspired by Hinduism. What you see is the reflection of the intolerance of Islam. It is ironic that despite their claim of hating Islam, Hindu extremists are influenced by Muhammad’s evil spirit and are indeed Muslims. It is not their belief that makes them Islamists, but their conducts.

Now let me answer your questions

- Whether girl child were buried alive in Arabs during pre-Prophet era or not?
Female infanticide is the intentional killing of infant girls. In addition to the active methods undertaken to eliminate baby girls soon after birth, neglect and discrimination leading to death and sex-selective abortion are also means by which many female children die each year. These phenomena are most prevalent in patriarchal societies in which the status of women is low and a preference for sons is built into the cultural ideology.

Female infaniticide cuts across all social and economic boundaries. Thus, the practice involves a wide range of location-specific and culturally-motivated causes. In rural and poverty-stricken areas, lack of education, economic resources, and access to healthcare are factors that lead to the murder of infant girls. In urban areas, selective abortion is commonly employed by individuals with access to modern medical technology that allows for early detection of sex.

This practice is not condoned or tolerated by any government. There are punitive measures to discourage female infanticide. India and China, two of the most populous countries today, top the list of nations in which these atrocities are carried out. However you cannot say that this evil practice is wide spread in either one of these countries.

Arabia was and still is a patriarchal society. But it does not mean everyone practiced female infanticide. Had this been the case no woman would have been left. The fact that some men could afford to have several women shows the claim that infanticide was a widespread practice prior to Islam is a gross exaggeration.

The truth is that humans instinctively love babies, and more so their own. What Muhammad said was commonsense. Saying something as banal as this does not make one a prophet. Ask any criminal whether infanticide is good and he will tell you that it is abhorrent. Muhammad committed crimes that many criminal will not commit, such as raiding people’s homes at night, butchering unarmed men and raping their wives and daughters. Don’t judge a man by his words but by his deeds. Muhammad preached a lot of good things that are commonsense but his actions were demonic. He often violated his own preaching.

- Did women have any right in property in pre-Prophet era?
Of course they did! Wasn’t Khadijah a successful merchant and the wealthiest woman of Mecca prior to marrying Muhammad? As a single woman she ran a business and hired men to work for her. Muslims are so immersed in lies that they can’t see the obvious.

Arab women lost their human rights after Islam. At the time of Muhammad there was a woman prophetess called Sijjah. She had many followers. This is inconceivable for Muslims whose prophet told them women are deficient in intelligence and because of menstruation they are filthy. Salma was a young woman who lead an army against Khalid ibn Walid and was defeated thanks to the coward unchivalry of that villain general of Islam. Aisha also led an army against Ali. Early believers followed a woman to war. Today Muslim women in Saudi Arabia don't have the right to drive a car.

Eventually, as the influence of Islam spread, and words of Muhammad such as “no Nation will prosper under a woman’s leadership” were accepted as true, women lost their status and today, they are called awrat (pudendum). They have to be covered from head to toe because every sqyare inch of their body is private part - an en extension of their vagina. Isn’t hijab the biggest insult to women? Muslim women are not regarded as humans but as waking talking vaginas. That is what awrat means and that is why they must be covered. Don’t let anyone fool you. Hijab has nothing to do with modesty. It is devised to cover women because they are perceived as awrat - objects of shame.

In Islam women are the property of men. The Quran gives men permission to beat them and Muslim societies condone and even encourage “honor” killing them. Women are killed for Muslim men to restore their honor.

Who destroyed the Mosques in Spain, Russia & China?
As I said before, people of all faiths are reacting to Islamic violence and are retaliating. The destruction of Babri Mosque, for example, was in effect a reaction of Hindus to Islamic expansionism. They destroyed the mosque because it was built on the site where the temple of Ayodhaya that commemorated Rama’s birthplace had ones stood. That temple was destroyed by the Muslim governor Mir Baqi in 1527.

