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How do Muslims reply, when confronted to the cognitive dissonance related to a 57 year old man (Muhammad) having sexual intercourse with a nine young

Here you have some apologetics…                                 

Some answers to recurrent “smokescreens” and replies by Muslims:

1) Muslims: “at that time girls had earlier menses”. REPLY: there could be isolated situation, with very young girls attaining menses (that’s not the case of Aisha, as we have sees).. However, there is no scientific proof that 1400 years ago, generally, girls that at that time were nine years old, would be different from the one that live today.
Muslims: “paedophilia” was normal at that time! REPLY: if we follow this reasoning, then, if cannibals say that eating other people is ok, does this make cannibalism acceptable? Muslims:” morality depends form the culture of that time” REPLY: but then, why did Muhammad condemn the Arab culture of that time? If what you say is true, then why do you condemn Western culture? This switch from moral absolutism to moral relativism is unacceptable.

1)      Muslims: Aisha was offered by Abu Bakr, because he knew better if she was “fine for” having sexual intercourse! REPLY: actually, the opposite is true: it was Muhammad that asked Abu Bakr and not the opposite. Abu Bakr at the beginning refused, because she was still a child (she was still playing with dolls, something that only children could do). Bukhari 7.62.18 (Muhammad asked Abu Bakr for 'Aisha's hand in marriage. Abu Bakr said "But I am your brother." Muhammad said, "You are my brother in Allah's religion and His Book, but she ('Aisha) is lawful for me to marry."; Link

2)      Muslims: it was Allah’s plan (derived from the fact that Muhammad had an “Allah” inspired dream about Aisha. Reply: this is a too much easy answer: By replying that way, you can justify everything! There are very major health risks for a child, having sex at this age (9), even if she already has menses! Having menses doesn’t imply that she is already full “available” for sexual intercourse. Even, according to Unicef: no one should be pregnant before attaining the age of 18. The lowest age that is known for a girl having been pregnant moreover is eleven years. Even in hot climates(like in Australia), girls get menses not before the age of 14. We are told that with time, the average age for first menses has been coming down. But scientific studies show that it has more to do with diets than climate. Only very big hormonic imbalances could get a girl having menses before the age of 10. But even if! It is always a girl of nine! It is normal to find beauty in a little girl, but to have sexual desires!!!

3)      Muslims: it was due because life expectancy was much lower, so people got married earlier! REPLY: Muhammad at that time was above 50 (54 when he married and 57 when he performed sexually), he was more next to death. Why didn’t he marry a girl at least in the twenties? As in Surah 33:53 Allah orders that Muhammad’s widows will stay unmarried for the rest of their life, and considering that Aisha was 16 when Muhammad died, how beautiful must have been Aisha considering that for the rest of her life she would be a widow, already so young?

4)      Muslims (this is normally generally their first or last line of defence): As well the Christians did it. REPLY: this is a) a logical fallacy (called “tu quoque”), i.e. that others do the same mistake doesn’t absolve you! Moreover it doesn’t mean that you have not to reply to critics. They hint to the marriage of Mary and Joseph. Let’s assume it is true, so, if they were inconsistent, you still have to reply to the critics. Moreover, a) no one knows exactly the age at which Mary married Joseph, it could as well be around  their twenties. We criticise Muhammad for what we know (that he had sexual intercourse with Aisha that still not ha menses at the age of nine), and we don’t criticise for what we don’t know (the age of Mary). Even if Mary were 13 years old, it is a big difference in terms of bodily development compared to the age of nine. Moreover Joseph is not the standard for Christian morally, while Muhammad is for Islamic one (for the whole humanity actually). We don’t have to forget that for Christian and Islamic orthodoxy, the birth of Mary was miraculous, that she was, and kept her virginity. So what’s the issue here? By criticising Mary, Muslims go against the Qur’an. Last but not least, even for criterias of that time, Muhammad was doing wrong. Again, pick Bukhari and note Abu Bakr reaction to Muhammad’s request: (7.62.18) (1) (Muhammad  asked Abu Bakr for 'Aisha's hand in marriage. Abu Bakr said "But I am your brother." Muhammad said, "You are my brother in Allah's religion and His Book, but she ('Aisha) is lawful for me to marry.").

5)      Muslims: they point to the fact that as well Umar was 58 years old then he married Umm Kulthum (she was 11, and was Ali’s and Fatima’s daughter). But in this case, sources report that Alì (and others) were strongly against this marriage. We have Shi’ite sources denying that it was actually another Umm Kulthum they are talking with. But the results from this conduces us then to believe that the “new” Umm Kulthum was actually five years old at the time of the marriage. That even at that time it was not normal and accepted to marry so young, it is reported that Abu Bakr and Umar once asked Muhammad for Fatima’s hand. She was nine at that time, but Muhammad refused, because of her young age http://www.answering-ansar.org/answers/umme_kulthum/sawaiq_ul_muhriqa_ar_p280.jpg).

More importantly, one of the Sunni narrations cited by the Shi’ias indicates that the main reason why Ali even acquiesced to this marriage is because Umar FORCED him to do so:

"Umar asked for the hand of 'Ali's daughter. 'Ali replied that she is too young. Umar eventually made 'Ali desperate, and he [Umar] climbed the pulpit declaring 'By Allah, I have made 'Ali desperate …Umar saw her, he got up, took her in his lap, kissed her, and showered blessings on her. When she got up to leave, he grabbed her ankle and said, 'Tell your father that I am willing'. When she returned home and told her father about what had transpired, Ali married her to Umar". (Sawaiqh al-Muhriqa, p. 280; LinkLink )

Notice Umar’s rather shameful conduct in kissing a young minor and touching her ankle at a time when he wasn’t even married to her!

Here are three other sources that confirm this event:

Al-Istiab, Volume 4, p. 467;
Tareekh Khamees, 'Dhikr Umm Kalthum,' Volume 2, p. 384;
Zakhair Al-Aqba, p. 168). (Tareekh Baghdad, Volume 6, p. 182)

The fact of the matter is that the Holy Bible does not condone raping or prostituting anyone. Rather, it is Muhammad and his god who do so,. just as the above links and following articles clearly document:

LinkLink, Link, Link, Link, Link, Link, Link, Link

Consider the situation still of most of the Shariah compliant countries 

Please refer to
(Link) for more details


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