Thursday, 28 May 2009

Was Muhammad against Slavery?

Muhammad didn’t come to abolish it, at the contrary, he contributed to its development

A Muslim said “If we look at another close friend and companion to Muhammad, Billal, we see the same thing. Billal was an African, black slave who was later freed and accepted Islam, joining the prophet. Billal was the first person to perform the call to prayer, a ritual that is still practiced today.”

Reply (by Ali Sina): Before I tell you about Muhammad’s haughtiness and his disdain for lowly people, let me debunk your claim that he was against slavery. Muhammad was never against slavery. Zeid was his adopted (SLAVE) son. Both Muhammad’s sons, Qasim and Abd al Menaf (named after idol Menaf) died at infancy. An Arab without a son was a man with no honor. As added humiliation he had four daughters. In fact Muhammad thought it is denigrating to have daughters and an insult to attribute daughters to Allah. “What! For you the males and for Him the females! This indeed is an unjust division!” He wrote in the Qur’an, 53:19-22. That is why he adopted Zeid as his son. This was out of expedience and for status and not out of goodness of his heart. Later, when he lusted after Zeid’s wife Zeinab, he made his Allah reveal a verse to annul the institution of adoption and said, I am not the father of any of your men. (Q. 33:40)

The claim that Muhammad was against slavery is preposterous. Muhammad raided town after town and after killing unarmed men took as slaves their children and their wives in such numbers that one day when Aisha broke her oath she manumitted forty of them in expiation. You can imagine how many slaves did she have to manumit forty in one go and how many slaves other wives of Muhammad inherited and how many the rest of marauding Muslims received as their shares of the booty? Tens of thousands of free people were reduced to slavery by Muhammad and his followers. All the slaves brought to America were purchased from Muslim slave makers. Slavery has not ended yet among Muslims and it will be back if Muslims become the majority again. So take your charade that Muhammad “just came short of abolishing slavery” elsewhere. That brute was the biggest slave maker and slave trader of history.


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