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Few Questions to Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf

Recently, Feisal Abdul Rauf, the Imam of the al-Farah Mosque in the New York City, has become a personality of front page news due to his efforts and initiatives, and that of his organization Cordoba Initiative, for erecting a 13 storey tall massive mosque, in the guise of a community center named Cordoba House, at a place very near to the site of the terrorist attack that took place on September 11, 2001. That was the greatest Islamic terrorist attack ever occurred and causing the death of over 3000 innocent people and destroyed twin towers of World Trade Center.

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is a devout Muslim. He was born in Kuwait in 1948 into an Egyptian family steeped in religious scholarship. He was educated in England and Malaysia and, most importantly, he has a degree in physics from Columbia University in New York, USA and that has brought me, mentally and psychologically, very close to him, as myself also have a degree in physics from the University of Calcutta. Among all other branches of science, physics only helps one understand the ultimate reality of this phenomenal world. Furthermore, physics is the only subject that enables one to develop a rational mind. We, therefore, can assume that Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, by studying physics, have also mastered himself as man of reason and logic. On the other hand, almost all the greatest minds of this world have designated Islam as the most irrational creed in this world and most of the conclusions of the holy scriptures of Islam, namely the Koran and Hadiths, are horribly irrational and unscientific. So, according to my observation, physics and Islam are mutually exclusive. Hence, it is really astonishing, how Feisal Abdul Rauf is being able to accommodate both physics and Islam into his brain. This inquisitiveness has inspired me to ask him a few questions.

Meanwhile, we must also keep it in mind that, as a creed, Islam is a package. To be a Muslim, every follower of the creed has to believe in each and every aspect of it. He has to believe in every verse, word by word, of the Koran. It is not possible for a Muslim to say, “I believe in these Suras of the Koran and I have some confusion over such and such Suras of it.” In such a case, he would instantly be declared an apostate and his life will be at stake. We, therefore, can be sure that, the imam, being a devout Muslim, also believes each and every aspect of the creed called Islam

My First Questions to Feisal Abdul Rauf:

I shall try to confine my questions within the purview of the Koran, because every Muslim has to keep blind faith on what is written in that holy book. In that holy book, Allah says that he has created this heaven and earth within 6 days from nothingness. According to the Islamic faith, Allah creates everything from nothingness. If Allah desires something to create, He utters the Arabic word “kun” (or let it be) and then and then the desired thing gets shape.

On the other hand, Imam Rauf must be aware that in physics, there is an established law called Conservation of Mass and Energy, that says the total mass and energy of this universe is conserved. Matter can be changed to energy and vice versa, but it is not possible to create extra matter or energy. I, therefore, ask Imam Rauf, which he thinks to be the rational picture of this world – the physical law of conservation of mass and energy or creation from nothingness by Allah?

My Second Question:
According to the Koran, Allah created water first and placed solid earth on water and to keep the unstable earth firm, he created mountains as nails (21:26). The Allah created the sky as a solid roof to cover the earth, which he has been able to fix in position without pillars by his extraordinary miraculous power or qudrah (31:10). And over this solid sky, he created seven heavens (38:27). Obviously, the sun, the moon and the stars are lying below the solid roof. Scriptures also say that, on the Day of Last Judgment, Allah will destroy this solid sky and the debris will fall upon the earth.

My humble question is, what is the height of the solid roof, which Allah has created to cover the earth? Presently NASA could have been able to take photographs of distant stars and galaxies, with the help of Hubble Space Telescope. Some of these stars and galaxies are hundreds of millions or billions of light-years away from the earth. So, the logical conclusion is that, the sky or the roof created by Allah is also billions of light-years away from the earth. So, the heaven that Allah created over the roof, is also so many light-years away from the earth.

My humble question to Imam Abdul Rauf is – How Prophet Muhammad, during his journey to heaven or meraj, could cover such an infinitely long distance and return within 6 to 7 worldly hours, aboard an animal called boraq? In addition to that, he travelled 5 times between the lower and upper heaven to negotiate with Allah to reduce the number of times the Muslims should pray from 50 to 5. He also travelled different heavens to meet earlier prophets and visited hell within that small interval of time. One should also notice that, Allah has endorsed the Prophet’s journey to heaven by reveling the verse (17:1) of the holy Koran. So, I ask the imam – Does he believe that Prophet Muhammad really travelled to heaven, or it is a myth? Does he, as a man of physics, believe that a man with his physical body, can go and return millions or billions of light-years within a few worldly hours?

Question No. 3:
It has been pointed above that, according to the holy Koran, sky is a solid roof created by Allah and He has succeeded to fix it in position, without any pillar, with the help of His miraculous power or qudrah. My humble question to Imam Rauf is – Do you believe that the sky is a solid roof? If it so, then how the angel Zibrail managed to travel between heaven and earth and succeeded to create a passage through that solid roof (called the sky), to meet the Prophet and enlighten him with the verses of the Holy Koran? Has Allah made a secret hole in the solid sky for his convenience? Anddid the Prophet, during his journey to heaven (meraj) utilize the same hole? I request Imam Abdul Rauf to enlighten me in this matter.

Question No. 4:
It has been mentioned above that, according to the Koran, Allah creates everything from nothingness. But it is really difficult to comprehend why Allah created Adam with clay. I therefore request Imam Abdul Rauf to explain, why Allah did not create Adam from nothingness?

