Monday, 13 July 2009

Does Haram/Halal (Forbidden/Permitted) Have to Do With Wrong/Just (Natural Morality)

”Not at all, in Islam, what is good is forbidden, and what is nasty…is allowed”

Haram/Halal in Islam is related to what is permitted/forbidden and has nothing to do with morality issues, with bad or wrong, with natural moral

let’s take some examples:

Homosexuality is haram, but paedophilia is halal;

Masturbations is haram, but to kill a non-Muslims is halal;

To drink some wine is haram (although in paradise there are rivers of wine (Surah 83:22), but to stone is halal;

For women, to show their hairs is haram, but for her husband to beat her is halal.

Sex for two consenting adults is haram but to rape a captured girl (marriage is annulled as soon as she is captured) is halal...

more to add?...


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