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Is the Earth Flat and Mountains Help To Hold Firm the Earth?

”Islamic Science one to one”

In Surahh 16:15 and 31:10 of the Qur’an, it has the phrase :

Wa 'Alqá Fi Al-'Ardi Rawasiya 'An Tamida Bikum which means

Wa (And) Alqa (Drop Anchor, throw something
from above, drop something from above, throw anchor from above) Fi (on) AL (the) Ardi (Earth) (Ard means Earth in Arabic, sometimes the Qur’an pronounce it as Arda) Rawasiya (Firm Mountains/Firm Peg/Supports/Nails) An (to) Tamida (Support/Affirm/Prevent from Shaking) BiKum (with you)

In this phrase, Muhammad says that Allah drops down
from above, Mountains as Firm Pegs, Firm Supports, Nails, to Support, Affirm, Hold the Earth and Prevent it from Shaking.

Mistake 1

The word
alqa means Drop Anchors, throw something from above, drop something from above, throw anchor from above.

This word is commonly used when a ship is near a port and the sailors will alqa (Drop Anchors from above) in order to hold the ship in place and keep it from floating or sailing away.

So in Surahh 16:15 & 31:10, Muhammad says that Allah
drops down, thrown down from above , Mountains, as Firm Pegs/Firm Supports/Nails) on the Earth.

Mountains are Notdropped down from above or thtown down from above on the Earth. This is a BIG scientific mistake in the Qur’an. So far, NO Muslim translator of the Qur’an, has dared to accurately translate this word and this phrase. Because they know in their heart that if they do, people can clearly see one BIG scientific mistake in the Qur’an.

One Question to ask any Muslim : The word alqa, in Surahh 16:15 & 31:10, means Drop Anchors, Drop Anchors
from above, throw something from above, drop something from above, throw anchor from above. Check any Arabic dictionary and they will all tell you very clearly that alqa means Drop Anchors

Clearly this is a BIG scientific mistake in the Qur’an! Mountains are not dropped down from above or thrown down from above. on the Earth. If No, then the Muslim is very clearly lying!

Mistake 2

In Arabic, the word for “mountains” is Jibal (Jabal in plural) or Rawaasiya.

Rawaasiya is a synonym of Jabal. And in terms of meaning, Rawaasiya is sometimes taken to be bigger than Jabal. That explains the meaning “firm mountains”.

It is perfectly acceptable in Arabic to refer to something by referring to its function, like saying: ‘this is my office’ to refer to a laptop. This kind of expression is meant to put some emphasis on the function. In the case of the laptop you emphasise that your laptop to you is like your office. By using the word Rawaasiya, the Qur’an emphasises the functions of the mountains as anchors. It did so nine times and still modern Muslims do not seem to get it!

Rawaasiya is also a plural of “Rasiya”, which means Anchors. In other words, the Qur’an states that the earth is established on four anchors or else the earth will be shaking and quaking. The ignorance is obvious in that the Qur’an declares that the earth is flat. Even to this day some Muslim scholars in
Saudi Arabia preach that the earth is flat.

How can mountains be called Rawasiya (Firm Pegs/Nails/Firm Mountains/Firm Suuports/Nails) when mountains are themselves totally unstable and constantly subject and vulnerable to Earthquakes and Tremors and Aftershocks and Plate Movements ?

In fact, mountains are as weak as Tissue Paper!

Whoever says that mountains are Rawasiya (Firm Pegs/Nails/Firm Mountains/Firm Supports) is really a complete idiot ! Muhammad erroneously described mountains as Rawasiya (Firm pegs/Nails/Firm Mountains/Firm Supports) and this clearly indicate what a completely poor and wrong knowledge of science Muhammad had.
Mountains are Not Rawasiya as what Muhammad erroneously say, but the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of Rawasiya, then if some idiots still want to say that mountains help to "stabilise the rotation of the Earth", then simple logic and common sense tells us that planet Earth should be shaking violently and out of control all the time ! This is illogical and absurd ! And this contradicts facts and science !

Mistake 3      

Mountains (Support/Affirms/Holds the Earth) and prevent it from Shaking or Quaking.

