Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Does Allah need people to tell him what to do, otherwise he’s helpless?

An interesting hadith shows how “human” Allah is …

Sorry for being somehow not very kind to Muslims, but this is a MUST READ!

Bukhari 2.17.134 (Link) tells us that at one time, it had not been raining for a long time. So, Medinan Muslims went to Muhammad, asking him to intercede and to pray to Allah, in order to have the drought stopped. This all happened on a Friday.

It rained for the whole week, till next Friday, so, after the Friday’s prayer all Muslims went back to Muhammad complaining that some houses had collapsed for the heavy rain, and that a lot of roads were inundated, with Medina cut off from the rest. So Muhammad prayed to Allah, to let the rain be stopped over Median. And it stopped, just over Medina, while the rain continued outside of the town.

What is hilarious about this story, is that Allah doesn’t know when to stop the rain. Instead of helping them, he causes damages. What did Allah think while he was letting the rain going on? It seems that Allah needs Muhammad to let the rain stop. Either Allah didn’t care, or he didn’t know what to do, till Muhammad intervened. Did he want to convey a message? What kind of message? Someone has a clue? Is he somehow:
- simple-minded?
- sadistic?
- Not all-knowing (al-aleem)?

Ok, ok, relax…..I know the typical Muslim answer….”he knows best”…so please, continue holding switched off your mind, you don’t need to think if you are a Muslim..

Here the text:
Narrated Anas:  Allah's Apostle I was delivering the Khutba (sermon) on a Friday when the people stood up, shouted and said, "O Allah's Apostle! There is no rain (drought), the trees have dried and the livestock are destroyed; Please pray to Allah for rain." So Allah's Apostle said twice, "O Allah! Bless us with rain." By Allah, there was no trace of cloud in the sky and suddenly the sky became overcast with clouds and it started raining. The Prophet came down the pulpit and offered the prayer. When he came back from the prayer (to his house) it was raining and it rained continuously till the next Friday. When the Prophet started delivering the Friday Khutba (sermon), the people started shouting and said to him, "The houses have collapsed and the roads are cut off; so please pray to Allah to withhold the rain." So the Prophet smiled and said, "O Allah! Round about us and not on us." So the sky became clear over Medina but it kept on raining over the outskirts (of Medina) and not a single drop of rain fell over Median. I looked towards the sky which was as bright and clear as a crown. Bukhari Volume 2, Book 17, Number 134:


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