Sunday, 19 April 2009

Is the Indiscriminate Killing of Non-Muslims Permitted by Islam?

The deliberate killing without first asking for their conversion is NOT permitted. If they “mock” Muhammad or Islam or as collateral damage is permitted (ex: 9/11)

To start with, Islam does allow the murder of civilians.Perhaps in Islam’s view they are not "innocents"? Here are some examples of the civilians that Muhammad and the early Muslims had murdered

1) The murder of Asma bint Marwan
The murder of a slave woman who criticized Muhammad
The order to murder an apostate – Ibn Sarh
The order to murder slave girls who mocked Muhammad years earlier
The murder of a 120 year old Jewish man AbuAfak

The Quran does command the killing of pagans not willing to embrace Islam

6) The command to kill pagans – Sura 9:5

Muhammad’s closest friends murdered apostates

7) Ali’s killing of the Christians

I could go on. Osama bin Laden (OBL) has 
abundant historical and textual support to teach that Islam commands the killing of certain civiliansMuhammad did it, the "Righteously Guided" Caliphs did it, and respected Muslim scholars have sanctioned it ever since. The Islamic teachings that allow these murders are theological, and are to be applied in a social, and political, context. Islamis after all both a spiritual and political religion; there is no separation of church and state in IslamIslam allows the murder of civilians who oppose Islam be it by voice only

However, OBL does 
NOT have the historical and textual support to teach that Islam commands the indiscriminate killing of any non-Muslim civilians or of Muslims who disagree with him. That is where he has failed and transgressed the Islamic limitations. In that light many Muslims have been repulsed by OBL’s excesses and are now turning against him. (Since there is a dark and violent, element inherent in Islam, it is to be expected that once the blood letting gets started it will transgress Muhammad’s rules: the spirit of murder knows few man-made bounds). 

Islamic teaching prohibits the deliberate targeting of women and children but allowst heir deaths as collateral damage. What the Muslims did in Beslan would not be acceptedby Muhammad, but he would bless and sanction the 9/11 attack. Muhammad destroyed his enemies financial strength during his conquests. He killed or massacred males from puberty on up, but he enslaved women and children. 

The attempts to re-interpret and modernize Islam have existed, and failed, for hundreds of years. It is not surprising to find Muslims wishing to soften Islam’s harsh and brutal edicts. However, the four major schools (madhad) of Islam, Hanifi, al-Shafi’i, Maliki, and Hanbali, have 
closed the doors of ijtihad and they are not re-opening them. Read about it in more detail
here. Muslims make up about one-fifth of the world's population, but in the 1990s they have been far more involved in inter-group violence than the people of any other civilization. The evidence is overwhelming: 

There were, in short, three times as many inter-civilizational conflicts involving Muslims as there were between non-Muslim civilizations. 

...Muslim states also have had a high propensity to resort to violence ini nternational crises, employing it to resolve 76 crises out of a total of 142 in which they were involved between 1928 and 1979...When they did use violence, Muslim states used high-intensity violence, resorting to full-scale war in 41 percent of the casesw here violence was used and engaging in major clashes in another 39 percent ofthe cases. While Muslim states resorted to violence in 53.5 percent, violenc ewas used the United Kingdom in only 1.5 percent, by the United States in 17.9 percent, and by the Soviet Union in 28.5 percent of the crises in which they were involved...Muslim bellicosity and violence are late-twentieth-century facts which neither Muslims nor non-Muslims can deny.



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