Everywhere you see a mosque is destroyed you can find a trail of blood that leads to Islamic violence and jihad. The Serbian war against the Kosovo and Bosnia was a reaction to centuries of abuse by Muslims. There is a tower made of human sculls built by Muslim invaders of Serbia. Finally the Serbs snapped. That is not to condone what they did, but to explain where this hatred originated.

Let us be fair and look beyond the events and into their root causes. The root cause of most evil perpetrated in the world can be traced to Islam. Most of the problems affecting mankind were caused by that Prince of Darkness born in the seventh century Arabia.

Today, Chinese are reacting to Muslims. On the surface this looks like another case of human rights abuses that the Chinese government is known for. But beneath that lies a history that needs to be taken into consideration. Arab, Persian and Uyghur Muslims came to China as merchants and were received well. But being Muslims they did not mix with the Hans, the proper Chinese. When the Mongols invaded China, Muslims cooperated with them to keep the Hans in the second class status in their own country. The Mongols, whose own ideology of domination through violence matched that of Muhammad, brought many Muslim immigrants to China and employed them as administrators to control the Hans.

Today, Muslims in China demand autonomy and secession. But as far as Chinese are concerned these people are immigrants and invaders. It is normal for the Chinese to be defensive and protective or their country.

There are many parts of Europe that are no-go zones for non-Muslims. Muslim immigrants have taken these quarters and not even police is allowed to go there. The Europeans have become euphemized and are incapable to defend their countries, but Chinese are still patriotic. Hence, the harsh reaction.

Who is responsible for Tianamin Square Massacre in China
Tiananmen Square massacre was perpetrated by the Chinese communist regime. Communism, like Islam, is a plague that has to be eradicated. As I argued above, all these plagues have their roots or their inspirations in Islamic ethos of world domination. Every ideology of domination, that divides mankind into us versus them that instils in its followers the hatred of the outsider, that aspires to dominate the world dictatorially, has its ideological root in Islam. Most evil in the world is inspired, directly or indirectly, by the monster of Arabia.

I see all these as symptoms. The disease is the ideology of Islam. I am not interested in symptoms. My goal is to eradicate the disease. Once Islam and Islamic way of thinking, the thinking that divides mankind into us versus them that rouses the insiders against the outsiders that is founded on hate and on disunity is eradicated, these symptoms will also disappear.

I want to see a world where no one is seen as them, where all mankind is seen as us, members of one human family, cells of one body. This is possible, but to get to this noble goal we have to get rid of ideologies that divide us. Islam is the inspiration behind all ideologies of hate. That is why I am after Islam.

Do the Israeli and Mynmar governments are not violating human rights?
Mynmar government is dictatorship. I don’t know of any dictatorship that does not violate human rights. But Israel is a democracy. Israel does not violate human rights. She is however, under severe negative propaganda attack by Muslims and their liberal helpers. Israel is vilified and demonized with calumny and libel out of political expediency. An Arab proverb says, things are known by their nemesis. Look who are the nemesis of Israel: Ahmadinejad and his murderous regime, the terrorists of all persuasions, the Hamas, the Hizbollah, the al Qaida, and virtually all Muslims that believe in the Prince of Darkness, the Nazis, the KKK, the while supremacists, the black supremacists and the hard core communists. These folks are not good people. I am not a moral relativist. I do not believe all cultures are the same. There are cultures and beliefs that are evil and those who believe in them do evil things.

If you pay close attention, you can see the world is divided in two camps: On the left there are those who believe in evil ideologies of hate and have separated themselves from the rest and on the right there are those who believe all men are equal. The former groups believe good and bad people can be differentiated by their adherence to certain race, belief or doctrine, While the latter group believe good and evil are determined by the content of one’s character and one's deeds.

It happens that all the enemies of Israel belong to the former group, the dividers of mankind and the hate mongers. I prefer to be part of the latter group. That is why I am with Israel and a Zionist. I use this term deliberately because Muslims don’t know what it means. They are brainwashed to believe Zionist is something evil. Zionist is one who believes Jews have the right to have a country of their own. I believe in that.

