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Did Muhammad ever drink Alcohol?

Alcohol in Islam: A Lie Exposed: The Qur’an doesn’t prohibit Liquor 

When we look at Islam, We find that liquors are banned and prohibited; even harsh punishment awaits those who drink. However, when you ponder on Islam and investigate it from its core, you will find the un-expected. We shall prove that the Qur’an doesn’t prohibit liquor and thatMuhammad did drink liquor

Let Us first examine the Qur’anic verses that are supposed to ban alcoholic drinks, and we shall refute them: 

Qur’an 2:219 ''They ask you concerning alcoholic drinks and Games of Chance, Say: In them are harm and goods for men, but their harm exceeds their good effects.'' 

It only says that there is harm in alcoholic drinks, and if you drink too much,I  agree that it will harm you, but it doesn’t prohibit it here. 

Qur’an 4:43''Do not approach prayers while you are drunk'' 

It says not to pray while you are drunk, which is a good idea. 

Qur’an 5:90 ''O ye who believe! Intoxicants and gambling, (dedication of) stones, and (divination by) arrows, are an abomination, - of Satan's handwork: so avoid it that you may prosper''

Notice, God says here to avoid alcohol so that you may prosper
, He doesn’t say do not drink at all. The verses are only saying that alcohol has bad effects and good effects, but best is to avoid it. 

Does the Qur’an speak good of alcohol? 

Yes it does: here a verse concerning it. Let us read the verses in context: 

''And most surely there is a lesson for you in the cattle; we give you to drink of what is in their bellies -- from betwixt the feces and the blood -- pure milk, easy and agreeable to swallow for those who drink.” 

Notice it talks of drinks here, keep in mind that 
the context of the verse is about drinks

16:67 ''And of the fruits of the date-palms and the grapes, you obtain Alcoholic drinks and goods. Verily in that is a Sign for a people who use their understanding.'' 

Notice that the verse here tells us that God bestowed upon us grapes and dates so that we can take alcoholic drinks from them, thus God is encouraging us tomake alcoholic drinks here. Also it says that from date palms and grapes, we make alcoholic drinks and goodly provision. In Arabic the sentences says:
' 'Tatakhedoon menha sokran wa rezkan hasanan’’, in this context, goods also refers to alcoholic drinks. 

Muhammad: Has he ever drunk alcohol? 

There are tens of ahadiths proving that Muhammad drank alcoholic drinks. Here some examples. 

Muslim-3753: ''We were with the Prophet of Allah, and He was thirsty, and a man said: O prophet of Allah, Do you want to drink wine? Prophet of Allah said: Yes.The Man went to get the wine. The Prophet of Allah said: Make it Intoxicated. And He (Muhamad) Drank.” 

The Arabic word used is Nabeed which means wine, it can be free from intoxication, however in that hadith 
the prophet insisted that it must be intoxicated, isn’t that fascinating

Muslim-3721 ''The Prophet of Allah used to pour alcoholic drinks in a Bowel of Stone'' 

Seems he used to make his special kind of alcoholic drinks. 

There are many incidents, such as Aisha pours wine for the prophet of Allah in morning and at night (Muslim-Drinks-3745). Also Aisha brought wine tothe Prophet from inside the Mosque (Muslim-AlHayd-451)

Muslim apologetics would argue that Nabeed isn’t always referring to an intoxicated drink; however, we have seen that in the first Hadith, 
Muhammad asked that it to be intoxicated. In the last hadith posted, the exact word is ''Khamra'' which means alcohol. Apologetics might say no it means a cover letor veil, but the word they are referring to is ''Khimar'', and the word used inthe Hadith is ''Khamra'', please ask any Arab what does ''Khamra'' mean, and you will see. 

Angels are Drunk also in Islam 

There is a story that Angels were asking a woman questions, and she wouldn’t answer them unless they got drunk and they drankand got drunk, and became confused and killed a child. (Musnad Ahmad- Musnad almukathareen-5902) 

Even the angels of Allah get drunk, so who is left? 

