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A complaint against, Part III, Rebuttal by Zameer Ahmed Jumlana

Continues from Part II

Submitted by Ali Sina on Tue, 01/26/2010 - 10:10

Dear Ali Sina
I am in receipt of your E-mail in response to my instantaneous rebuttal against your Anti Islamic propaganda.

Of course you are a person of immense knowledge with a talented ability to frame heroes as villains or vice versa.

As per your Web-site you are an Ex – Muslim. Do you not find any faith/Religion worthy enough to be practiced and propagated by you?

The impression I got is that you still believe that Islam is the true Religion/faith and it is Islam Vs. None. That prompted you to propagate Anti Islamic and Anti Muslim views.

In last let me concede that I m an idiot learner. Even in my childhood days I learned through the stick not by the teacher. So, I will continue to enlighten myself about Islam through your Anti Islamic Website

Zameer Ahemd Jumlana

Dear Mr. Jumlana,

Thank you for your response. Let me correct you right off the bat that I am not a person of immense knowledge. I have an insight into the mind of Muhammad and that is what I am sharing. It resonates with my readers because it is based on facts. My knowledge is far less than most Islamic scholars who have memorized the Quran since childhood and have spent years in the madrassa reading the hadith, all the tafseers and the fiqh. I had never read the Quran since I was way into my adult life. The difference is that I read it with an inquisitive mind and they read it as believers. Therefore, I saw things that they overlook.

No one can frame a hero as a villain or vice versa. You can only deceive people who want to be deceived. Dr, Zakir Naik is an expert in deception. He has the ability to make Muslims believe that the most asinine verses of the Quran are miracles. However, he cannot fool non-Muslims. In my online book, The World’s Greatest Showman, dedicated to him I have shown that virtually every statement Dr. Naik makes is a lie. Deception is only self deception.

The reason my writings are read is because I am fair. I can be wrong, but I never deliberately try to deceive my readers. I refrain from making claims that I cannot prove. I present facts as facts and questions as questions and when in doubt I say so.

As for religions I really don’t have any preference. I am an atheist humanist but I don’t think atheism makes people any better or is the solution to world problems.

I am not a believer because I do not see any evidence of the existence of God. By “God” I mean the god of religions. The creation can be easily explained with evolution and I see no evidence of a hearing, seeing caring God. I believe in a principle that underlies the universe.

Over 200,000 innocent people lost their lives in Haiti and the most vulnerable people on Earth are often hit by similar calamities. Where is God?

Does God see our suffering and does not care? Does he see it, wants to help but he can’t? Or maybe, he does not know what is happening. Therefore, he is callous, impotent or ignorant. Such God does not deserve our worship.

Suffering does not end with human misery. It is woven into the fabric of the universe. Why should any loving God design the world in such a way that the sustenance of some creatures must necessity depend on the destruction of the lives of many others? The most cynical part is that these creatures that are destined to be food are endowed with senses and feelings. They suffer excruciating pains before becoming snacks and those who survive them suffer untold sorrow. When a deer loses her calf, her anguish is no less than the anguish we humans feel for the loss of our children. If truly this universe is designed by a god, he must be utterly cruel.

Jews and Christians reason that the suffering in the world is the result of Adam and Eve’s disobedience. This belief is rehashed in the Quran also. By doing so they are in effect acknowledging that God is unjust. How can a just and loving god, punish thousands of generations and millions of species in land and sea because one couple ate an apple without permission? Is this punishment commensurate with the offence? Is it fair that entire world suffer because one guy stole an apple? And we are supposed to believe that such god is wise, just and forgiving?

Because our foolish progenitors could not control their stomach, God kicked them out of paradise, unleashed Satan to prey on their descendants and made all creatures devour each other. And we are supposed to, day and night worship this insane god and praise his justice, mercy and compassion.

Why do we humans want to fool ourselves? Well, it is because we need to believe. A couple of months ago my sister found out that her daughter had a tumour in her brain that required the most dangerous surgery. Her life was shattered. The Doctors told her to be ready for the worse or the possibility that she could become blind. She called me and said, please pray. I said, you know I don’t believe in prayers. She said that she needs to believe.

I was devastated by the news. I wanted to do something. But what? I wanted to ask someone to please take me instead. But I felt helpless. It was then that I saw that believers are blessed. They can cling to a god and keep their hope alive. I wish I could believe too, but I can’t.