Question No. 5:
Islamic scriptures say that Allah has created this heaven and earth, from nothingness, within six days and on the seventh day he created Adam, the first human being; with clay and Prophet Muhammad was the 90th descendant of Adam. According to my calculation, considering 30 years to be the age difference between two successive generations, Allah created this heaven and earth only 4,140 years ago. On the contrary, geological experts say that the earth is more than 3 billion years old. So, I request the wisdom of Imam Abdul Rauf to enlighten me in this matter.

Question No. 6:
I have many video CDs on Islam and most of these CDs begin with the pictures of distant galaxies taken by NASA with the help of the Hubble Space Telescope. This is to impress the viewers that Allah, the creator of heaven and earth, has created those galaxies within 6 days of his creation. At the same time, most of the Islamic scholars tell lie and say that Allah has created this universe. But the wisdom of Allah, as reflected in the Koran, reveals that Allah was ignorant of even the existence of the solar system, existence of other planets and the real nature of the stars and planets, not to speak of the vast universe, of which the earth is a very insignificant part. The Koran only says that Allah has created the heaven and earth and nowhere in that book there is the mentioning of the universe. Moreover, the Koranic earth is flat like a carpet covered by (21: 33). The verse (67: 3) of the Koran asserts that, Allah has created the roof and the seven heavens with such perfection that no one is able to find a crack in Allah’s creation. All such revelations obviously reflect very limited knowledge of Allah regarding real nature of this vast universe. My humble question to Feisal Abdul Rauf is – Does he contribute to the Koranic belief that this earth is flat and Mecca is at the center of this flat earth and the sun and the moon, according to the will of Allah, are moving round the stationary earth?

Even if, for the sake of argument, one admits that Allah has created this universe with all its distant stars, galaxies and nebulae, one has to admit, according the Koranic descriptions, all these heavenly bodies lie below the solid sky, above which Allah has created his seven heavens. Furthermore, as mentioned above, these distant stars and galaxies are hundreds of thousand or millions of light-years away from the earth. It necessarily implies that the solid sky, as well as, the seven heavens of Allah, is also millions or billions of light-years away from the earth. So it becomes really difficult to comprehend or, to speak frankly, horribly unbelievable that the Prophet, during his journey to heaven (meraj) covered such a vast distance within a few worldly hours.

Question No. 7:
In the present context, it is necessary to mention a few other extremely ridiculous astronomical knowledge of Allah, as reflected in the Koran and other Islamic scriptures. It has been pointed out earlier that Allah is ignorant of the fact that the earth is spherical in shape. The verse (17: 12) of the holy Koran says, “We made the night and the day twin marvels. We enshrouded the night with darkness and gave light to the day, so that you may seek the bounty of your Lord and learn to count the seasons and the years. We have made all things manifestly plain to you”. The text of the verse is sufficient to prove that Allah is quite ignorant of the diurnal motion of the earth. One can easily understand that it is not possible for Allah to comprehend the rotation of the earth, which according to him is flat like a carpet. The verse (18: 83-86) of the Koran says that the sun sets in a marshy land and the Macedonian Prince Alexander went to the spot where the sun sets. He also observed that the sun was setting in a pond. My humble question to Feisal Abdul Rauf is –Does he, having a degree in physics, contribute to these Koranic beliefs?

Question No. 8:
The texts of some ahadith also imply that Allah is ignorant of the annual movement of the sun and, hence, the real cause of changes of seasons. For example, Tabari ( I:232) says “Gabriel brings to the sun a garment of luminosity from the light of Allah’s Throne according to the measure of the hours of the day. The garment is longer in the summer and shorter in the winter, and of intermediate length in autumn and spring. The sun puts on that garment as one of you here puts on his clothes.” A Bokhari hadith, in this context, says,“Allah’s Apostle said, ‘The Hell Fire complained to its Lord saying, “O my Lord! My different parts are eating each other up.” So, He allowed it to take two breaths, one in winter and the other in summer. This is the reason for the severe heat and bitter cold you find in weather” (V4B54N482, as mentioned in the Prophet of Doom by Craig Win). Another hadith mentions an extremely ridiculous thing and says, “The sun and the moon were in eclipse for seven days and nights.” (Tabari I:332). My humble question to F A Rauf is – Does he believe in the above Islamic explanation of change of seasons?

This time, I have restrained myself within the above eight questions related to science. I am confident that, Imam Abdul Rauf would not come forward to give replies to my queries, because Imam Rauf and his lot and, in fact, all the members of the entire Muslim community are slaves of Arab religious imperialism. They don’t have the freedom of thought and freedom of speech. They are shackled people and have no right to question the doctrine, which have turned them into slaves. Personally, F A Rauf, being a man of science, may not contribute most of the unscientific Islamic beliefs, but he don’t have the right to say it publicly. In such a case, he would immediately be declared an apostate and some clerics would issue fatwas to kill him. From this viewpoint, Muslims are the people who are most oppressed by Islam.

Therefore, to conclude, I should say that, I feel pity for the people like Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, who, being men of science are forced to believe the most unscientific mediaeval diktats of Islam. These people are confined to live in the gutter of Arabia and forced to sell the decomposing carcass of Arabia, called Islam. The stink odor of which is making people to vomit, but these people are saying, “It is the best thing in the world and everyone should adore it and accept it”



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