Companions of Muhamad drank alcohol 

Hamzah drank alcohol and Muhammad was scared of himwhen Hamzah was drunk because he becomes mad. Probably that is one of the reasons Muhammad discouraged drinking alcohol. (Bukhari-V,4-B,53-324) 

Anas Bin Malek used to serve alcoholic drinks. (Muslim: 23.4884, 4886) 

Mujahedeen drank alcohol in the Battle of Uhud. Interesting. (Bukhari-V4, B52, Nr 70) 

Caliphs who drank Alcohol

We know that Al-Rashid and Al-Mamun drank alcohol and there are other Caliphs who are known for their addiction to alcohol, hereis a list: 

Yazid I (680-683): he was Muawiyah’s son. He drank daily and won the titleYazid al-Khumur, the Yazid of wines. 
Abd al-Malik (685-705): he drank once a month; but drank so heavily tha the had to use ant-vomiting medicine to pacify his drinking bout. 
Al-Walid I (705-715): he drank every other day. 
Hisham ((724-743): He drank every Friday after the divine service. 
Al-Walid II (743-744): Yazid II’s son. He would swim habitually in a pool of wine of which he would gulp enough to lower the surface appreciably. Healso shot the Qur’an to pieces with his bow and arrow. 
Source: (History of the Arabs; Philip K. Hitti, ch. xxvi, p.337) (Foot note 5: Mishkah, vol. ii, pp.172-3; ibn Hanbal, Musnad (Cairo, 1313), vol.i, pp. 240,287, 320; Bukhari, vol. vi, p.232)

We see that alcohol was drank by the Prophet, and encouraged to be made by the Qur’an. We see famous companions drinking and serving alcohol. We saw that Angels in Islam became drunk and that Mujahedeen were drinking alcohol in the Battle of Uhud. Yet we see no verse from theQur’an banning alcohol completelyWe do find banning of alcohols in Hadiths, but Hadiths are not more reliable then Qur’an, they came way after the Qur’an, Muslims probably banned it by forging hadiths and attributing them to Muhammad since they saw what their Caliphs have done when they were drunk. However, we see that Muhammad did drink and the Qur’an nowhere bans alcohol, on the contrary, it calls it good and encourages us to make it. Alcohol may be condemned by scholars of Islam today; of course they will reject the fact that their prophet drank alcohol because that will portray him as a drunkard. We don’t see what Muslims have to say about alcohol, we go to the core of Islam and that is the Qur’an and Muhammad. 

If you find a Hadith that portrays Muhammad as a bad person, then it is authentic since Muslims won’t create something bad about their Prophet. If you find Hadiths that portray Muhammad as a good person (which totally contradicts the earliest sirahs), then they may have made it up just to make their prophet look better. 

So Hadiths that portray Muhammad as a drunkard, then these are true, since Muslims won’t lie about their Prophet. However, when they say He banned alcohol, then there are doubts that these Hadiths are authentic because they might want to make their prophet look good, and hide the true face of Muhammad, and that is a drunkard



  1. oh no wait this site is completely biased and full of hate.

  2. The text is full with mistakes and biased and base on bad translation.

    For example:

    The writer mentioned
    " Qur’an 4:43''Do not approach prayers while you are drunk''."

    Allah (God) sent Qur’an verses to prophet Muhammad discretely through 23 years, i.e. not as one book like others books.

    when this verse was sent to prophet Muhammad by God, Alcohol had not been banned in that time by God.

    There are really a lot of biased in this article.
    please if you want to understand visit these sites:

    Alaa ali,

    1. Did your all knowing god take 23 years to decide that alcohol should be banned

    2. our one & only Creator knows best about His creation - Humans - who are weak in control - it is easier to stop something gradually than suddenly - dont we all wean our children and ourselves from things such as liquid food and other medicines - so our 'ALL KNOWING GOD' knows best how many years are required

    3. pretty convenient for then isnt it? why not allow humans to gradually stop murdering? instead of chopping heads off?

