Tuesday, 7 April 2009

What about the different Versions of the Bible...and of the Qur'an?

How to debate without thinking...

"Bible - the word of God" which one is the word of God - King James version, NASB, Catholic/Orthodox or Protestant?! They all differ!

>> ...Here your madrassic mentality emerges. Now, this is very stupid! You should know that the original Manuscripts (MS) are in classical/old Greek. What does it mean? Of course, if you try to translate them, you can come out with different words. But it doesn’t mean that they are false. You have the same situation when reading the English translations of the Qur’an for example here. What does it mean? That you should kick them all out because they have not the same words? What kind of stupid logic are you applying? This is called red herring, or sophism, or smoke screen.

Bonus “track” about the “many different translations”
(here) You still don’t grasp and don’t understand that Christians believe the Bible to be the “word of God” in terms of inspiration, but you reveal that you still analyze anything through a Qur’anic lens! This is of course very wrong. If you want to study the Qur’an and you are a Christian you should stop thinking in your terms. And the same holds true for Muslims who want to read and analyze the Bible…but I suppose…this is something a little too difficult for you to understand.

Now, another logical fallacy, called this time “TU QUOQUE”! It doesn’t help Islam if you try show how false Christianity! Again and again, you don’t learn from your mistakes, at the opposite you continue on the same old way…moreover, I warned you…but you didn’t want to listen….and so…you not only try to distract people from the discussion about Islamic terror endorsed by orthodox Islamic doctrine, but you have shot on your own foot! Thank you for your present! It will not help to undermine the authenticity of the Christian Scriptures (possibly the best attested in history), but it will make to everyone clear that the Qur’an stands on much less solid ground than the Bible in terms of MS), that his historicity is less evident, and that it has been changed, tampered and “unitized” in a much more brutal way than the Bible. Btw…when can I hope to have the honour and the pleasure to have an answer on my antecedent post? It would be nice to have some tiny, minuscule feedback on that…here again you have the … (
link), otherwise it will be frustrating continuing talking to you!


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