Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Islamic Propaganda on Women

Women are treated with equality in Islam and Muhammad honoured all wifes and all his marriages were because of «state affairs»?

The best proof of Islamc propaganda while talking about women while telling you that Islam honours women, that Muhammad treated them gently and that all his marriages were just because he was as well a political leader is this:

When Muhammad married the child 'Aisha, this was not an act of honour toward her childhood. When Muhammad married Zaynab, the wife of his adopted son, after seeing her naked and desiring her, this was not an act of honour toward married women. When Muhammad married the Jewish woman Safiya, upon his return from a raid in which he killed her father, brother, and husband, this was not an act of honour toward her. The same goes for all his marriages."

"Muhammad said in a hadith: 'Three things spoil one's prayer: a woman, a black dog, and a donkey.' Do they ever give this any thought? Do they realize that Allah chose the female body for his greatest invention - creation itself? Wouldn't it be moral to bestow upon the female body a certain holiness, instead of viewing it as impure?" [...]

"Islamic faith was created to serve Muhammad, and to legitimize his desires and urges. As evidence, we have 'Aisha's words:

'I see that your Lord hastens to satisfy your desires.'

These words, which she said with innocence and spontaneity, embody the goal for which the Islamic faith was formed.

"Islam allowed men to marry infants in order to justify Muhammad's marriage to 'Aisha. Islam forbade adoption in order to justify Muhammad's marriage to the wife of his adopted son - a thing forbidden by the pre-Islamic moral values of the Arabs. Islam permitted taking women captive and violating their honor in order to justify Muhammad's marriage to Safiya, after killing her husband, her father, and her brother that same night. Can you imagine any woman on the face of this earth witnessing with her own eyes the killing of her husband, her father, and her brother, and accepting the religion of their killer on the spot, and sleeping with him?! Can the human mind possibly accept such a story?"



  1. You are blind in hate against Islam and creating lies against it,for sure you're not the first nor you will be the last,Islam is not nor ever will affected by what lies you create against Islam.

  2. the way you reply shows that you have no arguments except attacks "ad hominem", and logic teaches us that this happens when there are no other ways to reply to an issue
    thanks for showing your level