Tuesday, 7 April 2009

About the Bible being corrupted?

A brief introduction, and what says the Qur’an…

I’ve been recently told by a Muslim:

 “No serious scientist of our days believes that Bible has any legitimacy to be claimed it’s an unchanged word (if any) of those Prophets mentioned in the Bible. Yet, I do no intend to offend practicing and faithful Christians and Jews who believe in God and praise Him, the Almighty, day and night. Peace and blessing be with them!”

My reply: >> there is not an historical book that has been more analyzed than the Bible. The Documentary Hypothesis is (as the word says)…is an hypothesis.. In the Western and Christian world you can talk about anything, not so in the Islamic one, it seems. It doesn’t seem to me that in any Islamic University there is a professorship that investigates the origin(s) of the Qur’an. Not even in the jubilated al-Azhar, where they prefer to “seriously investigate problems as “the nature of hermaphrodites and what part of heritage the hermaphrodites have to get: the one of a woman-or the one of a man”. Or issues about Breast-Feeding of Man!! They cannot, because it would undermine the notion that the Qur’an was never tampered. Here you can find some excellent articles about “Textual Criticism and the Qur'an” (actually only made by Western Orientalists (mainly four Germans and two English scholars), because in the Islamic world something like that would be blasphemous. The examination of the Qura’nic text has neither been an easy, nor a safe one for non-Muslims - neither have Muslims ever endeavour to formulate a critical text themselves. Here an example

To know what the Qur’an says about the Bible being corrupted: please go to the following link:


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