If you can believe in God, you should. Believers are happier in general. It is comforting to believe someone listens to your prayers, takes care of you and will not abandon you in the dark moments of your life. The belief in God is placebo. Sometimes placebos save life. Placebo works as long as you don’t know the truth about it. Alas, I know the truth about God.

However, despite being an atheist I often preach God to those whom I believe will benefit from it. I live in a Christian country so I preach Christianity. I used to go to a Church. Some churches are really good. Unlike mosque that is saturated with anger and hate there is often happiness and friendship in the air. There is nothing wrong in believing in God as a helping hand and as long as that belief brings out the best of you.

But be wary of the downside of belief too. A few days ago, famous American televangelist
Pat Robertson said the deadly Haitian earthquake that killed over 200,000 people was God's vengeance for a "pact" Haitians swore to the Devil to set them free from slavery over 200 years ago. Since then, he said, Haiti has been cursed by "one thing after the other."

What is the message in this remark? That God wanted the blacks to remain slaves. They had to enlist the help of Devil to gain their freedom, which angered God who has been hitting those helpless people ever since with one curse after another.

Why would God want to keep the blacks in slavery? Assuming the ancestors of Haitian made a pact with Devil, those guys are dead. Why would a sane God punish their descendants? And more importantly, why should anyone help someone whom God has cursed and wants to punish?

The Quran is full of stories like this. The destruction of Aad by Allah is one such story. Muhammad was not a rational person to realize attributing such thing to God is attributing insanity to the Creator. He was an ignorant man with little intelligence. He believed in every absurdity he heard and parroted it in his own book.

As long as God means hope, it is good. Life without hope is hell. If the love of God makes you a Mother Theresa, there is nothing wrong in it. Whether God exists or not, is secondary. The teachings of Jesus are good. But when the belief in God becomes an excuse to hate, it is evil. Let me explain this with an example.

I generally don’t buy lottery tickets. I know the chance of winning is so low that I rather have a cup of coffee with my two bucks (or toony, as we call it in this part of the world). However, when the jackpot grows larger than 20 million dollars I buy a ticket. The chance of winning has not increased, and I don’t really count on winning. However, this allows me to dream for a few days. I think to myself what would I do with millions of dollars? Maybe I expand, publish literatures in all languages and help Muslims all over the world to leave Islam, maybe I make a movie about Muhammad, and for sure I would take my old parents to a cruise around the world. I buy a ticket, to dream. However, it would be lunacy if I spend my life saving on lottery tickets considering it an investment.

We humans need to dream and have hopes. If the belief in God gives you hope, there is nothing wrong in it. The problem is that some people take that belief too seriously  They wage war in the name of God, discriminate against others, murder people, or just write to police and try to take people’s freedom of speech away from them. Some even blow up their own bodies. They do all these with clear conscience and convinced to be right.

Muslims are told Jihad is the fastest way to heaven. This is lunacy. Muhammad lied. It is this lie that I am trying to expose. But to do that I have to show that he was a liar and his entire message is a lie. It is okay to believe in God, but don’t bet your life on it.

No Sir! I don’t believe Islam is the true religion. I believe all religions have a kernel of truth in then except Islam. There is goodness in every religion, but there is none in Islam. I believe Islam is the most diabolic belief ever invented. It is far more dangerous than Nazism. Islam is evil. It is sheer darkness. It is a curse on humanity.

If I believed in God and his divine comedy I would have said Islam is the instrument of Satan to destroy mankind, but since I am a rationalist, I believe Muhammad was a pathological narcissist. That man was insane. I invite you to read my book and evaluate my evidence. You be the judge.

I promote the truth about Islam because it is a threat to the world. In my previous response to you I showed how Islam was the inspiration behind the evil movements that devastated the world. Today, we are facing a bigger danger. If Nazism, Communism, fascism, inquisition, and Mafia were inspired by Islam, today, it is Islam itself that has raised its ugly head to destroy mankind. Islam is the mother of all evils. All good people of the world, whether they believe in God or not, must unite and slay this beast.

As to your last point, let me assure you that you are not an idiot. Bertrand Russell said, the problem with the world is that fools are always sure and wise people are full of doubt. The very fact that you would say such thing is proof that you belong to the latter group. I receive plenty of emails from fools and idiots who write to threaten me with the torments in the grave and hellfire, but have nothing to say in defence of Islam. You are not one of them.

Ali Sina

PS. Some people wrote to express their concern about my niece. Thanks for your concerns. The operation was a success and my beautiful niece is completely fine. Thank God! ;-)



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