Thursday, 2 April 2009

Was Allah once imperfect?

Allah needs to create mercy in order to be merciful. Of his changeable nature

Allah created one of his essential attributes.

Verily Allah CREATED Mercy..." Bukhari 8.076.476; Muslim 37.6634.

These narratives emphatically, unambiguously say that Allah created mercy, which means that Allah didn’t always exist with this specific attribute. And yet by adding this particular trait to his own being Allah must have undergone an actual change in his essence since he went from not having a specific characteristic to then having it. This further implies that Allah was imperfect since he lacked something essential which he then had to acquire by creating it. This implies as well that at one time, Allah wasn’t merciful. He had to create Mercy to become merciful! Sounds strange the idea that God is changeable, isn’t it?


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