Monday, 6 April 2009

Did Jesus as well bring a sword?

Muslim's sophism at work....

Jesus" says in the New Testament (NT) "I did not come to bring peace, but a sword". If I read this out of context, then I would come to Osama Bin Laden's conclusion.

>>You make me laugh…exactly! a) You rightly say that you should NOT read out of context! But you fail to understand the context! And then b) you make a mega logical jump!!! You try to distract from the issue, talking about “Bible-the word of God”….

BTW: Muslims make always the same mistake: You want to dismiss that what is in the Bible is true. So, if it is false, you should stop quoting it, otherwise it would mean that you take it as true (that’s what you are doing here!). In other words, if you don’t take it as true, don’t try to make some reasoning on that. If not, then why all this nonsense?

You misrepresent what Jesus is saying in this passage. “Read it for yourself, the entire passage (10:16-42), and you will see that Jesus is telling the crowds that they have to make a decision for or against Him, and that this decision will lead to controversy in their lives and in their families who do not believe as they do. For many people, choosing Jesus means turmoil in their relationships. But the pay-off is that Jesus will acknowledge before His Father those who acknowledge Him before men. Thus, the "sword" in this saying of Jesus is a metaphor”, but of course you fail to understand that (a very famous scholar once said that Arab Muslim people have a lack of fantasy…I had some doubt on that, but now it seems that he had some good intuition)

Here some more articles about this famous verse: Link
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"Some say that Jesus MEANT that those who follow him would suffer from a sword (or fire?)”

Who are these “some”?….”FIRE”? From where did you take that? The classical orthodox view on this passage is consensual in Christianity, but of course, you can always find some “strange opinions around”, but this is not the “classical, orthodox, normal, well established view in Christianity about this verse.


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