Monday, 1 January 2018

Islam: Evil in The Name Of God

I have written a 980-page book, entitled Islam: Evil in The Name Of God, revealing the truth of Islam. It can be ordered from [updated link:]. Following is an excerpt from the book.

It will take guts and courage to read this book. You will never read a book like it. This book is a take-no-prisoners, no-politically-correct examination of a very evil political and military ideology — Islam — masqueraded as a religion.

The front and back covers are grotesque but reality. The picture of the Iranian woman hanging from a construction boom is dedicated to the two thousand women hanged in Iran since the revolution. This is Sharia Law in action. They are all the first Nedas. (Go to page v for a summary of young women murdered by Islam in Iran. Read what happened to Taraneh Mousavi (19), who was recently gang-raped in prison by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad thugs and her body burned. This is Sharia Law in action. The 3 men hanging on the back cover are gays – still President Ahmadinejad stated there are no gays in Iran. This is Sharia Law in action.

The pictures of these murdered Muslim women are real pictures of real women murdered by Islam. They will be your daughters, your wives, your mothers if you don’t fight Islam. Hanging in this fashion is a very gruesome way to die. The humane method to hang someone (although there is no humanity in hanging) is to break their neck by opening a trap door. This ensures instant death with little or no suffering. The Iranian woman on the cover is strangled to death by a rope attached around her neck. Can you imagine choking to death hanging in midair at the end of a rope – a process that would take 15 to 30 minutes. Can you imagine your daughter being dragged to the city center, her hands tied behind her back, a rope lowered over her head, and then swinging in midair strangling to death. This is Sharia Law in action. This is Islam in action.

You will read why the Quran is the book of greatest evil ever written. Why Islam is a total renunciation of and a great crime and sin against the supposedly benevolent God. The total moral depravity of Prophet Muhammad will be exposed in all its sickening detail. The questions that will be asked: How can 1.2 billion people believe in this evil? How can 57 nations be supporters of the evil Allah? How can the President and Western political, intellectual, religious, and media elites support such diabolical evil.

The cold, hard reality is that Osama Bin Laden and Major Hasan are true and good Muslims, following the teachings of Islam exactly. It will be demonstrated that the Quran is not a holy book of the divine, timeless words/teachings of God, but an evil book containing the words/teachings of psychopathic mass-murderer, Prophet Muhammad. 

[Author : Jake Neuman]



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