  3. the verses here have been translated wrongly & quoted out of context. people should be aware that the holy quran cannot be translated with the perfect meaning. to understand holy quran pls learn arabic & do not follow the misguidance of certain people who are hell bent of maligning islam.

    1. allah speaks all languages and can guide the translations to be holy, and even more holy than the arabic version. to insinuate otherwise is to put limits on Allah.

    2. What a crap you muslims are? Whenever you want to run away you say please learn Arabic because your allah, his book and his followers are arabic. OK. Let me cut your Allah out. So Arabic is the divine language of Allah and you are proud of it. If Arabic is really a divine language then your Allah has failed to understand the facts of languages. In my language let me tell you the meaning of Quran and its Sura. Qu means very bad, gangsters, criminals and bloody people. Ran means The land and Sura means knife, sword a substance like it. So lets combine it and see what Allah has failed to understand. So Quran and Sura means The land of gangsters, criminals and bloody people who use knife, sword a substance like it to achieve their goal. So your Allah is nothing but an idiot who have screwed his own divine language. If your argument is go and read Arabic then my argument is go and read Marathi which is an Indian language but it tells you the real meaning Arabic words. Isnt that great? and Allah hardly knows about it.

    3. U want us to take d meanings of an arabic word from another langugae.. example bhagwaan means bhag means runn waan mean watever it meant.. dat overall means runwaan.?? Lol

  4. everytime that Muslim don't like it, they come out with the same logical mistakes, that are:
    a) Arabic is not translatable
    b) you take of of the contex

    However: if it was the final message from God, I want to know if Allah was so dumb to let it write down in such an archaic and difficult language

    I agree this book is like no other. No editor would dare to print such a book, with no logical line behind it, witha an arrangement that is incomprehensible!

    Last but not least...Muslims are masters in taking out of suffices to read some fatwas or to show you how they misquote and take out of this (about 2:256...that everyone takes as freedom of faith in is actually the opposite...

    Take care and God bless you

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    2. Actually context and Arabic is just a made Al-Quran everything is straightforward.but to stay safe and make happy others is it pick by muslim as a Quran jihad is jihad.

  5. I gree that muslims take things out of context

  6. i dont understand what is the reason of writing all this stuff. Religons are for people. every religion is equal. humaity is at the top. then what left?

  7. YAWN! See you in the afterlife mate where your lies will be exposed!

  8. 5:90-91

    Chapter no.5 verse 90 to 91.

    O you who have believed, indeed, intoxicants, gambling,
    [sacrificing on] stone alters [to other than Allah], and divining
    arrows are but defilement from the work of Satan, so avoid
    it that you may be successful.


    May Subana Wata Allah's curse be upon those who spread falsehood knowingly.

    May Allah guide those who have left the fold of Islam out of ignorance.


  9. Yusuf Ali
    Allah disdains not to use the similitude of things, lowest as well as highest. Those who believe know that it is truth from their Lord; but those who reject Faith say: "What means Allah by this similitude?" By it He causes many to stray, and many He leads into the right path; but He causes not to stray, except those who forsake (the path),-

  10. Allah disdains not to use the similitude of things, lowest as well as highest. Those who believe know that it is truth from their Lord; but those who reject Faith say: "What means Allah by this similitude?" By it He causes many to stray, and many He leads into the right path; but He causes not to stray, except those who forsake (the path),-

  11. Thank you for giving the picture of truth. People are not open minded enough now but they will be in the future!

    1. I agree. It is ok to drink in Islam. They all drink, but lie about doing so. Let's be open and honest about it.

  12. Aala Ali, so when the passage was sent by God, in that time he had not banned alcohol, but later He did ban it? So is this the only time when Allah changed His mind about what was right and what was wrong?

