Monday, 3 August 2009

Allah choose an Unlettered Prophet to give Humanity Classes in Biology

”Qur’an Contradictions”

Let’s go back to the claims of the Qur’an, and scrutinize closely some of the key pillars upon which the entire book rests.

The Qur’an insists in dozens of verses that God is the author of “The Holy Book of Islam”. It points it out in S 43:85; 43:1-5; 41:3; 96:1-5.

Allah forgot that he is dealing with an illiterate prophet. In order for Muhammad to read to his followers the will of Allah, he first had to master the use of the pen, write and then read.

Unfortunately Muhammad was too busy collecting wives, waging wars, and dispensing (brutal) “justice”, and all these preoccupations forced him to disregard the very first instruction he received from God, and he died without leaving behind a single manuscript with his own handwriting. What did Allah say also in the first revelation?

“… created man of a clot… ” Didn’t he claim also in the same Book that he created man from a germ? “

Confound man! From what did Allah create him?

From a little germ He created him and proportioned Him.” 80:19-20

Didn’t Allah insist in another verse that “…
He created man from dust? “30:19.

In another verse Allah created man from a sperm, and since Muhammad was never a biologist, he failed to indicate whose sperm was used to create the first man. To justify the confusion of The Creator, his servant Muhammad conspired with Jibril to cover the entire fiasco with the following verse:

Men if you doubt the Resurrection remember that We first created you from dust, then from a sperm, then from a clot of blood, then from a half-formed lump of flesh, so that We might manifest to you Our power.”  22:5.



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