Monday, 6 April 2009

How can it be that Islam is violent if there are still religious minorities around?

Just some example from non-wahabi countries (PS: Arabia has been the first "judenrein" country in the world)...

Besides, all your arguments about “jihadist” nature of Islam fail to explain the fact that almost all Muslim countries have religious minorities living there for centuries, why the minorities were not eradicated? Will you say that we did not follow Islam for 1400 years?! Well understanding of Islam by about billion of Muslims is definitely different from that of yours and the wahabbis.

Beside the fact that a parasite newer kills his host (do you see the irony behind? That explains why Jews were so welcomed in Turkey for example, they were curbing up the stagnating Turkish Middle Age economy), have you come down with “Mars Attack”? I’ll show you how easy and paradisiacal life is for Christians in NON-wahabic countries (btw….why don’t you dare to go make a nice trip in KSA, telling all people you meet around there, how “un-Islamic” their religious view is?...I suppose you would surely come back some 10-15 cm shorter) just some recent examples

In Algeria, where 2007 anti-Christian law has been passed: Here; Here; Here; Here

In Pakistan (the land of the pure):


Here; Here; Here; Here; Here; Here

In Hamastan: Here; Here; Here;

In “Palestine”: Here

In Iran: About Jews in Iran: HereHere; Here; Christians and Baha’i: HereHereHere;

In Egypt: Here; Here

In Turkey: Here; Here

In Sudan: Here

In Nigeria; Here

In Malaysia: Here

In Jordan: Here; Here

In Iraq (some Christian love in response to Islamic terror): HereHere

In Indonesia: Here

In Bangladesh: Here

In Morocco: Here

Citizens who convert to Christianity and other religions may face social ostracism, and in the past a small number of converts faced short periods of questioning or detention by authorities for proselytizing and have been denied issuance of passports. There were no reports of such occurrences during the reporting period. On November 28,
2006, a foreign Christian was fined $50 (500 dirhams) and given a 6-month prison sentence for attempting to convert a Muslim to Christianity. The prison sentence was suspended, and the individual left the country of his own accord. (Link)

(Bonus track: Who is without sin cast the first stone…..


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