  13. Another great example of the filthy lies of trinatarian to malign,misquote and mistranslating it to suit they own agenda!!!!As usual Nothing much expected from them:-)

    Here is the hadiths that clearly forbid alcohol

    Sahih Muslim, Book 23, Number 4956: “‘A’isha reported: Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) was asked about Bit, whereupon he said:[b] Every drink that causes intoxication is forbidden .”[/b]

    Same narration in another hadiths

    Sahih Muslim, Book 23, Number 4966: “Nafi’ reported Ibn ‘Umar as saying: I do not know this but from Allah’s Apostle (may peace be upon him) who said: [b]Every intoxicant is Khamr and every Khamr is forbidden.”[/b]

    One brother had exposed you deplorable relates to quranic verses. let me deal with just remaining last hadiths thus it puncture the whole articles.Hadiths you present is also Mistranslated

    Narrated by Gaber bin Abdullah:
    We were with the messenger of Allah, PBUH and he asked for a drink. One of his men said: "Oh Messenger of Allah, Can we offer you wine to drink?" He said Yes. He (Gaber) went out looking for the drink and came back with a cup of wine. The messenger (Peace Be Upon him) asked, [b]"Have you covered it with a twig in a transverse manner[/b]" He (Gaber) said, "Yes" and he (Muhammad) drank. Sahih Muslim - Hadith #3753


    It should be borne in mind that the Prophet didn't drink it when it was fermented. He drank it when it was unfermented. A scholar writing on a related hadith:

    عصير العنب الذي لم يصل إلى حد الإسكار
    "Grape juice, which had not reached the level of causing intoxication." (Sheikh Abdul 'Azeez Bin Abdullah Al-Raajhi - Commentary Of Sahih Muslim - Source).

    "This gives us an idea of the utmost care which the Holy Prophet (may peace be upon him) observed in the use of Nabidh. He continued using it until there appeared signs of fermentation in it. He discarded its use much before the time when there could be any possibility of any change in its smell and taste. He, therefore, used it only for two days and a half and in case it had no smell or colour of fermentation in it, he gave it to the servant to drink." (Commentary Of: Sahih Muslim, Book 23, Number 4971 - Abdul Hamid Siddiqi's Commentary - Dar Al Arabia - Volume 3 - Chapter DCCCXXXVIII - Footnote 2418 - Page 1110).

    He also prepared the drink in waterskins, to slow down the process of fermentation:

    "The Holy Prophet (may peace up upon him) had been particular about it. He preferred to get his Nabidh prepared in the waterskin, as due to coolness, it takes a longer time to turn intoxicant." (Commentary Of: Sahih Muslim, Book 23, Number 4972 - cited in: Ibid - Footnote 2419 - Page 1110).

    Sahih Muslim, Book 23, Number 4943:
    "'Uqba b. Huraith said: I heard Ibn 'Umar saying: The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) forbade (the preparation of Nabidh) in a green pitcher (besmeared with pitch), in varnished jar, and in gourd, and he said: Prepare Nabidh in small waterskins."

    Hence conclusion is drawn here any type of intoxication is forbidden in Islam and filthy trinatarian shell out the chisel and proved biggest liars

    For More you can go refer here →

  14. a)if you start your comment by insulting people, this lowers the level of the discussion, and it says much more about you than about the persons you are insulting.

    b)if you had read the appendix carefully you would not have written all this long post, because it would have disrupted all your logic behind

    c) your argument only shows -at best- how contradicting the hadiths (and the qur'an) are and how in islam you can say one thing and the opposite and not be wrong or right at the same time.

    d) if you cannot concentrate for ten minutes and read carefully the post, and understand the argument behind, so please avoid waisting your and -especially- our time


  15. Hilarious XD It's just like what a friend told me .

    "You must grab every donkey by the ear and shout ( There are kinds of wine ! A kind that kills conscious and a kind that doesn't ! The prophet drank the type that doesn't ! ) And if you go and come back the next day , you'll find them talking in the same thing . So here's my advice to you . God didn't create donkeys so that we educate them . He made them so that we ride them"

    Now , before you go and say how rude and disrespectful the Muslim was and call me a terrorist , look at your own disrespectful posts . Look at your own shameless acts of lying and deceiving .