I invite you to see two short videos. One is about Israel being the first country to get to disaster areas of the world helping the victims irrespective of their belief or race and the other is how Israel has become the victim of vicious lies motivated by appeasement of Muslims and political correctness.

At no time the demarcation between good and evil was clearer than now. Those who follow evil doctrines, have divided the world, promote lies and foment hate, are all enemies of Israel. This country must do something right to arouse the wrath of all hate mongers and evil doers. Our mission in FFI is to stop them, to make them see their folly and to bring them back to the fold of humanity. I invite you also to join us.

If any religion advocates hate and violence that religion has to be condemned. It is a mistake to grant immunity to any doctrine of hate just because it brands itself as religion. Assuming God exists and sends messages, His messages must be messages of love and unity. It can't be another way. If anyone foments discord that person is not from God, but an impostor or worse an envoy of Satan that has come to bring sedition war and destruction to mankind.

If a religion preaches love and its followers wage war, that religion is not to be blamed, but if a religion glorifies fighting and prescribes it as the most lofty act of worship and the fastest way to heaven that religion is to be blamed. Islam is evil because of what Muhammad said and did. I cannot say the same about any other religion.

Anyone must have the right to abuse and to distort any belief. What you perceive as distortion and abuse is honest understanding of someone else.

The demand that no one should distort and abuse any belief is the source of all evil. We all have different understanding of reality. Our beliefs are shaped by our upbringing, external influences and our mental capacity. Everyone is convinced of their belief. What you believe is most certainly contrary to someone else’s belief. Your understanding of an object or a subject may be very different from mine. That is because we see the same thing from different perspectives. It is fine that we should not agree with each other, but if I accuse you of distorting the truth and you accuse me of the same, if I demand that you should shut up and you do the same, the only way left for us to resolve this impasse is to go in war.

Do you see how we have fooled ourselves with a lie and condemned ourselves to perpetual war? The idea that belief should not be criticized is lunacy. Millions have perished because of this stupid idea while fighting to defend faiths that could not be defended logically.

Who are you to tell me that I should not distort your belief? Who said your belief is not distorted and mine is? From where I stand it is you who have distorted beliefs. Do I have the right to tell you to shut up? This is the most ludicrous dogma that humans have invented. We may also owe that to Muhammad. Beliefs don’t need protection of the law. They can and they should be criticized. If they are true they can withstand every criticism and distortions. It is lies that require protection. When you wrote to authorities asking them to stop me, unknowingly you witnessed to the fallacy of Islam. Now that you are engaging in debate you are demonstrating your conviction that Islam is true. Truth can spark when differing ideas collide.

Beliefs don’t have rights. Humans have rights. Part of that right is to criticize any belief. Muslims do that all the time. Don’t you criticize trinity? Don’t you believe that Jesus was not crucified? These beliefs are contrary to Christianity. They offend the true believers. But it does not stop you. And it shouldn’t. You should be free to express your beliefs even if Christians are offended. What you are not allowed to do is to burn churches, destroy synagogues and temples. Why Muslims do this? It is because Muhammad did it. Muhammad rammed into Ka’ba and destroyed that temple. So Muslims follow the evil example set by their prophet. Then you complain when sometimes other retaliate. You only see the retaliation part. What you fail to see is that all this started with Muhammad. It is the influence of that demonic soul that is causing so much mayhem in the world.

We must be free to say what we believe. Of course we cannot agree on everything. Of course both of us are convinced that the other guy does not understand the truth and is distorting it. That is fine. If truth is on our side we should not be afraid of criticism.

Can Islam stand criticism? It can’t. That proves that it is a lie. But you disagree with me. You say I am distorting the facts. In that case please show us that distortion. Once you prove I am mistaken, I will join the fold of Islam, but so far no one has been able to do it.


Continues on Part III


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