Saturday, 10 October 2015

Question to the Man of this Site

Mr Who ever you are I am 100% sure that your claims of being an EXmuslim is not true actually you are a Zionist who is creating a hate among different Faiths. On the other hand Why do you HATE Islam even if you left? I mean why dont you stay away for Islam for those who Love and will die A Muslims like me. All your claims contradict and there must be an agenda for this Site. I dont care what is the point of this site but it still shows that Islam is a Universal religion, Islam has enemies, and Islam is not the way you see and showing? Your are contributing to More people Embrace Islam because of knowing Islam and seeing your FAKE and FALSE claims tell the TRUTh. I think you sometimes call your self mr sina of Zina (the Arabic word of adultery). Is that What i said is true?

Hi Fuaad,
Don’t be so sure. If you read my articles you’ll see I speak the truth. I am not the only person who left Islam and is against it. We are many and we are growing in number fast.
As for being a Zionist, yes I have said it many times that I am a Zionist. Zionist means someone who believes Jews have a right to have a homeland to stay safe from discrimination and genocide. I happen to agree with that idea and therefore I am a Zionist. Do I have any transaction or dealings with Jews? No! I don’t receive a dime from them. I simply think they are human beings and entitled to have the same protection that all humans have. Any decent person must be a Zionist.
If you are not a Zionist you are a hatemonger racist. One who does not feel the suffering of others is less than a human.
You don’t have to be a Jew or have anything to do with Jews to be a Zionist, just as you don’t have to be a woman to be a feminist and believe that women should have equal rights. or a person of color to be against racism.
Why I hate Islam? It’s because I hate all ideologies that divide mankind. I hate Nazism, fascism, communism, racism and Islam equally. They are all the same filth. They are all evil and they must all be crushed and dumped in the toilet, where they belong.
My cl
aims do not contradict. Where is the contradiction?
I have no hidden agenda. I want to expose Islam and get the world rid of this lie that is causing so much hate and destruction. This is my stated mission, not a hidden agenda.
The fact that Muslims love to die for Islam does not make this evil cult a true religion. Muslims are brainwashed.That is why they love to die and love to kill others.
The fact that some people love to die for a doctrine does not make that doctrine true, but rather dangerous. Good teachings promote life and happiness. It is evil doctrines that encourage death and glorify martyrdom. Islam is a cult of death.
My goal is to show the truth, save Muslims and save their victims. I am saving lives and saving the world. This is a mighty work and I am proud of it. As of today, I have saved thousands of people and if only a fraction of them follow my footsteps together we will save millions and the whole world. Many famous apostates have said that they owe their enlightenment to me. Many of them are doing a lot more than me. They have surpassed me, as I had predicted long time ago when I was a lone voice in the wilderness of the Internet. I am proud of my achievements. I am filled with joy any time I see them on TV. Why should I stop?
I did not amass whealth in this life and have had my share of setbacks and vicissitudes. Life has not been kind to me, but I don’t consider my life a waste. Despite all the backstabbings, betrayals and injustices that I endured and despite all the hardships, I have set in motion a movement that will end the most evil doctrine ever created by man. How many people can make that claim? Even if I die today, this movement will continue and nothing will stop it.
Please do not misinterpret me. I am not claiming that this huge fire that is burning the filth of Islam is because of me. I have no streak of megalomania and narcissism in me to make outlandish claims like that. But I am proud to say that I was one of the first who started that fire. I am one of the first who exposed the dirty secrets of Islam through the Internet and showed to the world that this cult is evil and its founder was a psychopath.
When everyone was shadowboxing against the “radical Islam” and the “political Islam,” I was the one who said it is all about Islam itself. Unlike most so called pundits who try to save Muhammad from blemish and put all the blames on the Wahhabis I said that this tree is rotten from its root. The problem with Islam is not with its wrong interpretation, but with its correct application. It is with the psychopath that Muslims follow as their prophet and the demon that they worship as their god.
I was amongst the very few who knew where is the source of the problem. Still the majority of “experts” are lost. They have been receiving all the attention while misleading the public. Some of them have good intentions, but good intentions are not enough. A myth is still a myth with good intention or not. They are deceptive, but politically correct. I am ignored by the media because my message is revolutionary and who wants to rock the boat. But truth is more powerful than lies and if given equal chance it will always prevail. I was not given equal chance. I sent my articles to various mainstream media. They ignore them. Nonetheless, my message is winning. People are waking up and they are realizing the problem with Islam is deeper than what their pundits, the media and the politicians tell them.
If you think I am contributing to more people embracing Islam then why are you asking me to stop
? Please promote my so everyone can see my “falshood” and convert to Islam.
`Sina` (SEE-NAH) is a Persian name. `Sina` comes from a Hebrew word meaning: `explorer of knowledge`, the Arabic form of the word is `Bagher`. It is a popular name in Iran.
Zina means adultery. Muslim apologists call me Zina. This shows the level of their intellectualism and how they respond to my criticism of Islam.
Islam has always had its critics, but it has crushed them with brute force.
I am not one of those idealists who think truth will always prevail. It is force that always prevails. This is the only reason behind the success of Islam. Truth can win only when it is allowed to compete with lies on equal footing. The light will win darkness only if it is allowed to enter the room. The proponents of lies cannot tolerate the truth. But the new millennium and the Internet have changed the rules of the game. Now, Muslims can no longer silence the truth and truth is winning over Islam.

Ali Sina



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