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Addendum to: “Crucifixion and mutilation in the Qur’an? “

Don’t forget Surah 5:33, when Muslims cite 5:32 as for showing how merciful Islam is….

Applicationto today

This article published by the journal al-Tawhid (Oneness or Unity) in Qum, Iran, the seat of learning for Shi’ites, uses Sura 5:33 and defines the crimes broadly, as follows: 

- prostitution and the disintegration of family relationships; 
narcotics and the disintegration of individual's rational personality; 
colonialism and the undermining of peoples' dignity and plundering of their resources; 
racism and the disintegration of human brotherhood;
violation of all recognized rights and the breaking of covenants: 
bombardment of populated areas, use of chemical weapons. attacks on civil aviation, national railways, commercial and tourist vessels, and similar methods which are universally condemned in war. 

This broad description of crimes opens the door to all manner of justifications of applying the punishments in Sura 5:33. Should such a criminal have his alternate hand and foot cut off for selling drugs or pimping or racism? Should he be crucified? Rather than questioning this verse, the author of the article and many in the Islamic world seem to accept it ascoming from Allah and matter-of-factly interpret it for society today. 

However, sharia is not a benefit to society, for it contains too many harsh rules and punishments. One of the most tragic and under-reported occurrences in the West in recent years is the existence of a sharia court 
in Canada. Muslims are pushing for a sharia divorce court in Australia, aswell. Having a court of arbitration if it is based on western law and legal theory is legitimate, but sharia does not hold to this standard. So Canada should promptly shut down any sharia court, and Australia should never allow one. Fortunately, the province of Quebec, Canada,rejected a sharia court. This is the right policy and direction. Such a court should never be permitted in the US, Europe,and elsewhere around the world. Sharia ultimately degrades society and diminishes freedom. 

The violent radicals who are now slithering around the world would gladly impose their Qur’an’s and the hadith’s severe law on non-Muslim nations, if the radicals could ever conquer them by force or by 
gradual means. If the terrorists do not hesitate to cut off heads, why would they not mutilate the hands and feet of highway robbers in order to make society pure and holy before Allah, who gave this rule in the first place? The war on terror must continue, in order to preserve western civilization and an assortment of nonw estern nations struggling with Islam. 

We on the outside of Islam are allowed to ask: Does the Qur’an offer better guidance for society than the New Testament does? Does Muhammad improve on the teaching and deeds of Jesus? Indeed, would God send Gabriel down to inspire Sura 5:33? 

Given the hard evidence, Bible-educated Christians realize that the true God would not send down such an extreme verse in the newer a of salvation which Jesus ushered in. They realize that the Qur’an is empirically and factually worse than the New Testament. 

Jesus Christ came with good news and the love of God. As the eternal Son of God, he sent the Holy Spirit to transform people from the inside out. Being only a human messenger (Sura 3:144), Muhammad came with crucifixion and mutilation. Christianity advances society forward. Islam drags society backwards. 

Jesus saves sinners and criminals by his ownc rucifixion. Muhammad killed sinners and criminals by his legalized, punitivec rucifixion. 

Jesus saves. Muhammad killed. 

Supplementary material: 

In 2002,in Iran,a man was sentenced to have his 
right hand and left foot amputated for theft with special circumstances. 
In 2003,in Sudan
a  sixteen-year-old boy has beensentenced to have his right hand and left foot amputated for highway robbery. 
This news bulletin announces the publication of a book that tracks the spread of extreme sharia throughout the world. Amputation and crucifixion are included on the list. 
This short article sketches out beheadings in the Qur’an and in early Islam. The author denounces Muslim clerics in the US who deny its practice by Muhammad and his earliest followers. 
This report outlines Nigeria's troubled history with Islamic law. 



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