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An Easy Test to Check if Muhammad or Jesus are Real Prophets

”Jesus could impossibly be a prophet, while Muhammad surely was…”

All Muslims insist that they love Jesus because he was a Islamic prophet of Allah like Mohammed and is mentioned in Qur’an as Eisa.. They invented this but the truth is that Jesus could not have been a prophet of Islam while Eisa was one, according to Qur’an.


Qur’an says: 4.171 "
Eisa was a prophet of Allah" And all prophets of Allah were Muslims and taught the true religion of Islam.


Then when 'Eisa asked his followers : "Who will be my helpers in Allah's Cause?"They said: "We are the helpers of Allah; we believe in Allah, and bear witness that we are Muslims"


There is absolutely no historical or biblical record that Jesus or his followers were ever Muslims.
There is NO record of Jesus or his disciples making wudu, performing salat facing Mecca, observing Ramadan or going to Arabia for Haj and running around the Kaaba temple half naked loudly chanting Arabic verses.


The litmus test of prophet hood is
comparison of their lifes. Who was a perfect human being and a role model for all? Any one who claims to be a Muslim prophet must meet at least some, if not all of the characteristics of the role model, Mohammed. Let us look at the characteristics of prophets and proofs of prophet hood.


This is the most important proof of prophet hood. Obsession with sex comes with the prophetic territory.
All Prophets love sex and are extremely horny. They all go for variety, quality and quantity. When Muhammad was not a prophet he was very docile and had no sexual ambitions. He married an old rich widow, a mother of three grown up daughters, when he himself was just 25 years old... He was more interested in spending his days and nights in a cave than making love to his new wife. Only after he got prophet hood his libido shot up and he went after every beautiful woman he could lay his hands on ... That is the reason Qur’anic aya 33.50 was sent down to meet his enormous sexual appetite.

33.50 "
O Prophet (Muhammad SAW)! Verily, We have made lawful to you your wives, your captives and slave girls, your first cousins, and any believing woman if she offers herself to the Prophet, and the Prophet wishes to have sex with her".

After his prophet hood
he married over 15 beautiful younger women including a six year old child. And our Prophet also enjoyed any woman who offered herself to him as well hundreds of captured women who came in his share of booty. Sometimes he had sex with all his wives during the night and slept with other Muslimas and slave girls during the day.

Our modern day prophets like Rev. Jim Jones of Guiana, Rev. David Koreish of
Texas, Rev. Warren Jeff of Utah and Shree Bhagwaan Rajneesh of Oregon etc. may not have been as lucky as our prophet but they had their fair share of action. They all were known to have sex with their disciples and their disciples' daughters. Even the unsuccessful sixty something prophet Brian Mitchel of Utah kidnapped 15 year old Elizabeth Smart and slept with her for a year before getting nabbed cutting his prophet hood career short..

Jesus miserably fails this prophetic requirement. He never even touched a woman leave alone having sex with multiple partners although he had a very large number of disciples who would have gladly obliged.


This is another important proof of a true prophet.
A prophet never works for his living, it is below his dignity. He always feeds on the wealth and earnings of his disciples. Before Muhammad became a prophet he worked hard for his living. Once he became a prophet he did not work for a single day. First he lived on his wife's money. Later when he had many followers he sent them to raid the villages of non Muslims and collected 20% of all the booty including captured women.

Jim Jones, Warren Jeff, Bhagwaan Rajneesh, and David Koreish also lived very comfortably off their disciple's wealth and earnings. Prophet Brian Mitchell also stopped working after he became an apostle of God. However he was nabbed before he could build up a following so he had to live like a pauper.

Records show that
Jesus never milked his followers for his living. Thus he fails this test of prophet hood.


A prophet cannot have people doubting his prophet hood or criticizing his activities. Unless such trouble makers are punished/ beheaded without mercy and made an example of, a prophet cannot carry on God's work. That is why the Qur’an was very clear to Prophet Muhammad on this matter.

9.5 "
Slay the disbelievers wherever you find them"
4.89 "
Kill the renegades"

Our prophet had all his critics brutally beheaded which terrorized and silenced any one who dared to doubt him.
His world record of cutting throats of 900 disbelievers in a single day is still unbroken.

Leave alone non Muslims, he was even brutal to believing Muslims who dared to be negligent on the daily compulsory prayers.

Bukhari:V1B11N626 "
The Prophet said, "burn all those who had not left their houses for the prayer, burning them alive inside their homes.'"

That is the reason even after 1400 years good Muslims soil their pants even with the thought of criticizing their prophet or missing a salat.

Although today's infidel laws preclude public throat cutting of the critics, modern day prophets have used other innovative ways of persecution of those who doubt them or leave their cults. Several cultists who left Jim Jones were killed by unknown assassins or found dead mysteriously.

Jesus did not have a single throat cutting to his credit. On the contrary he himself was brutalized and crucified on a cross.


Allah has said: 2.178 "
Retaliation is prescribed for you. If some one kills your slave, kill his slave, if some one kills your woman, kill his woman and if some one kills your man kill his man"

Above is the minimum Islamic retaliation which is a "
fard". If you go by Sunna, you are allowed to retaliate by killing anyone who even makes fun of you. Muhammad was laughed at and made fun off in Mecca at a time he was weak. After he captured Mecca he ordered to instantly kill all those who made fun of him, even if they were hiding inside the Kaaba. That is the proof of a real prophet.

Once Rev. Jim Jones announced that by praying he had created fried chicken. A disciple joked with his friend sitting next to him "how ***** his created fried chicken tasted like
Kentucky fried chicken"? The friend ratted on him and the perpetrator was poisoned and almost died of diarrhea. He had to publicly apologize.

Jesus said "love thy enemy". This violates aya 2.178. Thus he violated the Qur’an.


All prophets suffer from disorders like narcissism, pedophilia, Temporal Lobe Epilepsy (TLE) etc. Muhammad, being the top apostle, suffered from all of those plus some more like Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and schizophrenia. His epileptic seizures gave the Muslim umma the glorious Qur’an and his OCD gave them all the wonderful Islamic rituals. These exclusive Islamic rituals include: wudu and salat involving repetitive washing of hands and feet intermittently all day long followed by multiple situps and ass ups. Other rituals include obsessive compulsive reading of the Qur’an without understanding every day and reciting Qur’anic ayas during every activity even defecating, making love and passing gas.

Jesus did not suffer from any of the above disorders. He did not prescribe any daily repetitive rituals nor did he recommended Bible recitals during defecation, love making, passing gas etc. That is an ample proof that he was not a Muslim prophet.


No way could Jesus be a Muslim prophet. He was totally the opposite of Mohammed and violated the Qur’anic ayas at every step.

If at all he was Eisa of the Qur’an then he could not be a prophet but perhaps God himself since Eisa cured the sick and gave life to the dead.


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