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The Qur’an changed by a scribe of Muhammad himself! (add on to "Has the Qur'an never been changed?")

Some more proof...How an early companion of Muhammad and his personal scribe left Islam because Muhammad let him change the words of the Qur'an

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I’ve been recently told:

Now, show me any scholarly research doubting that Qur'an is an UNCHANGED book and doubting that the "author" is the Blessed Prophet Muhammad!


Let’s start with the fact that it doesn’t need a scholar to testify that the Qur’an isn’t unchanged, and that (you said it rightly! At least one ray of hope!) Muhammad has been the author! It just suffices to go to authentic Islamic sources (here)

Let’s take the history of Abdullah ibn Abi Sarh, one of Muhammad’s companions, and for some time scribe and secretary of Muhammad (he had totally around 42 scribes)), he was writing down the Qur’an for Muhammad, but then he recognized that Muhammad was fabricating verses or words. He was quite educated and he was often suggesting to Muhammad how better to write some verses. Muhammad was happy because of that “little” help. Wasn’t it Muhammad that once said that Arabs “are a nation that could not write and do accounting”? He left Muhammad and eventually Islam. He left Mecca, where he told everything to anyone. Muhammad then decided to kill him, even if he had previously promised not to kill anyone in Mecca. Abdullah, for example, told that he was writing “merciful” and “absolute” when Muhammad was saying: “wise” and “strong” (aziz->alim). Muhammad was often corrected by his scribe, that’s why he left Islam. When Mecca was taken by the Muslim Armada, Muhammad decreed a general amnesty, with six exceptions (some say ten as of the list that you can find in Ibn Sa`d "Tabaqat", Vol 2, page 168”). Even if Abdullah didn’t commit any crime, he was in this list. He was captured (he had sought refuge in Uthman’s house which was his foster brother), he pledged not to be killed, and thanks to the intercession of Uthman, being in front of Muhammad (who kept silent for a long wile), he was spared. Ibn Ishaq (Sirah, pg 550) tells us that Muhammad was then asked why Abdullah was left to go. Muhammad replied: I was expecting that one of you would behead him”.

Note: these additions are still in the Qur’an and modern scholars as W. Montgomery Watt (here) or Richard Bell (here) have shown that the Qura’nic style is “broken” and was reconciled

Let’s start with the analyzing the tampering of the Qur’an by Uthman:

How about for example if you would discover here or here how Christians, Zoroastrian and ancient Bedouin believes have formed to shape the Qur’an?
And what about, if you would discover facts as (Link)

- Evidences of changes of the Qur’an before Uthman
- After Uthman
- Hadiths which say that he Qur'an is incomplete
- Hadiths which refer to lost Surahs
- Variants which exist in present-day manuscripts
- The Claim of Muhammad's Perfect Memory
- Scribal and Grammatical Errors in the Qur'an
- About how perfect the Qur’an is: (Link)

This was just an introductory article about how the Qur’an was hampered by Muslims themselves: If you want to know more if the Qur’an is untouched or if there is an original Arabic Manuscript from which there is a copy: please go to the following Link


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