Tamida is a verb meaning Affirm or Strengthen or Support or Prevent from Shaking (in the context of 16;15). Overall meaning, Allah created the mountains as a form to strengthen the earth, or else you will experience many quakes on earth. Also, the word Tamida is much more of an explantion of a swaying tree or building. Therefore it indirectly gives the meaning of “it will shake”. So the Qur’an declares fictitiously that
Allah has placed four anchors, which are actually mountains, to keep the Earth from swaying. Of course, this indicate very forcefully that Muhammad thought the Earth is flat.

In order to further understand what Muhammad was saying; in the 7th century AD, the
Arabian Peninsula was and still is a desert with few mountains. Arabs thought that the earth was flat and floating on the sea. What stops it from sliding away are the anchors (same as on a ship). Muhammad reiterated the thought of the Arabs that the mountains are anchors for the earth. Picture a flattened pizza doe with tooth pick inserted in to stop it from moving. Muhammed said that Allah has flattened the earth and he uses the same analogy as when you flatten a dough (flour).

For a complete exposition of the scientific mistake in Surahh
16:15, let us get a few things clear.

Mountains do NOT support the Earth ! To say that mountains support the Earth is a complete mistake and absurdity of science and logic and facts !

Many ancient men had very primitve, erroneous and absurd knowledge of science and astronomy so when they saw mountains,
they believed that mountains are very big, strong, steady, immovable objects that help to support the Earth. Muhammad was no exception.

But the truth is mountains are totally unstable and vulnerable objects that are very susceptible and vulnerable to Earthquakes. And in fact,
many mountains are themselves often formed by Earthquakes.

mountains are themselves constantly subject to the plate movements of the Earth. Mountains are totally unstable and constantly subject and constantly vulnearable to Earthquakes and the plate movements of the Earth. Also, mountains are constantly subject to tremors and aftershocks.

Not surprisingly though, you cannot find a single verse in the Qur’an that say such things. Because Muhammad never knew such things.

Mountains do NOT prevent Earthquakes and do NOT help prevent Earthquakes. In fact,
Earthquakes happen more often in mountainous places than flat places. Examples of mountainous places where Earthquakes often happen are Turkey , Iran , Peru , Japan , Taiwan etc. Mountainous places such as Japan, Taiwan, parts of China, parts of Philippines, California, Iran, Turkey etc. , not only often experience earthquakes, they are also constantly subject to tremors and aftershocks.

Mountains do NOT help balance or stabilize the rotation of the Earth! This is a complete mistake and absurdity of science and logic ! It is extremely appalling to find Muslim websites that have the audacity to say such ridiculous absurd things ! It clearly shows that their pathetic efforts to save their extremely flawed and erroneous Qur’an only makes it even more flawed and erroneous.

And what is even more appalling and idiotic is that there are actually non-Muslims who are stupid enough to say such stupid ridiculous things also. They really should go back to kindergarten !

If, as what some supposedly normal intelligent people who unfortunately choose to act and think and behave like idiots, say, that mountains help to "stablilise the rotation of the Earth, then first of all, simple logic and common sense tells us that whenever Tremors or Plate Movements or Earthquakes happen on planet Earth, especially in mountainous places, which in fact are happening all the time, many Rawasiya are being destroyed and without many of these Rawasiya, the rotation of the Earth is naturally badly affected and so the entire planet Earth should be shaking violently !

This is illogical and absurd ! And this totally contradicts facts and science !


There are son many mistakes in just one verse of the Qur’an. If you go into other parts of the Qur’an, even more mistakes will be found.

One final note:
Qur’an says Earth is FLAT.

With regards to Surahh 79:30, Muslim apologists deceiving people hinting about this verse talking about Earth being egg-shaped.

Let's expose the truth that the Qur’an in fact clearly says that the Earth is flat and it repeatedly says so in the Qur’an.

Surahh 79:30 says

Wa Al-Arda bada dhalika DaHaaHaa which means

And the Earth after that He (Allah) Spread out like a Carpet and FLATTEN it. Wa (And) AL (The) Arda (Earth) bada dhalika (after that he (Allah)) DAHAAHAA (Spread out like a carpet and Flatten)

With regards to Surahh 79:30, "
Dahaahaa " does NOT mean " shape like an egg ".