    And here's an advice from me . If you're really looking for truth and not just spreading doubts while cowardly hiding behind your screen , then go to the people of Islam and prove them wrong . But with making a tiny blog like this , you're like a guy shouting for a fight while he's in his bedroom and none can hear him . Get out of your lala world . And bring forth your proof if you're speaking the truth , Christian .

  16. Well it's hard for me to judge which part is true and which is not. But I find the story most fascinating. In other stories I read that alcohol - although disencouraged - is never mentioned as 'haram' in the Koran.
    We are thinking of making a story on alcohol in Islam on Lords of the Drinks ( too. But we're still doing more research. Thanks a lot for the inspiration and all of you good luck with the Ramadan!

  17. Almost 22 years (from muhammad become a prophet), the ethanol drink is permisible in islam. Then, not long after Suhail bin badha pass away [After tabuk war, 9 H], Muhammad forbid ethanol drink. See Musnad Ahmad no, 12897 (suhail bin Yunus - Hammad (Ibnu Zaid) - Tsabit - Anas)

  18. Well, since Muhammed did not compose the quran or the hadits, any discussion would be void

  19. Completely bad interpretation of the Quran and hadith.......If you say that the alcohol drinking is the act of Satan, and Satan is the worn enemy of God don't you think that its enough and more way to say the alcohol is forbidden. The Quran always speaking to those with knowledge and wisdom.

    1. except if the Qur'an is Satan's word by himself (as it is)

  20. Like all things we must look at the example of the holy Prophet of Islam Muhammad (SAW). If he had sex with more than twice the number of wives he allowed his followers to have, then it's reasonable to assume alcohol for Muslims is haram but not for the holy prophet who was a real party animal.

  21. ISLAM - I am Slave of Life-Threatening Allah by Muhammad. So use Taqiyaa, rape women, have sex with a child of 9 and if you even think if leaving ISLAM we will kill you

    1. Who had sex wid a nine year old ?? Lol get ur facts ryt

    2. Islamic Original Manuscripts tell us...
      learn your own "religion" right before will avoid us wastin time

  22. leave the prophet and the Quran alone, and go find a way to become immortale.

  23. This is one of the easiest things to do. Just blame someone or a belief. Then it becomes the headache of the person or institution on whom the blame is, to prove 'not guilty'!

    It doesnt matter what Islam has got to say with regard to alcohol. If you want to drink just go ahead. One does not need the quran to tell you whether Alcohol is good or bad.

    Just use your brains; that is if one has a sensible one. Why would someone want to go around hurting the religious sentiments of others be it Muslim, Christian, Hindus or Jews. Everyone has got a free will. Drink or dont drink.. totally up to you.

  24. Is this outdated?

  25. Before we expand to the contradictions of the Hadiths ( which were man written and written after the death of Mohamed);which have no connection to God yet are believed by millions.
    Basically Islam is man made ; and Mecca never existed during the time of Abraham and his son so they never visited anywhere near Mecca ; yet millions worship this site and the pagan black rock as a place of God . God forbid. No mention of Mecca from the Prophets in the Bible ; so if Muslims got this wrong then their whole religion is a born again Christian movement ( thanks to Nestoras) with Arabic influence . Save their souls for being blind

    1. Now this is really easy. Just say these didn't exist, that was not there, this didn't happen. I sometimes wonder with all these scientific advancement and intellectual reasoning's we still have gone to those wild days of ignorance.

      For once, please, just look up your facts. This is a request.

  26. And yet science has proven that drinking alcohol, like red and white wines,in moderation has many health benefits. Many can drink a little and not get addicted or drunk. Plus clean fresh water wasn't common back then. Alcoholic beverages were one way of dealing with it besides juices and milk.

  27. Tom

    You hit the nail on the head.

    Regards Islamic Athiest

  28. Who cares?
    God doesn't exist.

  29. I am interested in the Hadith Muslim 3753 and alcohol

    The Hadith of Muslim online show that verse to be something else completely ( business ).

    The wikipedia entry about Mohammed and alcohol has been heavily redacted but 3753 now points to a site under construction.

    A copy of the 3753 verse would be very good.