Monday, 20 April 2009

Did Allah Already Decide Who Will Go to Hell and Who Not?

”More inconstancies from Allah:I’ts not your fault if you are an infidel!”

Q 10:99-100: “And if thy Lord willed, all who are in the earth would have believed together. Wouldst thou (Muhammad) compel men until they are believers? No soul can believe, except by the will of Allah, and He will place doubt (or obscurity) on those who will not understand.”

Allah even boasts that he could have made everyone a believer, but instead will fill hell with humans and spirit beings:

If thy Lord had so willed, He could have made mankind one people, ‘I will fill Hell with jinns and men all together.’” (Q 11:118-119).

This put the unbeliever in the position of being a victim of Allah’s decision not to make him a believer – a decision over which the unbeliever has no control, but for which he will suffer.

Moreover, if you are destined (by Allah), to stay, or to become an unbeliever, a kuffar, an apostate, then why should Muslims compel kufars and subjugate and kill apostates? It seems that following 10:99-100, Allah is rebuking Muhammad to impose his will!


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