The word Dahaahaa has
absolutely nothing to do with “Egg” at all !

What Dahaahaa means is completely and totally different from “Egg” or “Egg-Shape”!
Dahaahaa means “Spread Out like a Carpet and Flatten”. In fact, Dahaahaa strongly denotes the meaning of FLAT. And Dahaahaa is a very good and strong word to use to denote the meaning of Flat.

It is extremely appalling and extremely shocking and totally disgusting that some Muslim apologists actually have the audacity to cheat non-Arabic speakers to such an extent! This is actually a major scientific mistake in the Qur’an.

The Arabic word for egg is " Baidah " and NOT " Dahiyah " . And any word in Arabic for any egg and any word in Arabic for egg-shaped must have the word Baidah in it !

The word Dahaa in Dahaahaa means Spread Out/Level/Flatten. It is the synonym of Basata which also means Spread Out/Level/Flatten. Go and check Al-Munjid or any well-respected Arabic dictionary and they will all tell you the same things.

So if concisely translated, Surahh 79:30 should read as “And the Earth after that He (Allah) Spread out like a carpet and Flattened it.”

If Surahh 79:30 had wanted to talk about the earth being shaped like an egg, it would have used the word Baidawiyah (egg-shaped). And if Surahh 79:30 wanted to say that Allah shaped the Earth like an egg or allah made the Earth egg-shaped, it would say

Wa (And) AL (The) Arda (Earth) bada dhalika (after that he (Allah)) Baidahwiyah (Egg-Shaped, Shaped like an Egg)

But Surahh 79:30 does NOT say that !

The word “Dahiyah” is a word that comes from one of the Non-Arab tribes of
North Africa . It is definitely NOT an Arabic word and not a word that comes from the Arabian Peninsula or Muhammad’s tribe.

Some Muslim apologists try to say that the word Dahaahaa can be derived from Duhiya which in turn can be derived from these words, "Al-udhy, Al-idhy, Al-udhiyya, Al-idhiyya, Al-udhuwwa".

First of all, Duhiya is NOT a root word. So Dahaahaa cannot be derived from it at all.

Check AlMunjid or Lisan al-Arab or any well-recognized Arabic dictionary and they will all tell you that "Al-udhy, Al-idhy, Al-udhiyya, Al-idhiyya, Al-udhuwwa" means the Place in sand where on ostrich lays its eggs or The place that an ostrich flattens to lay her egg.

The emphasis is not on any egg at all but on Flattening.

Due to the fact that the word conveys the meaning of “spreading, leveling, flattening, and smoothing out”, the Arabs named the place where an ostrich incubates and hatches its egg an "udhiyy". This is a hollow pit in the ground around 30 to
60 centimeters deep. The Arabic word for this shallow depression is derived from the triliteral root d-h-w – the same etymological root as the verb dahâ. The reason for this is that the ostrich spreads out and flattens this area with its legs before laying its egg in it. The ostrich uses neither a nest nor a burrow for its eggs.

From this, we must understand that the word is not used for the egg itself but rather for the flattened depression where the ostrich deposits its egg.

And so, all the possible meanings of Dahaa and Dahaahaa are as follows :

Spread out/ Level / Flatten / Spread out like a carpet and Flatten/ The Place that an ostrich Flattens to lay its egg.

Surahh 79:30 says clearly that the Earth is Flat.

The earth is flat because the Qur’an says so using all the words in the Arabic vocabulary which can possibly mean flat. Let us review the following words used by the Qur’an to describe the flatness of the earth’s surface:

1. Sutehat: If you want to describe something as flat in Arabic then there is no better way than using this word. Sateh means flat, sutehat means flattened out.

Q. 88:20 Nor even how the earth has been (sutehat) flattened out?

2. Bisata: also means flat. The Arabic word bisata means a flat sheet or a carpet.

Q. 71: 19 And God has laid the earth for you as a (bisata) carpet

3. Madda: means stretched out until the object becomes flat, like what happens when you take a ball of dough and stretch it until it becomes flat.

