Monday, 3 August 2009

A Gross Contradiction in Lot’s Story:

”Qur’anic Contradictions”

There are some problems with the Qur’anic’s narration of Lot and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

According to certain Surahhs all of Lot’s family was saved with the exception of an unnamed elderly woman:

The people of Lut rejected (his) warning. We sent against them a violent Tornado (which destroyed them), except Lut's household: them We delivered by early Dawn” 54:33-34.

So We delivered him and his family, - ALL Except an old woman. 26:170-171

Behold, We delivered him and his family, ALL Except an old woman 37:134-135.

If this weren’t confusing enough the Qur’an goes on to say that Lot’s wife lagged behind and perished:

Fear thou not, we are (here) to save thee and thy family, except thy wife. S. 29:32-33.

“But we saved him and his family, except his wife. S. 7:83

“…and let not any of you look back: but thy wife (will remain behind): To her will happen what happens to the people. 11:81.
“- Except his wife, who, We have ascertained, will be among those who will lag behind” 15:59-60

With that in mind we want to know what exactly happened.

1) Did A save Lot’s entire household?
2) Who was this old woman that perished?
3) Was she from his household?
4) If so who was she Lot’s sister, aunt, mother, grandmother etc.?
5) Was this old woman Lot’s wife?
6) Or did two women perish, e.g. this old woman and Lot’s wife?
7) Moreover, if Lot’s wife perished then how can the Qur’an claim that Allah saved his entire household?

There are, in the pr
esent Qur’anic text, various translations and commentaries to substantiate our position:

So We delivered him and his people (ahl) ALL TOGETHER Q. 26:170, Arberry

It seems that some Muslims were aware of the dilemma and decided to therefore translate the Arabic term ahl as followers as opposed to family or household. But this simply introduces another problem, this time with the Bible text which says that the only persons whom God rescued were Lot and his two daughters (cf. Gen 19:1-38)


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