Q. 13:3 And He it is who hath (Madda) outstretched the earth, and placed on it the firm mountains
Q. 15:19 And the earth have WE (Madadnaha, from madda) spread out
Q. 50:6-7 What, have they not beheld heaven above them, how we have built it, and decked it out fair, and it has no cracks? And the earth -- We (Madadnaha) stretched it forth…

4. Firasha: means a mattress,‘ as flat as a mattress’.

Q. 2:22 Who made the earth a (Firasha) bed for you, and the heaven a roof
Q. 51:48 And the earth we (Farashnaha, from firasha) have spread out, and how excellently do we spread it out!

5. Mahada: means a bed, which is flat. In Arabic you can describe something flat by comparing it to a bed.

Q. 20:53 .. the One who has laid out the earth as a (Mahdan) carpet for you
Q. 43:10 …has made for you the earth (Mahdan) like a carpet spread out
Q. 78:6 Have We not made the earth as a (Mihada) bed, And the mountains as pegs

6. Tahaha: means flattened.

Q. 91:5-6 By the heaven and that which built it and by the earth and that which (Tahaha) extended it!

7. Dahaha: means flat. Etc..Etc..

In Surah
15:19 (Al-Hajar), we read: "wal'arda madadnaha wa'alkayna feeha rawasi".

The word "madadnaha" is from the verb "madda", which is a very simple and easy word to understand. Not even a little Arabic child would use this word to describe the shape of a watermelon or a ball. It is the most simple way to describe something flat.

These are the words for Roound or Rotate in Arabic.

Round : Dawrah (round;circuit, rotate), MUSTADEER (round), HAWLA (round), MUDAWWAR (rounded), YUDAWWIRU(round); DAWRAH AL-FALAK (Revolution of celstial bodies) (Falak means MOVE in Arabic); DAWWAR(Turning, Rotating); DAWWARAN(Rotation, circling); YADOORU(Rotate); YUDEERU(Rotate)

You will NEVER find a single verse in the Qur’an with the word Arda (Earth) together with any of the above words.
Because Muhammad NEVER knew that the Earth is round. On the contrary, Muhammad believed very strongly that the Earth is FLAT. Muhammad says that the Earth is Spread Out like a Carpet and Flatten and he continuously and repeatedly says so in the Qur’an.

Muhammad is a man with very erroneous knowledge of science, medicine and astronomy. That is why you find mistakes of science, medicine and astronomy all over the Qur’an.




  1. well alqa doesnot mean drop
    any langauage the one word might have
    more than one meaning
    the same when you describe a scientist that" he put the basic rules certain scentific concept "
    does here the word put means carrying and putting? of course no it means setting the rules by research .
    the same here is for the word alqa
    also in quran (GOD) says " alqa alroab in the hearts of those who donor belive"
    alroab means fear and horror
    does that mean that (GOD) throw horror and dropped from high in the hearts
    the quran stes scientific fact which later in our era proved to be true about mountains
    and if you donot belive it up to you
    at last (GOD) IN QURAN in other ours says
    " we made any living thing from water"
    and the scientific rules says "where there is water there is life"
    i think this phrase is clear and proven right

  2. your trying so hard to prove the true faith wrong. Gave me a good laugh though, then i felt sorry for you as i kept seeing your face being scorched by the hot smoke of Jahannam. May Allah show you the way.

  3. The biggest mistake in this article is that rawasiya means mountains. Rawasiya means anchors. The root of this word is used in other verse to say 'the ship's anchorage...' or 'anchored qualdrons...'.Some Arabic to English translators have translated rawasiya as mountains (which in Arabic is actually: jibaal). Some translators have also translated the word assadayna (=2 barriers) as 2 mountains in surah 18:93. How can 3 distinct words have exactly the same meaning in the same language. So there's already some interpretation going on by the translators and people that use english translations as the basis of their analysis end up with an inadequate conclusion. You're in fact approximating an approximation instead of the source itself.

  4. Thanks for share this blog about Is the Earth Flat and Mountains Drop in anchor